Vana'diel Bestiary: Wild Karakul  

Found in:Caedarva Mire
    Updated: Fri Mar 21 20:05:16 2008

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    Karakul + Summoner?
    # Jan 10 2007 at 6:17 PM Rating: Decent
    If these things pop a weapon skill against an avatar and a chigoe spawns, does the chigoe attack the SMN or the avatar? If it attacks the avatar, does it despawn when the avatar is released or does it charge the summoner? Finally, do multiple weapon skills spawn multiple chigoes?

    Hopefully some death free tests tonight and I can answer some of my own questions.

    This could be useful for when the mire is overcroweded as I won't have to sweat imp aggro.


    Chigoe headed straight for the SMN every time even when I was sneaked and invisible.

    They won't despawn as they are happily smacking you.

    Multiple weapon skills do indeed mean multiple Chigoes.

    Summary. Wild Karakuls con decent challenge to a SMN and die with about 3 blood pacts. On average it would get off about 2 weapon skills in that time. Retreat so the avatar attacks the chigoe is nice, but it does leave your Wild Karakul unclaimed. I killed about 8 of these with no Treasure Hunter and got 1 meat, 1 skin, 3 or 4 earth crystals, a beastman seal, and 2 kindred seals. To be fair, though, some of the drops came from chigoe spawns. Exp ranged from 60-70 for the karakl and 30-40 per chigoe. Very safe to duo. My avatars tended to be about at the end of their lives each time while soloing.

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    Not sheep?
    # Oct 13 2006 at 9:43 AM Rating: Default
    These things aren't sheep?
    But the wool?
    The hump on their backs?
    The horns and the shape?

    Guess their just the black sheep of the Species.
    Level / difficulty?
    # Sep 18 2006 at 1:33 PM Rating: Decent
    26 posts
    Any idea what level this bad boy is?

    If it's even remotely worth it, I'd like to do a little farming. I'm trying to figure out how many people we'd need (level 69-70), and with which jobs.

    (...Of course, even if it's only level 50 I'll need help. Such is the life of a Taru WHM.)

    Damnb cousin!
    # Aug 08 2006 at 8:51 AM Rating: Decent
    If any1 saw what my cousin wrote on the forum for karakul familys plz doen't rate it oh and chigoes also come of marids right can anyone also tell me what they drop
    # May 05 2006 at 12:43 PM Rating: Good
    899 posts
    as Xiani said ,Chigoe will only come off the Karakul do a WS, and they hit fast that you cant use utsi Ni ( like its worth it.... my shadows were down after 1 sec of casting )
    so my way to kill these when i solo exp/ skill up parrying ( yes , i gat like 3-4 lvls so far @ 142 now ) is that @ start i save TP and when Chigoe pop i do DE without changing target ( easy 36-45 exp, and i noticed if i kill it with elemental ws (cyclone) i dont get any exp ) most of the time i get 100% before Karakul do its ws, or at least 80 , so i range attack for ~13 tp and take some hits here and there from chigoe and ws.

    i would use AOE ws only if i'm sure its the killing hit for the Karakul, or nothing close to me.

    also i notice that blind/venom effect last for little time and not worth it imo, didn’t try sleep , but both bloody and acid is cool ( sure acid when it use Rage ;p )
    they tend to double attack a lot and their acc differ in the same mob , sometime they pass my 6 shadows fast and sometime i pass through recast time with 1-2 shadows
    subtle blow + equips help and soloable for thf 74 ( con DC- to me but sure they hit hard)
    long post but i hope it will help.
    # May 02 2006 at 5:50 AM Rating: Good
    Thief's Knife
    15,054 posts
    The One and Only Deadgye wrote:
    Why would these be considered a new family type when they're clearly sheep, they even use Sheep Song.

    Because sheep don't spawn flea pets that kick your ***.
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    I thought of it first:

    New family?
    # Apr 25 2006 at 3:04 PM Rating: Decent
    It's Just a Flesh Wound
    22,702 posts
    Why would these be considered a new family type when they're clearly sheep, they even use Sheep Song.
    Dear people I don't like: 凸(●´―`●)凸
    RE: New family?
    # May 01 2006 at 8:19 PM Rating: Decent
    178 posts
    They don't share the same loot tables as sheep, and have different behavioural patterns.
    They aren't so bad but...
    # Apr 24 2006 at 11:15 AM Rating: Decent
    Yea man, I was soloing a VT one with NIN, and one of the chigoes jumped off of it and that messed my whole world up. Definately not cool. Chigoes were the main cause of my 2 deaths in ToAU
    # Apr 24 2006 at 7:00 AM Rating: Decent
    132 posts
    It also seems that Chigoes (flea-type monsters) will jump off of it and attack you. They're relatively weak, but it's like they have a perma-Hundred Fists on. Getting thwacked by this tough sheep doesn't help much, either. My first death in ToAU. >_<
    # Dec 08 2006 at 2:50 PM Rating: Decent
    When using a Karakul as a pet, does the Chigoe spawn when /sic is used? I assume not, I have seen BST duo and Trio parties using these to take down Imps. I want the hides for crafting and was thinking of trying them while leveling my BST, currently at 66 they are Tough++.
    RE: Chigoe
    # Apr 28 2006 at 6:17 PM Rating: Excellent
    22 posts
    Chigoe will only come off the Karakul when it uses a WS. Any WS at that. If it uses Sheep Song, a Chigoe will appear. If it uses Lamb Chop, a Chigoe will appear. Nice thing about it is they have such little HP, when a group of us was farming these for hides, our BLM would use AoE Staff WS and kill the Chigoe's as they popped.

    This will also happen with some of the other new mobs in Aht Urghan, such as the Rams and Marid. It seems anything furry has Chigoes hidden in it's fur.
    # Apr 23 2006 at 6:35 PM Rating: Decent
    235 posts
    These things look weak but they hit pretty hard. They also do 400 damage lamb chops.
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