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General Information

Favored by Paladins and the occasional Warrior tank, Vitality is the stat used by tanking classes to determine the maximum amount of damage a character will take from a hit by comparing it with the attacker's Strength.

Vitality or VIT also works so that for every 2 VIT a character is attributed, their defense increases by 1 point.

Vitality by Race

Because of their high Vitality, the Galka and Elvaan races are prized as Paladins. The following is a breakdown of the beginning Vitality of all 5 races on a level 1 Paladin.

Elvaan: 9
Galka: 10
Hume: 8
Mithra: 8
Tarutaru: 8

Boosting Vitality

Because it is such an important stat for tanking, Vitality Food often comes with a defense bonus as well. This becomes a very effective way to lower the damage curve further and save your healer some stress.

As with all stats, a level 75 character has the option to permanently raise their VIT by putting Merit Points into this category.

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