Vana'diel Bestiary: Battleclad Chariot  

Family:Salvage - Archaic Chariots
Found in:Zhayolm Remnants II
  • Notorious Monster
  • Aggro
  • Detects by Magic
  • Detects by True Sound
  • Detects by Job Abilities
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General Information

  • Susceptible to Stun, though builds resistance quickly.

  • Unlike the chariots in the other remnant areas, Battleclad Chariot will not regen tp once its hp drops below 25%.

  • Title Obtained: Star Charioteer

    • It is possible that two of the same item will drop.

Battleclad Chariot Special Attacks

  • Discharge: AoE magic based damage with additional Paralyze effect.

  • Diffusion Ray: Frontal cone AoE magic based damage with additional Dispel effect. Will only be used when the player with the most hate is standing directly in front of Battleclad Chariot.

  • Inertia Stream: AoE magic based damage with additional Bind effect.

  • Discoid: AoE magic damage delivering 4,400 points of damage divided evenly by the number of players and pets hit by the attack. (i.e. 4,400 damage divided by 8 targets yields 550 damage to each target). Circle of effect originates from the target of the attack.

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