Monarch Linn  

Type: Battlefield
Region: Tavnazian Archipelago
Min Level: 1
Max Level: 75
This Area requires Promathia
Connected Areas:Riverne - Site #B01
Quests for Monarch Linn
Mobs found in Monarch Linn
Items found in Monarch Linn

Zone TypeBattlefield
RegionTavnazian Archipelago
ExpansionChains of Promathia
Level Range1 to 75
Entry RequirementNone
EscapeMisareaux Coast
Fellowship NPCYes
Final Fantasy XI


Adventurers who brave the climb through Riverne - Site #A01 will find the hidden cavern of Monarch Linn. The spatial displacement in this dark cave leads to a wide-open battlefield that is the site of numerous key battles. Adventurers come here to battle ENMs for experience and riches, while others come to slay powerful beasts for quests and missions.

Points of Interest

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# Mar 02 2005 at 9:29 PM Rating: Good
102 posts
I'm interested in coming here for ENMs.
Could anyone please tell me:
*the approximate difficulty of getting here
*what COP Missions you need completed
*what the level caps in the areas preceding this one are

Thanks in advance ^_^
# Mar 07 2005 at 6:44 AM Rating: Good
277 posts
You need to be at PM2-5 (Ancient Vows, Riverne Site#A-01 BCNM) or later.
Also you need to farm Wyvern Scales to pass the unstable distortion much like for the PM itself, including u need to sneak past the clusters and true sight Hyppo's....

The ENM features a Mantrap mob, that severely cuts down dmg from spells (StoneII/WaterII), Avatars+Blood pacts, ranged (Bow/barrage/ws), melee (axe/sword/ws). No real resistence to debuffs tho (rdm/blm sticked blind+slow+para+gravy on 1st try). Not known as to how to deal with the dmg reduction...

Edit: spelling, my eternal enemy <.<

Edited, Mon Mar 7 06:44:26 2005
# Jun 29 2005 at 12:39 AM Rating: Decent
Also you need to farm Wyvern Scales to pass the unstable distortion

Are you sure they're called Wyvern Scales? I was looking up Firedrakes/Flamedrakes, and according to that source, the only scales they drop are these:
Those are EX, and it seems like that may be what you meant. Can anybody clarify whether or not they're Wyvern Scales?
Mammet-19 Epsilon
# Dec 27 2004 at 12:37 AM Rating: Good
951 posts
Mammet-19 Epsilon Info
Weakest form is when they use hand to hand (monk)

Yellow Liquid prevents them from changing jobs

They're very resistant to every element

Their AoE with Sword/Polearm can kill a mage or bard in 1 hit from what I noticed

PT Set-up



*Note: According to Kyndryn's post, they gain HP through TP when they change jobs, so it's best for melee to unlock the target and turn away, while the BLM nukes them, Melee should go back to fighting when they notice they don't gain HP hitting them

After buffs, the NIN takes one while the PLD takes 2, before fighting, gather them together for the SMN to do Astral Flow at the start (you want to do this so they won't kill your avatar with their AoE)

After this, the NIN, BLM, and RNG take the one the NIN has, and hit it HARD (our RNG used Eagle Eye on this one) after this is dead, take the second one the PLD isn't attacking, since it will be easier for the NIN to peel this one off of the PLD, then after the 2nd is dead, kill off the last one the PLD is after

This PT setup got the SMN, WHM, and me (PLD) killed, but what happened was before the first one was dead, the AoE killed off our WHM and SMN early at start, so I had to cure myself with Hi-Potions and Magic, so all I can say is make sure you keep your distance, odds are if they lived, we would have survived.
2nd boss for here
# Dec 26 2004 at 11:49 PM Rating: Good
951 posts
There is a 2nd boss, after you get here through Riverene site #B01 you need to fight another boss, Ouryu

Before you go after him, FIGHT HIPPOGRYPHS FOR FEATHERS!!!! Every 2 tail feathers you get you can trade to Ferchinne at F-9 in the safehold, she'll give you a Mistmelt, which is a VERY useful tool in this fight

