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Enhances "Sic" and "Ready" Effects

  • Level 75 - level 85 - Grants 50 TP to abilities triggered using Sic or Ready
  • 'Level 90 - level 99 - Grants 50 TP to abililties triggered using Sic or Ready, and a TP Bonus effect of 50.
    • Pet's TP will show an increase of 50 from its previous level, but the ability will have the effect of +100 TP.
    • Cannot bypass 300 TP.

Primal Rend's Damage

  • Level 90 - level 95 - Increases Primal Rend's damage by 15%
  • Level 99 - Increases Primal Rend's damage by 30%

Historical Information

This axe, fashioned of the finest darksteel, bears the inlay of a majestic golden wave, modeled after the Kingdom of Ephramad's royal insignia. Its name allegedly derives from an ancient source and is symbolic of the inexplicable powers of influence the weapon seems to exert over others. It is said that the legendary Admiral Veydal forged the axe in an attempt to harness the power of the mighty Leviathan.

In Phoenician mythology, the god Baal Hadad had had two weapons made, Yagrush ("chaser") and Aymur ("driver"), to combat the tyrannical sea god Yam-Nahar. He struck Yam on the chest with Yagrush to no avail. Then he struck him on the forehead with Aymur and fell Yam to the earth. After Yam's defeat, Baal had a palace built for himself.

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