Vana'diel Bestiary: Doomed Pilgrims  

Found in:The Sanctuary of Zi'tah
  • Notorious Monster
  • Based on Dark
  • Weak against Fire
  • Weak against Light
  • Strong against Darkness
Involved in Quests:
Updated: Fri Dec 28 16:26:12 2007

Doomed Pilgrims Picture

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So damn close...
# Feb 08 2009 at 6:12 PM Rating: Decent
Got this to a bit under 25% HP as NIN70/DNC35 solo and it just wouldn't stop missing at that point -_- had to 2 hr... Thanks for putting something like this where a job like BST75 is totally worthless SE. Another point for you, you fking idiots.
So damn close...
# Jun 12 2009 at 9:43 PM Rating: Decent
873 posts
Because a BST75 is supposed to be capable of killing everything, right?
So damn close...
# Nov 25 2009 at 4:51 PM Rating: Decent
Well, let's see... BST pretty much has no party value, or use in just about ANY kind of end game, so yeah. BST should be able to solo all but the toughest ****. It's not like we get it easy doing... anything. So excuse me if I get annoyed for spending God knows how many hours leveling a job that's only useful as a sub now.
RDM and DRK duo
# Jun 21 2008 at 9:59 PM Rating: Decent
592 posts
My 75 RDM/37 NIN and my friend (74 DRK/37 NIN) duo'd this earlier today.

Basic DoT kite with him jumping in every now and then and whacking it around some.

Fight took about half an hour ish.

It does, in fact, have slightly lower delay than your typical monster (maybe 25%ish? it's quite noticeable), and he does hit hard. He'd hit me and my drk friend for 200+ damage per pop.

It does, however, seem to have lower defense as a result. My drk friend would easily critical for 300+ damage, which is quite a bit considering he's half naked and is subbing nin.

Anyway, good luck to anyone doing this fight!
Fun with the Fat Boy
# Apr 23 2008 at 4:08 PM Rating: Decent
487 posts
Was farming last night, as thf75/war37 for voke, and looking for my friend the Keeper (now 0/65 on him). I see a 75 Rdm/nin doing a DoT nuke/bind/kite on this guy and checking 10 minutes later, NM's bar had moved maybe an eigth of an inch. Well, boredom made me do it... I run over, poke the Rdm with flag up, and he invites me.

Let me tell you that Rdm did not offer me a single cure, don't know why. Ended up dying a couple of times, last time I got royally PO'd at this mob. HP'd, changed to /nin, came back via OP, and by this time Doomed Pilgrims was maybe at 1/3 health.

Munched a squid sushi, threw on an Utsu Ni, and just tanked/fought the guy straight up. Rdm threw a Para 2, Slow 2 which helped a lot, needless to say, but I got off 4 solo DE which took him down. Even before those were cast tho, guy is so slow, I could put up Ichi without any trouble. Using DH gear, O Hat, War Gloves, Chiv Chain, Amemet +1, Warwolf, and Jamb/BD dagger combo, 6 dagger merits, 2 3x attack merits and 2 evasion merits. Rdm was happy to have ZM 5 for Sanctuary done, although I kind of had to figure out how to tell him to make 2 trips to the headstone.

Edited, Apr 23rd 2008 8:10pm by CRJR
Zaub of Bastok/Cerberus:
Taru, 17/[email protected]
Bone 100+3+Sign/Leather 60+1
Alch/Wood/Cook/Cloth/Smith/Goldsmith 60
GS 51/Smith 53/Fishing 29
Team up
# Feb 28 2008 at 8:17 AM Rating: Decent
Can be duo'd by an extremely good PLD75/RDM37 and BST74/NIN36 (yeah, I know <.<).
# Feb 29 2008 at 9:07 AM Rating: Default
Solo'd this guy as 75nin/dnc. Geared for pure evasion.

Blind resisted a few times, so I took maybe 4 hits in a row at one point, which was enough to get me to about 50% hp. Got shadows back up and healing waltz 2 to full hp.

When all blind, slow and para were stuck there was no need to even use uts ichi.

It does hit fast and hard, so evasion is the key here. Miss miss miss miss ^^

Edit: oops, didn't mean to link this to the previous post ><

Edited, Feb 29th 2008 12:09pm by DarthVaderX
still trying to solo
# Aug 29 2007 at 9:31 AM Rating: Decent
Tried this guy 2 times so far.