Ouryu is a TOUGH monster, a dragon type mob that will stay in the air a lot, this is where your Mistmelts come in at, when he goes into the air, have someone use it to bring him down, bringing him down does an AoE of around 100 DMG or so, but better than his attack on the tank when he's in the air (roughly 100-300), he also can do AoE dispell, cast fear on a single target, Stoneaga II or III

Also, when he's in the air, no melee or ranged attack will work on him (except Eagle Eye Shot)


Protect, Shell, and Barstoneaga fromt he WHM
Aerial Armor and Earthen Ward from one of the SMNs

IMO he has Stoneskin up all the time, he can also be hit with Silence/Paralyze, so have the WHM try to hit Ouryu with these while the tanks Blink/Stoneskin is up

Keeping him on the ground at all times is the best way to go or else the tank will suffer a lot of damage, we used 4 Mistmelts before we beat him, after we got him down a little over a half, one of our SMNs who had the MP used Astral Flow, and since Ouryu's probably earth based, use Garuda as the avatar for astral flow. Later on after this I died and one of our RNGs pulled off Ealge Eye Shot defeating it (NOTE: You don't need to bring his HP down to 0% to defeat him, just inflict enough damage on him to beat him)

Edited, Mon Dec 27 00:00:38 2004
A strategy
# Nov 15 2004 at 4:47 PM Rating: Excellent
83 posts
Okay, everyone that has at least attempted this BCNM knows how hard it is (Some might call it impossible) But there is a strategy to beating this BCNM. An optimal party would be to have a WAR/NIN (or NIN/WAR works too), PLD, SMN, WHM, BLM and either a RNG or another SMN to fill the last spot. Melee will need a TON of Hi-Potions before going off on this endeavour. SMN will need enough Ethers (Hi-Ethers take too long) and Yagudo Drinks to get off ALL THREE Astral Flows. BLM and WHM need to bring a bunch of MP regaining items too.

Also melee please bring Yellow Liquids. What this does is for each Yellow Liquid it stops the NMs from changing jobs for 30 seconds. Try to time it so that if you have more than 1 Yellow Liquid on you count to 30 and throw the next one.

So here's how to start things off. PLD and NIN(or WAR/NIN take one of the NMs each and the BLM Binds the last one. SMN(s) use Ifrit, Astral Flow and Yagudo Drink. CLUSTER the three NMs together and have Ifrit use Inferno. Release and use an Ether. Get away from the NMs and heal to 90 MP. Re-cast Ifrit and Inferno again. Repeat steps above for 1 more Inferno.

At this point in time, Astral Flow wears off. So SMN becomes a healer with the WHM. BLM should always keep that 3rd NM bound at all times. If you decided on a RNG instead of a 2nd SMN, Eagle Eye Shot one of them and that will be the one that the melees should finish off the fastest (2 SMN would be best for an even distrubution of 6 Infernos)

WHM and NIN DO NOT use your 2hrs unless it becomes a dire emergency. Where do the Yellow Liquids fit into this picture? Right from the start of combat. Timer on them not changing jobs is 30 seconds.

NOTE: IF they do change jobs, MELEE SWITCH TARGETS! Otherwise, everytime you hit them after they have changed jobs, they will regain HP. Above all else, keep those NMs clustered into 1 pile as best as you can for the SMN(s) to get all 3 Infernos off.
# Sep 27 2004 at 8:53 AM Rating: Decent
how do you get there?
RE: how?
# Oct 06 2004 at 1:20 PM Rating: Decent
You can get through here from Riverne Site A and B
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# Sep 21 2004 at 10:18 PM Rating: Default
90 posts
Since no one else has ever written anything about this place, I claim it as mine. I hope it is the bestest new spot so everyone will come back here and see this post and go, "WOW, Mredave's new crib is the l33t3st thing ever!!"
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