Vana'diel Bestiary: Bloodtear Baldurf  

Found in:La Theine Plateau
Level:63 - 65
Grants Title:The Hornsplitter
  • Notorious Monster
  • Aggro
  • Not Linking
  • Based on Earth
  • Strong against Ice
Updated: Tue Mar 3 08:11:53 2009

Bloodtear Baldurf Picture

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General Information

Bloodtear Baldurf's Spawn Location
Bloodtear Baldurf's Spawn Location

    • Respawn time is roughly 21-24 hours after its last Time of Death.

  • Has a Draw-In effect.

  • Grants Title: The Hornsplitter

Bloodtear Baldurf Special Attacks

  • Ram Charge: Single target physical damage with an additional Knockback effect.

  • Rage: Self target Attack Boost and Defense Down effect (Effect can be dispelled).

  • Petribreath: Frontal cone AoE Petrification effect.

  • Great Bleat: AoE HP Down effect (Circle of effect originates from mob).

  • Rumble: AoE Evasion Down effect (Circle of effect originates from mob).

  • Mighty Strikes: All melee attacks performed by Bloodtear Baldurf will deal critical damage during the duration of effect. Denoted by the characteristic mob two-hour animation.

    • Bloodtear Baldurf is capable of performing Mighty Strikes multiple times.

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Very easy solo for SMN 75
# Sep 10 2007 at 8:25 AM Rating: Default
I solo'd this NM once and duo'd him twice with an incredible player named Yeng. FYI summoners...use Ifrit and Spirit Taker and the fight is over in about 9 minutes as a solo fight. As a duo fight, use Carby and Spirit Taker/ Full Swing and the fight is also over in about ten minutes.

Good luck and get those horns...ez gil from rams.
First Time
# Jul 28 2007 at 5:50 PM Rating: Decent
I fought this NM as a 64MNK / 32WAR with the much needed help of a 75 WHM. This guy's defense is pitiful, with high attack and pretty decent speed. Used Hundred Fists just cause I felt like it, which didn't look like it even did that much damage in terms of percentage. This Ram has an insane amount of Hit Points as well. At any rate it took about 10 minutes to defeat. He also uses the Warrior's 2 hour, Mighty Strikes, quite frequently, which became a real pain in the butt when it landed. I don't know about the HP loss ability that everyone talks about, but it never used it so I can't comment on it. Anyways, I only attacked it because a person in the LS that I am in, the 75 WHM, got aggroed by it as well as kept getting drawn in when trying to run away. I hopped a chocobo from Sandy and road out to kill Bloodtear Baldurf even though I had no idea what level it was, more of an adrenaline-driven instinct. After everything was over, I didn't get the shield drop :( , but I did get the Lumbering Horn needed as 1/2 of the purple belt quest that I never did. This would be the more difficult way of receiving what I should have gotten off of Lumbering Lambert. All I have to say is that this NM may be said to be around level 56-60 or so, but he hits like a truck and has insane HP. If I was a 75MNK/NIN I probably could have soloed it with very little issues, just a little more time. Duo'ing as 64MNK/WAR with a 75 WHM is obviously very possible. Hope this helps anyone that is thinking of trying to get the shield.

Snomm of the Remora Server by the way. Nice new Title as well.

Edited, Jul 28th 2007 9:57pm by Snomm
LL and BB
# Apr 23 2007 at 2:54 PM Rating: Decent
I, Knite as 75RNG/37THF was killing rams for horn to skill up BC.

I was out there for about an hour and a half,

Lumbering Lambert spawns, so i killed it...

10 minutes later, Rams respawn timer was up but Ram didn't spawn,

So after 5 minutes of looking around, Bloodtear shows up.

No drop.
LL and BB
# Apr 27 2007 at 10:29 AM Rating: Decent
43 posts
After Lambert spawns its 15-20 min respawn for a regular ram. ^^
solo surprise
# Apr 17 2007 at 10:11 PM Rating: Decent
27 posts
I was hunting Lambert for purple belt quest and was not in time for the claim so I decided to hang around for the re-pop. I was there are 75mnk/37nin
and my taru legs were getting tired after 2 or 3 hours of running back and forth. I made a friend who said he has a 46bst and he came back and lent a hand with wide scan. I told him there was a possibilty Bloodtear may spawn as well. And sure enough to our luck he popped soon after. I was thinking that it would be a pushover solo fight, so I ran up to him and started punching him.
I realized reg. attks werent doing too much dmg so I started thinking I may be in for a hard time, and I was right lol. He does hit fast and ripped through my shadows a bunch of times leaving me naked with my timer on ni and ichi still counting down. I got lucky and got him down to about 25% left, but then he petrified me and I died....