First attempt was pretty damn bad, it started really well then I kept getting resists on blind, could not get a single one to stick after the first and eventually his dbl/tripple attacks were just eating through shadows too fast and had to mijin gakure at 60%. So I picked up a ninjutsu earring to see if that would help the resists and tried again a few days later. This time I put on a little more evasion, went /whm instead of /war and ate meat instead of sushi. Things went a good deal better but resists were still a problem (though they happened a lot less I would always get Ni resisted so having to cast the slower Ichi all the time really hurt me in the end. Those resist issues combined with some lucky hits caused me to have to mijin gakure at ~45% this time. I am aware that several ninjas have soloed this guy but had a 65 healer npc with them, my npc isnt anywhere close enough to that but I feel confident I can take this guy. Going to pick up a ninjutsu torque as well and hopefuly that will push me over the limit of resists (atleast most of them) and this guy will soon be mine! I suppose I could do it if I just filled myself up with meds like vile elixirs and stuff but they are a bit pricey for this kind of fight so hopefuly a bag full of hipots and a few mp drinks will let me get this guy!! After that all I have left are the opo-opos in ifrit's, which ive been told a number of times are easier.
# Dec 30 2006 at 7:21 AM Rating: Decent
Just Duo'd this last night as 72 BST/nin with 75BST/whm.
We opened with 2 Carries and rested for a few mins to reset jug timer.
Got him down to 60% and 75 BST hits Rampage for over 900 and gets bad hate.
Ate through his SSkin and I hit Mistral for 666 dmg.
Hate turned to me and I kited around the rocks just south of the stone.
Kept kiting got hit maybe 3 times... and pets regained hate.
Shadowed back up and we finished him off pretty easy.

Super fun fight.
No major buffs.. shell, protect and a fish-kabob.

And all 4 Headstones with NM's can be duo'd NP.

Thanks Tierce!!!
Can be soloed
# Sep 01 2006 at 1:11 PM Rating: Decent
42 posts
I killed Tipha and Carthi last night as 71NIN/WAR with my NPC, and since this was the last NM I had in ZM5, I decided to try killing it as well. His attacks aren't ridiculously fast, but he seems to double and triple attack constantly. If he times it right he looks like he's using Hundred Fists.

I fought at night with my AF pants and boots, for the extra 10 evasion and ability to run away if needed. It was needed. I was able to damage him and build TP for about 30 seconds, but then I would be out of shadows with a recast of ~15 seconds on both Utsusemi timers. At that point I would take off down the path near the Cermet Headstone and run until my timers were back up. Then I casted Ni and turned to face him. Rinse and repeat for about 15 minutes, and he was dead. My NPC ran out of MP about 3 minutes into the fight, and I ended it with only 36HP, but is definitely soloable (albeit with an NPC for a couple cures).

If anyone is having trouble finding help for the ZM5 NMs, I was able to solo all but the Behemoth's Dominion NM, which I never tried since my LS slaughtered them for me after camping Behemoth. They can definitely be soloed by a NIN with an NPC, or duoed by a NIN and a healer. Good luck.
# Apr 30 2006 at 11:21 PM Rating: Decent
I think Arrows get a piercing bonus against this, because 62rng/war did 2070 sidewinder, which is pretty sweet.
# Mar 01 2006 at 9:18 AM Rating: Good
221 posts
When we did this fight it was the most insane thing I've ever done on this game lol. Ended up more or less trioing the mob with myself <68WHM/34SMN>, my brother <67RDM/33BLM> and my boyfriend <68BLM/34WHM>. We did go in with a 68PLD, 68SAM, 66BLM, 54RDM. Im not sure if I could have kept the PLD alive.... the SAM took hate at start and went down VERY fast, I was casting regen 3 and then the PLD was down. My bad I guess >_> Didnt expect it to hit that hard. So anyway we ended up DoT it to death, RDM kited with Gravity. Every single one of us died lmao, and we still beat it ^.^d <Ninja> <shield> <job> <Yes, please.> >_> Overall fight took about 15 mins. Was great fun ^_^

Edit: We have to go back and do it again... my brother didn't pick up the light fragment... /sigh >_>

Edited, Wed Mar 1 19:51:37 2006
thf tank
# Jan 02 2006 at 2:52 PM Rating: Decent
52 posts
tanked this last night as 75 thf/nin, was pretty uneventful. my evasion was cranked up (around 354 not counting mambo) and i only had to recast shadows twice during the fight. solo'd the first 25% or so to build up hate, which helped as i kept hate the whole fight (even off the war & mnk weaponskills hehe).

