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Age of Beasts

01 C.E. – Without warning, the star of Gordeus goes supernova, lighting up the night sky for an entire year. The people of Vana’diel believe this to be the advent of their Goddess.

Approximately 200 – TaruTaru begin immigrating to the continent of Quon.

217 – A village is built around some ancient ruins and named Windurst.

219 – Magic is discovered by Rimilala, a young TaruTaru girl.

- Rimilala is made the first Star Sybil.

220 – The Star Sybil suppresses the Wild Beast.

The Star Sybil Suppresses the Wild Beast

The Star Sybil Rimilala calms the great beast that was raging across their Promised Land, and subdues it in the Full Moon Fountain.

253 – Ramilala ascends to heaven.

Age of Magic

289 – The Star Sybil Tabiroro summons the various TaruTaru chieftains and instructs them in the ways of Magic.

294 – {Founding of the Federation of Windurst}

Founding of the Federation of Windurst

The Star Sybil Tukuku invited the normally reclusive elders of the various TaruTaru clans to a large banquet. She provided a splendid plethora of foods and drinks, and encouraged them to partake freely from her bounty. Everyone ate, drank, and was merry, engaging in lighthearted banter over a variety of topics. When the feast was in full swing, the Star Sybil proposed to all that they combine the efforts of their respective clans to form a single nation. After three days and three days of discussion, all members happily agreed to the creation a new Federation. In addition, they selected the first members of the Parliament of Patriarchs.

294 – The Parliament of Patriarchs establishes the Mumu as the Federation’s currency.

301 – The Star Sybil Shanriri orders the construction of Heaven’s Tower for astrological research.

311 – The Patriarch Protectors are established.

328 – Heaven’s Tower is completed.

332 – Soldiers from each clan are split off and reformed into the War Warlocks.

334 – Working with astronomers, the Star Sybil Shanriri uses crystals to determine the date which Gordeus appeared in the sky. Based on their findings, they establish that this is the year 334 on the Crystal Era calendar.

336 – Negotiations with the Yagudo natives breakdown, and both factions become enemies.

337 – The War Warlocks invade the native Yagudo’s city of Oztroja, forcing them to surrender. {First Yagudo War}

342 – The War Warlocks cross the Strait of Jeuno to capture Norvallen.

343 – The ガレヤンGalleon tribe of Elvaan pledge allegiance to the Federation.

347 – The Parliament of Patriarchs declares Norvallen part of the Federation. From the current residents they employ young Elvaan to serve as mercenaries.

355 – The Yagudo construct Castle Oztroja.

358 – The War Warlocks siege Castle Oztroja over two years, but the Yagudo manage to hold them back. {Second Yagudo War}

360 – A tree that had been growing beside Heaven’s Tower experiences a sudden growth spurt, bursting through parts of the tower.

361 – The Star Sybil Deboruru names the tree that grew into Heaven’s Tower the Great Star Tree, and orders its protection.

368 – Master Caster Lungo-Nango is selected as chief of the Norvallen territory.

369 – Lungo-Nango proposes the necessity of controlling the Elvaan to the Parliament. He receives their consent to form an army for their subjugation. {Formation of the Elvaan Subjugation Force (a.k.a. Lungo-Nango’s Army)}

370 – Lungo-Nango’s army begins their advance. They invade Ronfaure and overthrow the Sand’Oria clan of Elvaan. {The March of Lungo-Nango}

371 – Lungo-Nango’s army invades Zulkheim, defeating the combined forces of the Elvaan, including remnants from Sand’Oria.

372 – Lungo-Nango is designated Warlock Warlord.

- Lungo-Nango’s army invades Gustaberg.

373 – {Warlord Lungo-Nango’s Intercontinental Conquest}

Warlord Lungo-Nango’s Intercontinental Conquest

After striking down the last of the Elvaan clans in Gustaberg, Lungo-Nango came to rest upon Cape Morhen.