But this wasnt the end. I wanted revenge. So I HPed back to Whitegate changed into SMN and tele'd myself back to Holla. Set carby on him immediately and smacked him with my staff. Carbys dmg was slow so I decided to run out of range and switch to garuda. To my surprise as soon as I finished my cast I was drawn in with garuda still a couple yards away. Luckily she found me quickly so stoneskin and blink took the dmg. A couple of pred. claws and spirit takers later I decided my MP was getting kinda low so I switched back to carby to finish him off. Getting drawn in with your avatar not nearby is a scary feeling, but me and the blue squirrel pulled through and got the horn for purple belt the hard way....no shield drop though. I had alot of fun. Thanks to Leamlan for wide scan help^^
# Apr 10 2007 at 12:49 PM Rating: Decent
Could a 75SAM/NIN37 solo this? I have capped evasion, 256. A merit (Don't ask, lol.) and I can get +12 skill. Everyone says his acc sucks, so it shouldn't be a problem soloing him with Ni, Ichi, and Seigan & Third Eye, right? Just asking, I hate this stupid thing and I wanna get revenge, lol.
Damn Maintenance
# Mar 28 2007 at 9:16 AM Rating: Decent
34 posts
I just got this guy, claimed after it had the "Please shut down immediately" and "We are shutting off the world servers" message and I actually was able to kill him before it shut me off, no drop w/ TH3 (again) but I came there to camp after maintenance, just had to try.

I wish I didn't have to panic so much, not because of the NM because he's a pushover, missed with every weapon skill and never hit me w/o a shadow. @75 with WS equip I was doing 860-1050 per DE and 1350+ when I triple attacked and his acc is terrible, no blind bolts, or any bolts used, although I wish I brought acid. Damn maintenance.

0/3 Solo on him... all with TH3
Just killed today!
# Mar 20 2007 at 11:14 AM Rating: Excellent
767 posts
w00t! Me and Lionheartx on Gilgamesh server just killed Bloodtear :P

He was a lvl 75 DRG/WHM so the fight wasnt really difficult at all. It seemed to be hitting him for about 80-110 per hit. As a lvl 55 BST, my rampage did about 150-200 on it.

In the end, we just got a bunch of skins and horns. No shield drop. =/ Fun fight though, we're gonna go back tomorrow and see what we can do :P
Balamb Garden
Gilgamesh Server

"Take heed of the elemental properties of Vana'diel, my friend. Though, at times, they may seem fickle, their truths shall be uncovered by the one champion who places his faith in them. Only then can the warrior's absolute purity be revealed. And only then, will his virtues shine forth, opening the blind eyes of the denizens of this world."
--Arnau, messenger of Altana
Just killed today!
# Mar 20 2007 at 11:16 AM Rating: Excellent
767 posts
oh, and Great Bleat took me from 1100 to 200 HP. I dont think I'll try soloing this til I hit lvl 60 or so :P
Balamb Garden
Gilgamesh Server

"Take heed of the elemental properties of Vana'diel, my friend. Though, at times, they may seem fickle, their truths shall be uncovered by the one champion who places his faith in them. Only then can the warrior's absolute purity be revealed. And only then, will his virtues shine forth, opening the blind eyes of the denizens of this world."
--Arnau, messenger of Altana
# Jan 15 2007 at 5:18 PM Rating: Decent
636 posts
Baldurf popped yesterday @ 3hrs after server reset. Popped again today @ 26 hrs later.

Not sure if Petribreath is unique to this one, or if steelfleece does it too. I got hit with it once out of the 5 or 6 times he used it, and the petrification lasts quite some time.
# Jan 01 2007 at 8:23 AM Rating: Decent
Me and my buddy Joe, were out grabbin our WAR AF axes and came accross La Thiene, I was like, if he's up, we are so kickin his **** XD

So sure enough, he shows up on widescan so I lead us there and Shadowbind him. I am RNG ... buddy is MNK. Our friend (who was already in our party but over in Tahrohngi) is a WHM, saw the commotion. So she zapped over to join the fun^^

Any how, we all three got a cool new Title XD

# Dec 22 2006 at 5:38 PM Rating: Decent
Was camping Lumbering Lambert today for my horn. I had been at it killing the ph for 2 1/2 hrs when suddenly I saw Bloodtear pop. I was on RDM66/RNG20 at the time and decided to give it a go. Had people in my ls saying I was gonna die but I suprised myself and managed to pull it off.