if you're going to thf tank i recommend having someone with blink pop the mob so you can sneak attack/dancing edge at the start for a nice hate chunk.
Fun last night in Zi'tah
# Oct 30 2005 at 12:54 PM Rating: Good
Last night while I was farming in the area that the keeper spawns in, I suddenly noticed a BST rushing out from where the cermet headstone was with this guy following him. Before he got halfway across the area towards the tunnel, the BST got smacked for a 300+ critical and died. After he died, I realized that this nm was something I didn't wanna mess with, and I thought I gave it enough distance to not get aggroed....wrong. As I was rushing towards a Goobbue, I look back to see this guy following me. I stopped for a second, turned around so I was pointing towards the tunnel exit (all the while he's hitting me for 200+ damage each hit) Just as I hit my flee macro, I see my HP drop to 0 as it lands a 400+ critical hit on me.

Luckily a lv. 75 whm friend of mine was on his way to the Tree around this time, so he was more than happy to take a detour and R3 me.

I have a question though, does this guy not despawn or something? For after he killed me, he headed back towards the treeline right in front of the cermet headstone and just sat there, motionless. He easily had enough time to regain his hp, so I knew it wasn't cause of that that he didn't despawn.
Lady Jinte wrote:

Vlorsutes' Negotiation Skill rises 0.2 points
Vlorsutes' Observant Parent Skill rises 0.3 points
Vlorsutes' Argument Diffusing Skill rises 0.1 points

Good Ninjas tank this one easy
# Sep 25 2005 at 8:17 PM Rating: Decent
79 posts
I forgot to get my Fragment when i was in an alliance that beat this guy :P

Anyway, i end up calling 5 good friends, and we kill this NM really easy

Nin/War 73
War/Nin 73
Mnk/war 71
Drg/War 67
Rdm/Blm 73
Rdm/Whm 71 (me)

We never need it to cure the Tank or any of the melee, and hell, we even melee in fact (im talking about me and the other RDM)

The most casted spell in the fight was ERASE on the Ninja (by me) because of the "-VIT status effect" this guy loves to cast
# Aug 11 2005 at 2:37 AM Rating: Good
255 posts
Went to fight this guy with a full party. We had:

70 SMN/WHM (me)

So we buff up and prepare to douche this guy hard (cigarette is best mental preparation, Alchemy (54)) We pop him up and the PLD grabs hate. Everyone dived on top of him.

I was sitting back with Fenrir, so I ran in and dropped an ecliptic howl, moved back, summoned buncle and back up healed.

The PLD died in all of 40 seconds, {Too Weak} (and you know who you are, tut tut). The Doomed roamed around and picked everyone off one by one...

When it was my turn to die, he was on my carbuncle and I was running. About another hour and 1000 carbuncles later he was dead, I was victorious. The party members said that it was easily "a solo job" and everyone completed the mission.

I'd like to give him another go now that i've levelled up a bit (72) so if you're on Seraph and need this mission, let me know and i'll come sort him out for you ^.-' (Chelsea, the summoner extrodinaire).

So NOTE... this can be done solo as a summoner.. i can't imagine any other class could do that because this guys Double Attack shreds through your shadows.


Edited, Thu Aug 11 03:43:34 2005
# May 04 2007 at 11:38 PM Rating: Decent
26 posts
So NOTE... this can be done solo as a summoner.. i can't imagine any other class could do that because this guys Double Attack shreds through your shadows.


I solo'd this lastnight as Summoner. It took forever, but it was a blast. People thought I was out of my skull going to do it alone. lol
RE: Kapow!
# Oct 05 2005 at 7:19 PM Rating: Good
232 posts
Nin/War just solo'd this...only got hit by Abyss blast which goes through shadows ;) so it is possible for another job aside from Smn.
My really good experience...
# Mar 15 2005 at 6:52 AM Rating: Decent
I hadn't done anything past ZM4 as a Lv69 PLD and finally decided to have a go at it. I gathered as many friends as I could, and some random people who gathered their friends... before I knew it we had 18 people for the Zi'Tah portion of this fight. 6+ of them, mind you, were lv75 including the PLD and the WHM. So... everyone goes in, I spawn the mob, we kill it for about... 1 minute, and he's down like a clown charlie brown. What really helped was having everyon build up to 300% TP while we waited for 1 stragler... Just the spirits w/in alone did about 2k damage. Then all the melee's scing and it was over sooner than I would have thought (about 2 minutes, tops). Lesson: high lvs make things easier... lol
# Feb 23 2005 at 5:45 AM Rating: Decent
When I did this, I accidentally forgot to change to NIN sub for my RNG. Near the end of the fight I threw Berserk and did a 1800 Sidewinder +1000 Fragmentation bonus. I didn't really expect to hit him that hard, but he turned and did Tongue Lash for 600+ damage, then double attack with one crit.... lights out for me.