“It’s over. How droll… … Still, I’ll be waiting with baited breath; waiting for enemies from across the sea to come and challenge me. Without a doubt…”

Born to be a Beastmaster, Lungo-Nango had always spent his time guarding and fighting alongside beasts. Regardless of whether his challenge was serious or not, no one stepped forth to answer it.

374 – Lungo-Nango is summoned back to the capital. As he passes through on his return home, a grand celebration is held in each of his conquered regions.

- The Parliament of Patriarchs declare Ronfaure and Zulkheim to be Federation territories and are assigned governors.

375 – Lungo-Nango appears for a hearing before the Parliament of Patriarchs. He is subsequently removed from the position of Warlock Warlord.

- Parliament member Atogi-Nokutogi is selected to be Warlock Warlord.

376 – While under house arrest in Mhaura, Lungo-Nango dies suddenly of a fever. (Thought to be an assassination)

381 – The second Elvaan Subjugation Force is dispatched, with approval from the Parliament of Patriarchs.

382 – The second Elvaan Subjugation Force, under the command of Warlock Warlord Atogi-Nokutogi heads out for battle.

- Both units of the Subjugation Force meet up with the allied forces of the Elvaan and Quadav and are crushed. Atogi-Nokutogi is killed in battle.

393 – Parliament member Samariri is deported to Elshimo Island as an act of peace.

395 – Samariri escapes from Elshimo Island.

399 – The Elvaan invade Norvallen. Warlock Warlord Dakaru-Jinkaru and his six units of War Warlocks defend Fort Jabigogo, but eventually, it falls.

Age of Power

401 – The Elvaan mercenary groups are disbanded.

412 – An emissary from the leader of the Sand’Orian clan has an audience with the Parliament of Patriarchs.

413 – A non-aggression pact with Sand’Oria is signed. In addition, Tavnazia is founded as an independent state.

414 – As a result of cultural exchanges with Sand’Oria, chocobo riding is discovered.

420 – Sand’Oria violates the non-aggression pact and invades the continent of Mindartia, setting up a fort in Sauromugue.

423 – The War Warlocks activate a plan to destroy Sand’Oria’s capital. {Operation Bogy’s Present}

441 – Lehh Habro appears, claiming to be the manifestation of god, and quickly gains a devout following.

457 – A surge in Mithra hunters causes a surplus of animal pelts. To prevent the market from crashing, Windurst forms a Leathercrafting guild.

466 – Sand’Oria’s forces flee from a mere trio of Combat Casters, abandoning their last fort on Mindartia continent. {Flight from Sauromugue}

482 – Lehh Habro organizes the devout Yagudo into a theocracy.

487 – The Federation library is officially titled the Opistery. Parliament member Marokuku, one of the heroes of Sauromugue, is inducted as the first director.

493 – Lehh Habro establishes the Yagudo Theomilitary.

500 – An army of Yagudo, led by Lehh Habro, invades Sarutabaruta. Kontsu-Orontsu, head of the Haruzaru clan, defeats Lehh with Flare, a unique Black Magic spell of his own design. {Third Yagudo War}

502 – The Yagudo theocracy learns magic from their TaruTaru prisoners.

509 – The public magic training grounds are officially titled the Orastery. Kontsu-Orontsu is inducted as the first director.

534 – {Fourth Yagudo War}

Fourth Yagudo War

In an effort to overthrow Windurst, the Hypno-mage Garaz-Borez used powerful mind control techniques and successfully manipulated the Yagudo Manifest into mobilizing the Theomilitary. After luring the main forces of the Federation away, he secretly disabled the magical barriers protecting the capital. Then, the Theomiliarty struck, entering the heart of the city.

Though they were still only students, Aphotic Combat Caster Gurebu-Ogurebu, and his sister, the Silent Mage Medada, managed to project a false image of the Manifest and throw the Theomilitary into chaos. Thus, they thwarted Garaz’s plans and managed to repel the overwhelming forces of the Yagudo.

