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The following are transcripts for the quest The Signpost Marks the Spot.

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Nbu Latteh : Oh, hi! I've been looking for you!
I need you to do something for me again.
You're a good person and I trust you, so I'm going to tell you this...
Nbu Latteh : I recently got some information about a treasure!
It's supposed to be buried under one of the signposts on the Konschtat Highlands.
Nbu Latteh : I'd go myself, but I got this other thing I have to take care of first...
Nbu Latteh : But I wouldn't want anyone else to take it before I do, so I thought of asking you, my trusty sidekick!
If whatever's buried there is worth anything, I'll be happy to buy it off you.
Nbu Latteh : So, could you do get it and bring it to my house?
Have a chat with my daughter and wait if I'm not there.
I'll try to shake that guard off my tail before then.


Roh Latteh : A present for Mom?
Umm... I think she should be home soon.
Nbu Latteh : Hey kitten, I'm home!
Roh Latteh : Mom!
This stranger's brought a prrresent for you!
Nbu Latteh : A present? Oh, right!
You went to the Konschtat Highlands, then?
What did you find? C'mon, show me!
Nbu Latteh : Huh? A painting of a windmill?
Doesn't look like anyone famous painted it, either...
Roh Latteh : Mom? If you don't want it, can I have it?
I like it! It's prrretty!
Nbu Latteh : Of course, darling. Here.
Well, at least my daughter's happy.
I'm sorry, but for something like that, I can't pay you more than this...

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