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General Information

  • Blue Magic is obtained from fighting and killing assorted mobs throughout Vana'diel, allowing Blue Mages to occupy and play several different roles for partying, soloing, and end game.

Job Skill Caps

Blue Magic directly affects the accuracy level of physical and magical Blue Magic damage and debuff spells, as well as boosting the effects of other spells (such as the potency of curative Blue Magic Spells).

Blue Magic Skill also is the primary factor as to when a Blue Mage can learn spells.

Job Skill Rating Level 37 Level 60 Level 75
Blue Mage A+ 114 203 276

Armor Affecting Blue Magic

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Armor Level Slot Jobs
Magus Jubbah 58 Body BLU
Immortal's Earring 60 Ear All Jobs
Mirage Keffiyeh 75 Head BLU
Magus Jubbah +1 74 Body BLU
Mirage Keffiyeh +1 75 Head BLU
Ksi Sash 75 Waist MNK / WHM / BLM / RDM / PLD / BRD / RNG / SMN / BLU / PUP / SCH

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