536 – The College of Magic is officially titled the Aurastery. Gurebu-Orgurebu is inducted as the first director.

548 – The pharmaceutical research facility is officially titled the Rhinostery. Its first director is the White Mage Guribubu, the inventor of Fluoro-Flora.

563 – Medada invents the Linkshell. (Though not as powerful as today’s models)

572 – Without warning, knights from Sand’Oria cross the Strait of Jeuno and attack a Federation fort. They are ultimately repelled by the War Warlocks.

574 – The magical weapons plant is officially titled the Manustery. Medada is inducted as the first director. {Beginning of the Five Ministries}

588 – A party of envoys from the East visit Windurst. They are denied an audience with the Stay Sybil for being heretics.

589 – A party of envoys from the East establishes diplomatic relations with the Yagudo Theocracy.

Diplomatic Relations Established Between the Yagudo and the East

In December of the year 589, a party of seven female envoys from an Eastern land had an audience before Muu Saja the Manifest where they delivered a handwritten letter from the Shogunate.

Originally, the ladies were ordered by the Shogunate to deliver the letter to “The chieftain of the tribe of little sages.” However, upon their arrival, they were branded as “heretics to the Goddess Altana,” and denied an audience with the Star Sybil. The entourage was left confused, so the representative of the group, a princess, decided to instead listen to what the “people who resemble Tengu” had to say and ended up passing the letter on to them.

Saja, figuring an enemy of Windurst to be a friend, welcome the women cordially, despite their religious differences. In appreciation for having personally delivered the Shogunate’s letter, the envoys were given a unit of 100 robust Yagudo soldiers to escort them safely back to the Eastern lands.

From that point on their pact lasted until the Shadow Lord appeared over 200 years later. During that period, the Yagudo regularly received weaponry, prayer beads, and instruction in the Eastern arts, such as Ninjutsu.

599 – The Star Sybil Seboriri is dispatched to the South as an representative of Windurst.

606 – As a result of learning new crafting techniques from the South, the Bonecrafting guild is established.

625 – The Parliament of Patriarchs creates the official flag of the Federation.

642 – A Yagudo suicide squad infiltrates the capital. Using secret Eastern techniques, they manage to invade the Parliament’s conference hall and destroy it. {Fifth Yagudo War}

659 – Mhaura becomes an officially governed territory.

676 – The Black Mage Toraimarai, investigates the large canals sealed underneath the capital.

682 – The cultivation of Uragnites begins in Bibiki Bay.

697 – A large scale war breaks out against beastmen in the Southern lands. The Parliament of Patriarchs decides to dispatch two units of War Warlocks to help in the battle.

Age of Technology

701 – The two units dispatched to the South return home.

704 – A party of envoys from the East receive an audience with the Star Sybil Rakapopo. Diplomatic relations are established.

717 – To prepare for the coming Great Festival of Magic and control costs, a Clothcrafting guild is formed.

719 – {The Great Festival of Magic}

The Great Festival of Magic

To commemorate the 500th anniversary of the discovery of magic, a grand festival is held in the Federation’s capital. From every clan and region TaruTaru mages gathered, dressed in extravagant robes and bright-colored tunics. The main celebration took place in Windurst Walls, where magicians competed, showing off their unique magical skills. Records of the festival indicate the performance of incredible feats, such as Black Mages transforming chairs into Chocobos, and White Mages creating a sun in the night sky.

740 – {Sixth Yagudo War}

755 – With the increase of Mithra fishermen, quarrels over fishing grounds erupt. To settle disputes and help improve the lives of all fishermen, a Fishing guild is established.

769 – {Formation of the Mithra Marines}

Formation of the Mithra Marines

As a counter-measure to the meddlesome Mithra pirates, a bold initiative was approved by the Parliament of Patriarchs. They decided to take applications from the Mithra to join a private licensed naval force under the Federation. Rumors soon spread amongst all pirates that by agreeing to spare Federation ships, they could receive a salary and permission to conduct business in their capital. Soon afterwards, Windurst’s port was flooded with pirate ships and potential applications, creating a whirlwind of activity.

