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Quor: Warrior-poet.

Who I am

I'm a WoW, WAR, and former FF11 player. I'm in my late 20's, and currently go to graduate school in southern California. I started at Alla in the old warrior forums of FF11, and progressed over to the WoW side of things shortly after WoW came out. I go back and say hi to all my old buddies in the Mead Hall, but most of my time is spent on the WoW warrior or druid forums.

Fun Facts

My personal claim to greatest fame is back from my FF11 days, where I started one thread that was eventually responsible for the creation of no less than a dozen other threads spread across three separate websites. I admit I'm still pretty proud of that.

He didn't have one wiki so I maded him one :) -Wordaen, Keeper of the Banstick (and Awesomeness...that's right, capital A)


Good poster, deserves Sage on our forum for not being a troll... He's not a complete muppet. [1]

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