Gravity worked for the first 20 minutes or so lol, but then it started to wear off after every single cast. Bind is the thing that was consistent. I didn't dare try to stand toe to toe with him as /rng so I just DoT'd him with Bio II and Poison II for well over an hour.

Every once in a while things would go wrong, like Phalanx - Blink - and Stoneskin would wear right as I cast Bind, and then Bind would wear off immediately ><. I was always able to run around when Bind wasn't up and everything worked out fine.

At the end of his life I converted/Cure IV'd and cast 3 Stone III's as soon as the recast was up.

I was decked out with a SH, other eva+ gear, and the rest of my AF. He misses a lot.
His hits are pretty pathetic until he 2 hours then they deal some decent damage.

Managed to get a crowd watching me which was fun ^^. Didn't get the shield but I got the horn that I wanted -_-

It was a very fun fight and in retrospect not very hard. I was able to make it through to each convert with no major problems, and in many cases had 100-200+ mp when convert recast was up and ready. It took a very very long time though. An hour+ I think. Everyone was saying "Finally!!! Good job ;)" lol. A very fun fight, and not as bad as I though it would be. Too bad I didn't get the shield for my efforts ; ;

no agro
# Dec 22 2006 at 3:11 PM Rating: Decent
today i was runnimg from the dune to sandoria and i ran right past him as a 30war/mnk and he didnt agro me
# Dec 11 2006 at 9:41 PM Rating: Decent
got TOD from friend and decided 2 camp it alone 2 hours later friend comes by 2 help then a random rdm farming horns joined in so i had me SMN 74/RNG 9 SMN 67/WHM and RDM 50/NIN i get bored ******** sit down talk with rdm and smn when SMN leaves party comes back an hour later and says no luck i check widescan for the sheer hell of it and just my luck hes up i scream in party get the **** up and take my SMN friend back in party we go over hes unclaimed dia it and fight, about 20 mins later hes nearly dead just using 2 carby and healing ruby II poison nails + SMN and RDM melee lmao fun fight just takes a while no shield tho =( but another title 2 add 2 my collection ^_^
Bloodtear Baldruf
# Dec 07 2006 at 9:47 AM Rating: Decent
This fat sheep popped about 15 mins after 24 hours, making it both 21-27 or 24-27.. anyways, head down there with a friend of mine, THF47/RNG22 for widescan and TH2, and me being PLD75/RDM37 (147 Enhancing magic, and no Joyeuse).
I hear my friend screaming: yes yes yes come come!
There he is, Bloodtear Baldruf, living his ram life. We engage and everything going fine, Stoneskin holding damage.. at about 90% he goes Petrobreath, thanks god resisted, 75% Great bleat turn. Resisted again (phew^^).. at 50%ish or so he goes Petrobreath again, resisted again. At this point i had about 200mp from rebuffing stoneskin and phalanx, Pro and Shell wore midfight and didn't even bothered recasting. Managed to land slow and gravity with 106 enfeebling magic lol, at about 30% Great Bleat hits me, so i'm down without stoneskin up, with 40~ mp and 319 HP. Grrrreat. I try my best to stay alive till HP down wears. It wears and leaves me at 319 HP and 10 mp. This is where fight totally changed, took out my Ruby Ring and equipped Hercules', so i had 2mp/tick refresh due to Parade Gorget not working when you're low. Changed P. Gorget with a Shield Torque, and Ice Shield with Koenig. 305 Shield Skill.
Took down the last 20% with 400 HP and the few mp i had left, tossing a cure II when i had the chance. dropped 4 skins ram horn and Lumbering Horn, no shield >.< we'll be trying this tomorrow, hopefully with a drop^^