778 – Enid, a traveler from Sand’Oria, receives an audience with the Star Sybil Kofufu.

786 – The Federation’s naval forces clash with Bastok and Tavnazia off the coast of Elshimo Island. {Elshimo Naval Battle}

795 – The War Warlocks increase their size from 9 factions to 12.

812 – The Yagudo army invades West Sarutabaruta, taking out the War Warlocks and Mithra Marines. {Seventh Yagudo War}

816 – The Yagudo Theocracy names their captured territory Giddeus and members begin to immigrate.

824 – Mithra visiting from the South teach the ways of the Beastmaster.

835 – Karaha-Baruha is born.

839 – The Beastmaster タァ・パランチャTah Palancha domesticates Dhalmels.

854 – A Multinational Expedition Team is formed between the three nations, with the Mythril Musketeer Raogrimm as leader.

- The Multinational Expedition Team sets off on their journey from Bastok.

855 – Reports from the Northern Expedition cease.

- Rumors of a “Shadow Lord” begin to circulate in Windurst.

856 – Karuha-Baruha begins his research on Summoning Magic.

857 – Ferry service between Selbina and Mhaura is established.

859 – Kam’lanaut, a representative of Jeuno, is awarded the title of Archduke by the three nations. {Founding of the Grand Duchy of Jeuno}

- The Shadow Lord’s army disembarks on the continent of Quon. The Yagudo Theocracy submit to the Shadow Lord and are brought under his control.

861 – Cardians are invented.

The Invention of Magical Soldiers: Cardians

In the Parliament assembly hall, the Warlock Warlord announced, “There is a serious shortage of front-line warriors in the Federation army. At this rate, we must continue enforcing our system of conscription.” As the Director of the Manustery, Zonpa-Zippa, heard these words, he smiled as saw an opportunity to add his name to pages of history.

During his time at magic school, he excelled at giving life to inorganic matter using his “Life Seal” technique. Expanding on this idea, he came up with a plan to create magically powered soldiers. However, at first his magical constructs simply wandered about aimlessly. Still, eager for the prestige, Zonpa-Zippa pressed on with his plans.

He went through much trail-and-error, including a 6-legged model, a 1-legged model and even a model that utilized prohibited magic like “Levitate” to float about. There were many strange experimental models, like one with four arms with magical swords, or another with two heads. He tested and experimented different arrangements over and over again.

One day, Zonpa-Zippa was showing off his prototypes when Karaha-Baruha pointed out some glaring problems. First, the cost to manufacture one was almost prohibitively high, and furthermore, each model needed a magician to power it, making it pointless in the first place. He suggested a more general purpose model would be best.

Taking Karaha-Baruha ‘s criticisms to heart, Zonpa-Zippa began his work once again, immersing himself in his research more than ever.

Finally, in January of the year 861, he utilized Starfruit to give to allow his creations to speak like humans, act like humans, and do battle like humans. This new high-speed model of the self-propelled magical soldier was named the “Cardian.”

It was clear to all that these Cardians would completely change the face of the Federation’s military. The Parliament of Patriarch immediately order their mass-production. Just as Zonpa-Zippa had hoped, he won his fame and his place in history.

By the way, during the final stages of the Great War, those strange ten prototypes were remodeled and deployed into combat. Due to their odd-looking forms, they were ridiculed as “Zonpa-Zippa’s Freak Show.” However, they unexpectedly played a rather large role in the Battle of Xarcabard.

861 – The Shadow Lord gathers the Beastmen leaders at Castle Zvahl and proclaims the destruction of the human nations.

4.862 – A mixed army of Beastmen invades Norvallen. The Parliament of Patriarchs is reluctant to declare war. {The Crystal War Erupts}

5.862 – The Mithra Navy urgently recruits new soldiers and reforms as the Mithra Mercenaries.

