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Enhances "Divine Seal" Effect

Spells have the Divine Veil effect without Divine Seal being active, and works on party members outside alliance.

Enhances "Divine Benison" Effect

  • Level 80 - Grants +10% Fast Cast
  • Level 85 - Grants +15% Fast Cast
  • Level 90 - Grants +20% Fast Cast
  • Level 95 - Grants +20% Fast Cast (No discernible difference from lv. 90 version)
  • Level 99 - Grants +20% Fast Cast (No discernible difference from lv. 90 version)

Mystic Boon Damage

  • Level 90 - level 95 - Increases Mystic Boon damage by 15%
  • Level 99 - Increases Mystic Boon damage by 30%

Historical Information

Also known by its alias, "Chaser," this robust red sandalwood club is plated in phosphorescent gold and exquisitely encrusted with an array of magically imbued sacred stones.

It is said to have been the weapon of choice for the legendary admiral, Veydal, who commissioned its creation to master crafter priests specifically for high sea encounters with the dreaded Leviathan.

In Phoenician mythology, the god Baal Hadad had had two weapons made, Yagrush ("chaser") and Aymur ("driver"), to combat the tyrannical sea god Yam-Nahar. He struck Yam on the chest with Yagrush to no avail. Then he struck him on the forehead with Aymur and fell Yam to the earth. After Yam's defeat, Baal had a palace built for himself.

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