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Travel to Everbloom Hollow via East Ronfaure (G-5) and assist in the supervision of troop training exercises. Do what is necessary to prevent any accidents.

Unit Requirement: 3~6 members


This Campaign Operation is found under "Military Training" when you talk to Rasdinice.
To start this quest, your current campaign rank must be Golden Star or higher.

Go to East Ronfaure (S) and have the party leader check the Allied Ensignat (G-5) to enter Everbloom Hollow. A Royal Infantry NPC will pop and start fighting a Trained Scorpion. Wait for a message that the NPC has begun to fight with vigor before you engage the Scorpion. If the NPC is defeated the fight is over, so make sure you keep him healed. Once the scorpion is defeated, click on the Dawn Aureola to leave zone.

Return to Southern San d'Oria (S) and talk to Rasdinice to complete the quest.

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