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Orcish spies have infiltrated San d'Oria and planted instruments of mass destruction and/or mayhem (IMDaoMs) in various discreet locations. You are to patrol the capital and remove any hazardous materials you encounter.

Unit Requirement: 1


This Campaign Operation is found under "Security" when you talk to Rasdinice.
To start this quest, your current campaign rank must be Golden Star or higher.

Search Southern San d'Oria (S) until you find a "Suspicious Object." A Suspicious Object will appear as a targetable spot, similar to the ??? spots used in other quests. Once you have found five Suspicious Objects, report back to Rasdinice.

Known locations of "Suspicious Object" are:

  • (B-6) On the right side of the street.
  • (C-6) One the ground in front of the entrance to Count Caffaule's Manor and another to the front left.
  • (D-6) On the second floor balcony overlooking the street.
  • (D-6) On the street in front of the non-targetable door on the northern side.
  • (D-7) At the top of the stairs heading north.
  • (E-7) In front of NPC Riautte.
  • (E-7) On the second floor balcony overlooking the Young Griffons garden
  • (E-8) On the floor between Taumila's Sundries and Tanners' Guild
  • (E-8) On the balcony (take the stairway to the left).
  • (F-6) Right after the Portcullis.
  • (F-7) On the ground between the courtyard and the shadow of the overhead Bridge.
  • (F-9) On the ground in front of the small door on the west side of Westgate.
  • (G-7) NE Corner at top of stairs.
  • (G-9) Enter Tunnel At (F-8) pass NPC Aurfet.
  • (G-9) On the ramp up to where the exit to West Ronfaure would be.
  • (G-9) On the Grass headed to the Home Point Crystal.
  • (H-10) Where tunnel opens into Chocobo area.
  • (I-9) Right before the steps leading up to Houilloumie.
  • (J-10) Where tunnel opens into Chocobo area.
  • (I-11) Near Daigraffeaux
  • (K-9) Next to the watchtower. (upstairs)
  • (K-10) Near Chocobo.
  • (L-6) Bottom of the ramp heading to the barracks.
  • (L-7) Bottom of the stairs to the right.
  • (M-5) -TWO- in front of the entrance to the barracks/Mog House.
  • (M-7) On the balcony.
  • (M-7) On the stairs.
  • (M-8) On the balcony.
  • (K-9) Top of stairs by Loillie

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