(sorry for the long post, seemed like a nice story to me^^)
extention time
# Dec 04 2006 at 11:11 PM Rating: Decent
well like i heard they said its 21-24 hours from kill and in the middle of the window you'll need to keep killing rams if Lumberting Lumbert pops in the middle of the window it means there is an extention time for this hnm like that
21-Lumberting Lumbert-24 hours > extend 24-Bloodtear Buldurlf-27 hours. i think so, try that.
Fun Fight
# Nov 08 2006 at 12:22 PM Rating: Decent
54 posts
YEah what fun it was. Me and by rl friend Lancellot went to La theine to farm ram horns cause he wanted to craft them to whatever i forget. So i'm like ill show you all the spawn points where rams pop and first place i go to show him Bamm BB pops. We got off Chocobos and i'm like this will be tough i was 74Pld/27Thf he was 53Whm/?Thf. I told him to stand back due to the Hp Down thing he does, Thank god for erase and removing Petrify. took a bit of time but we managed to kill him last night. I like My new Title : HornSplitter . dropped everything but the Shield , But man what a fun fight.
i knew it
# Nov 03 2006 at 1:37 AM Rating: Decent
1,105 posts
I just knew this thing would pop when I was trying to camp Lumbering Lumbert. That sucked. However! I managed to get random help by telling them they could have the shield if it dropped as long as I got the horn.

Got my horn :) Not the orthodox way, but got it nevertheless. Lol, I already have my brown belt items, I am just finishing this one now so I can use them.
I found out Bloodtear is soloable.
# Oct 12 2006 at 6:10 AM Rating: Decent
Okay so... I was in a party with my friend. I was in Al Zhabi, just talking to the linkshell.

My friend puts in LS "Bloodtear Baldurf"

My response "Warp and teleport me there."

So as we're running I had no idea if I could take this NM. I've heard so many times "this NM is not soloable."

So I use Sneak Attack, Utsu: Ichi, And attack it from behind... 350~ damage... HP bar didn't move.

But I noticed... It's accuracy was really really really really (etc.) bad, and his delay was really really really (etc.) slow. Bolts hit almost 100%. I did about 7 Dancing Edges, my friend was there for emegency, if in case, I were to lose HP and to debuff the thing. I never went to yellow HP, it hit me twice, I think. So I figured out that yes, a THF can solo this pretty darn easy. And that would mean a NIN could solo this pretty easy too, and most likely a RDM. It can't be slept. It used its 2-hour 8 times during the fight (Mighty Strikes) which didn't help it much. It's a WAR/THF, it can double attack and triple attack. Poor accuracy, poor evasion, I don't think I missed once except with some bolts (Marks not capped), poor delay, its HP is around 15,000.

But yeah, I think 5 ram skins, 1 ram horn, and a Lumbering Horn dropped. No shield.

But I learned that I can solo this thing if I see it on THF.
1/1 on Viking Shield
# Oct 11 2006 at 2:47 AM Rating: Decent
137 posts
I was 71drk/1 rng camping Lambering Lumbert for my buddy, he needed it for his monk and i was controlling his character as well sine he was at work. So after getting RR I tele Holla and get to where the rams spawn. Throw up widescan and he is on it. I have not seen him or the other ever since I came from Beta so Im like man Imma try to take him even with gimped sub. Well the fight was long and I took steamed crab for ded def since drks are not natural tanks. The little info alla gives is corret. He spams might strikes like its provoke. Well got shield w/o TH.

Later that night:

Im in Konschatat farming sheep skin and occasionlly killing rams to pop RR again for another friend. Im playing on pc so names I cant see good unless i scroll over them. I see a ram wiht a long name so i naturally assume its RR. Scroll over and its steelface. Im like OMG I fought bloodtear and im going to fight steelface in the same day. Search area and find a level 70 whm/rdm, invite and notice whm has only 200+ mp. So while trying to heal a low level thf aggros it being noisey and getting to close to it lol. He tried to flee but died. So I took over with whm at 300+ hp and man was the fight easier a 71 drk/35 thf. Sucks with TH I dont get drop but w/o it I do. Shield sells for 800k so at least I made that today. Woot for me lol
Record 2and 2
# Oct 08 2006 at 1:10 PM Rating: Decent
315 posts
Bloodtear 2 when I was young

