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Level Restriction is a neutral status effect that temporarily lowers your level (or "caps" it) until it wears off or is removed.
Affected characters are treated as if they were of lower level, able to only use abilities appropriate to that level.
When level restriction status is applied to a character, all of their buffs will be removed. (see also: Level Sync)

How to remove the effect

  • Return to your Home Point, via death timer, Warp, etc.
  • Leaving an area which has a level restriction
  • Being K.O.'d removes the effect, however the effect will return upon revival if restriction conditions have not been met.

How the effect is inflicted

  • BCNMs
  • Some Quests/Missions apply this status effect, usually ones that involve fights in BCNM arenas.
  • Entering some zones within Vana'diel apply this effect. (e.g. Riverne #A01)
  • Activating a Guide Beret.

Final Fantasy XI

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