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Our injured have been evacuated to the Ruhotz Silvermines. Join the 7th Cohors in North Gustaberg (K-8) and help tend to the wounded.

Unit Requirements: 3~6 members


This Campaign Operation is found under "Military Training" when you talk to Hieronymus.
To start this quest, your current campaign rank must be Iron Emblem of Service or higher.

Go to North Gustaberg (S) and have the party leader check the Allied Ensign at (K-8) to enter Ruhotz Silvermines. Inside, there are Field Woundpatchers. The number of Field Woundpatchers is half the number of members in your party rounded up. So, if you have a party of three or four, there will be two Field Woundpatchers. A party of five or six members will have three Field Woundpatchers.

Escort the Field Woundpatchers through Ruhotz Silvermines until you encounter wounded NPCs. Along the way, the Field Woundpatchers may turn and run at the sight of the "horrors of war." Chase them down, talk to them, and choose the "Offer moral support" option to make them come back. Have the Field Woundpatchers heal the wounded NPCs by talking to them and choosing the "Commence healing, stat!" option. Some of the injured NPCs may have a status ailment that will need to be removed. They will say, "P-p-poisoned... C-c-can't b-b-breathe..." if they are poisoned and, "You must help me! I can't move my arms or legs!" if they are paralyzed. Have one of the Field Woundpatchers remove the ailment by talking to them and choosing "Specify healing methods." Note that magic from players will have no effect on the wounded NPCs. When a Field Woundpatcher runs out of MP, he will /heal for two minutes. While they are resting, you may not issue any orders to them. If you believe a Field Woundpatcher is low on MP, talk to them and choose the "Rest and recover" option. This will make it so that they only rest for a little over a minute instead of a full two minutes. When the NPCs names turn green, they are completely healed. At a minimum, eight of the ten NPCs will need to be healed for a successful mission. Heal all ten for a higher reward. Keep in mind that there is a 30 minute time limit. Once finished, return to the Dawn Aureola to leave the battlefield and to receive experience points. Talk to Hieronymus to complete the mission.

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