7.862 – The Yagudo army invades Windurst’s capital. They barely manage to repel the attack, and suffer massive damage in the process.

8.862 – The Parliament of Patriarchs dispatches an envoy to the Southern lands.

- Responding to Eald’narche’s summons, the Star Sybil travels to Jeuno to meet with representatives of Sand’Oria and Bastok. {The Ru’lude Conference}

9.862 – The four nations of the humans form a temporary union, creating an allied force. {The Formation of the Allied Forces of Altana}

10.862 – Fort Karugo-Narugo is suddenly besieged by a Beastman anti-magic unit.

- The Beastmen army invades the capital.

11.862 – Karaha-Baruha releases the avatar Fenrir and obliterates the Beastmen army from the capital.

- A unit dispatched from the Royal Knights of Sand’Oria arrives at Fort Karugo-Narugo. Together with Windurst they manage to repel the Beastmen forces.

- A multi-national high echelon of fighters, the “Hydra Corps,” is formed.

12.862 – The Beastmen army’s main forces amass around Jeuno.

- A large amount of reinforcements arrive from the Southern lands.

1.863 – Garlaige Citadel is destroyed.

- The Beastmen launch their offensive from the outskirts of Jeuno.

2.863 – Due to a lack of soldiers, Cardians are added to the ranks of the War Warlocks.

4.863 – The main units of the Allied Forces of Altana gather in Xarcabard, engaging the Beastmen. {The Battle of Xarcabard}

7.863 – Castle Zvahl is surrounded by the forces of Altana. {The Siege of Castle Zvahl}

8.863 – The Hydra Corps disappear without a trace.

- Castle Zvahl falls.

9.863 – The Shadow Lord is sealed.

11.863 – Castle Oztroja crumbles under an attack from the Mithra Mercenaries. The whereabouts of Tzee Xicu the Manifest are unknown.

3.864 – Representatives of the four nations gather in Jeuno, and the Crystal War is officially proclaimed to be over. {The Crystal War Ends}

11.864 – In appreciation of the efforts of the Mithra Mercenaries, the Parliament of Patriarchs sets aside Windurst Woods to be an autonomous section of Windurst for Mithra to inhabit.

865 – Jeuno holds a post-war conference. Eald’narche proposes continuing positive relations between the four nations, and it is unanimously accepted. {The Multi-national Agreement}

- Obsolete Cardians plan an insurrection. {Cardian Rebellion}

866 – The Parliament of Patriarchs takes notice of the Yagudo’s state of distress and approves a policy of reconciliation.

867 – A peace treaty is signed with the Yagudo Theocracy.

- The Leathercrafting guild shuts down.

868 – The Federation’s monetary unit, the Mumu, is abandoned in favor of Jeuno’s currency, Gil. {The Currency Union}

- As a result of celebrations for peace across the continents, there is an unprecedented “Gourmet Boom.”

870 – To facilitate the work of the various chefs that have gathered from around the globe, a Cooking guild is established.

871 – Tzee Xicu the Manifest is resurrected. The Yagudo Theomilitary begins to mobilize once more.

873 – Reports from Cardian scouts indicate the reconstruction of Castle Oztroja.

876 – An observatory is established on top of the Opistery.

877 – The first Windurst to Jeuno airship flight is launched.

- Beastmen activity begins to intensify in several regions. People start whispering about the possible return of the Shadow Lord.

883 – Kam’lanaut proposes Conquest as a means to ascertain political boundaries.

Age of Adventurers

884 – Present

Responding to crises across the land, Adventurers begin to appear and receive the approval of the Star Sybil.

The “Selbina Pact” is signed. Conquest is instituted.

Foreign Officers are dispatched to each consulate.

The Star Sybil begins conducting official wedding ceremonies for adventurers.

A new order of Summoners appears.

The great wyrm Fafnir returns home to the Boyahda Tree.

Conflict is reinstituted.

Some/all of the information in this article has been culled from various FFXI guides, and translated by Elmer the Pointy.

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