Me 2 once I grew up,

Now we need a tie breaker, can't wait to see him again, he is like an old friend since he was the first NM I ever saw. Still no drop from him though.
# Oct 08 2006 at 12:39 AM Rating: Decent
Ok i was chocoing to sandy for some reason on my 39 whm!!!!! I had just got 39 which is my higest job ever and i thought i was invincible. And i see some rams, jump off choco and begin to massacre like 5 rams all in 1 area because i know the skins are worth a little bit. After im done and look around for another before runnin back to sandy. And i see Bloodtear standn there. So im like sweet, the rams around here a too weak to me so this guy cant be much harder. Bind doesnt stick and im dead before i can blink. I de-lvl and my jaw drops. I home point and get back there ASAP and find him again. I sh*t my self and start inviting every 75 in the area. I got a full pt and proceeded to smash the sh*t out of it(well the DRG actualy did all the DMG, i just threw in a cure or 2). Any way i had put on quartermaster and told every one that ill sell it and split the money(and i honestly was going to). But one of the guys was a jp blm and probly didnt get the msg and hes trying to D2 me right before the death(@#%^n jp ******** Any way we get the sheild and i shat my pants. Now what do i do with it? I cant pay the AH to sell and split the money and i am to low to equip it. ATM i just bazzaring it and /shout in jeuno. Any way im so happy.
Got im
# Oct 03 2006 at 5:11 PM Rating: Decent
88 posts
He Popped on me while I was farming Ram Skins. I was on my lvel 46THF/13RNG. I thought I was being sly and staying out of range of him. I wasnt. He started running at me, and next thing I know, he is standing on my dead body. So I Home Port, change to 75PLD/37RDM. Luckily he is still up. Blind him for claim, get Stoneskin and Phalanx up. 20 minutes and 1 Chivalry Later, hes dead. Dropped me a purdy Viking Shield. I was pleased.
Not The easiest fight, but not hard either. When SS and Phalanx dropped, his hits were between 40-70 with crits a tad over 100. He probably popped Mighty Strikes 5 times. He does have a LOT of HP though. 500 Vorpal blade and I barely saw his HP Gauge move. I wasnt hit with his HP lowering move so I dont know how it affects you. Take care all.
NM ramstravaganza
# Oct 01 2006 at 8:56 PM Rating: Good
230 posts
So I was out tonight farming ram horns for bonecrafting...I get to the pop area find a northside ram kill it, and head back down and find Bloodtear on widescan. I get get near as I dare without incurring his wrath, hes still unclaimed but I cant find anyone on able to help me, and wasnt about to try soloing it as 71Mnk/6Rng...some people show up and I watch it die.

Then I run up top for the next ram spawn and the people from the bloodtear party kill it, so I head back south and wait, then I find Lumbering Lambert on widescan...wtf I didnt know that was possible, the very next spawn! I kite it for a little while to see if my competition needed the horn, but he was afk...and I couldnt let the thing beat on me forever, so I killed it (he dissaperd a while later, hope he didnt need it I'd feel bad)

Then I go on ram farming thinking I dont have to worry about any nms for a while as Ive seen them both die...not half an hour later I see Lambert again! this time he didnt even have the decency of giving me a ram horn...

This is all torture for a friend of mine who happened to be in a party tonight and has been sitting on a rampaging horn for about two years... ah well

not too strong
# Sep 27 2006 at 5:14 AM Rating: Decent
i saw this ram on the way back to ronfaure as 74SAM/37THF, was gonna start the selbina clay quest... anyway, i saw this NM and was thought to myself "hmmm i wonder how hard it would be to solo this thing" and before i could really think about it, it aggrod me... i tried to flee but it drew me in, so i had no choice but to fight it on my own... i was doing really well at first, normal hits for around 30-40 dmg each, criticals for 100ish... it would hit maybe 1/10 hits... i noticed that my HP was a lot lower than its was though, and i was gonna lose if it kept up... and then it 2hrd, took out like 200hp from that.... 2hrd again.. and again.. and again... i was at 114 HP and my WHM friend shows up and saves me just in time with some cure 5s... was a pretty tough fight solo, i kept TP saved for when blind from yukikaze or paralyze from kasha wore off instead of spamming ws @100TP... if you see this mob dont be too scared, the only hard thing about it is that it has a lot of HP

hungry ram
# Sep 02 2006 at 8:14 AM Rating: Decent
23 posts

RDM lsmate was checking on LL for a horn. And wouldn't you know it, here this guy is just walking around. So like.. 6 people show up, first to show up was a 75BST, and well.. he basically killed it with CC before anyone else showed up. Then they just kited it around for some fun, taking it on a tour of the area lol. No drop o n the shield, but the RDM got his horn^^!!
thats me!
# Aug 30 2006 at 10:41 AM Rating: Decent
wouldnt u know it i was just wondering through allakhazam and then i see this guy i rememberd seeing him and cheking him he being impossble to me and guess what

im gauge hah how do they get thies [pics??? cause i enver sent anything in like that and that is my name other then mine is Gauge not gauge
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