Edited, Wed Feb 23 05:46:38 2005
Hard-Hitting Bugger
# Jan 16 2005 at 7:28 AM Rating: Excellent
514 posts
As Popsiclepete said, this thing is hard to tank as a lower level NIN, I tanked for the first portion of the fight, but he rarely missed so I told the PLD to back me up. (And by the first portion, I mean 3 or 4 hits, much longer and I would have been out of shadows and dead)

This thing was hitting a level 75PLD for 115-120, Full Adaman Gear. That's when I became Relieved I wasn't tanking anymore.

As long as you keep your tank alive, don't pull hate, and keep a steady amount of damage on him he shouldn't be too much trouble, the only person who pulled hate was a 75RNG, but that was with a 1900 Damage Slug shot near the end, so he promptly died.

Edited, Sun Jan 16 07:29:47 2005
f u SE
# Jan 02 2005 at 9:45 AM Rating: Decent
went here to check if keeper was up. saw the stone, checked it and it asked me if i wanted to take it.....

anyone with SOME common sence wouldnt take the stone.

but NOOOOOO, i had to check what happens.

this guy pops and stares at me.... think i ran around stunning it and fleeing it for 5 min b4 he swinged 3 times and killed me.

Thank you SE, 3k exp (_))::::D
# Dec 11 2004 at 11:58 PM Rating: Decent
what exactly is a "doomed"
RE: ?
# Jan 03 2005 at 5:06 PM Rating: Good
The type of mob in the picture, duh =P
RE: ?
# Mar 06 2005 at 7:00 AM Rating: Decent
which to me is rather inconclusive but if i had to guess it looks kinda like a giant leech
RE: ?
# Mar 11 2005 at 4:16 AM Rating: Decent
842 posts
RE: ?
# Aug 22 2005 at 1:53 PM Rating: Decent
137 posts
Judging by the name and the appearence of the mob type, I think it is exactly what my Friend Tagrineth says, "Doomed are big blobs of dead."

Think about it, this thing is called Doomed Pilgrims, as in plural, but there's only one. It's multiple dead things! AAHHHAHAAAAAAHHHHHHHHAAAAHHHH *breaths in* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

okay, I'm done, sorry. Also, this mob type also drops undead skin, so it being undead makes sense.
Ninjas be aware
# Oct 05 2004 at 7:43 AM Rating: Decent
754 posts
I tanked this thing at level 64 with 219+tons evasion and it didn't mean jack. This guy attacks faster than you can recast Ut:Ni. This is the first real lesson of being a ninja I think. You always have to have a shadow up. I didn't. I got overconfident and this guy can humble you quick(like 4 hits quick).

It's all fine and good to say a ninja tank owns this thing, but with anything as a Ninja, your level v.s. the mobs level is the #1 thing. I don't recommend you do this at 64 like I did. Ninja 66-68 is far more reasonable. If his attacks take a shadow every time you're dead in 15 hits. He can overcome the timers on spells.

He reminds me of a mandragora that hits like a goobue.
# Aug 30 2004 at 11:48 PM Rating: Decent
411 posts
very very strong mob... regular attacks do 200-300dmg to most people, and uses Tongue-Whip which is a 2x dmg attack.

Recmomended to get blinktanks to **** off this thing.
# Aug 21 2004 at 3:48 PM Rating: Good
It looks like a beached whale,but then again,what other doom dosent?
# Aug 21 2004 at 12:50 AM Rating: Decent
586 posts
Yeah...sorry that I got in the way of him. But the only way I could get his whole body in and not be in the way would have been for me to go first person and backed up a lot. Something I couldn't do in the middle of the fight.
# Aug 15 2004 at 7:31 PM Rating: Decent
586 posts
He's extremely powerful. I fought him yesterday, during the fight, he turned and smacked me once. I was a 67 DRK at that point, he did 260 damage to me. The hit wasn't even a critical. Very bad. Very evil. I got a screenshot of him, I'll submit it soon...
Zilart M5
# Apr 24 2004 at 5:45 PM Rating: Decent
ZM5 mob.

Touch the cement stone, this frog spawns, kill it an then examine the stone to get the Light Fragment.
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