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Does not Stack
This item is Food that lasts 180 min.
Auction House: Food - Meals - Meat & Eggs

[Inventory] All Races
A meal of stewed giant sheep meat.

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Food Effects

  • HP +3% (Unknown Cap)
  • STR +3
  • VIT +1
  • AGI +1
  • INT -1
  • Attack +27% (Cap is +30 Attack @ 111 base Attack)
  • Ranged Attack +27% (Cap is +30 Ranged Attack @ 111 base Ranged Attack)
  • Evasion +5

Final Fantasy XI

Category: Final Fantasy XI
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Guild Level: Artisan
Turned in for: 175 Guild Points
Max Guild Points obtained: 3280 (18.7x)

Exceptional Results can be: Tender Navarin

Made from Recipes

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# May 16 2007 at 2:59 PM Rating: Excellent
Mistress of Gardening
14,661 posts
Updated GP info, fixed HQ display, and added note.
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# Sep 02 2006 at 4:16 PM Rating: Decent
Ok, this isnt a big waste of money if you farm the onions. At least on Seraph. I spent a while farming onions, only because i refuse to pay 20k for a stack. i farmed them in my freetime for a month, getting 10 stacks. i went from 70-73, about 90% breaks, but got the fastest skillups in a long time. when only a stack and a 1/2 of materials got me 1 whole level... its a good thing. If you start these early, just FARM the onions...
# Aug 09 2007 at 11:59 AM Rating: Decent
Anything else the pt can do to help you heinous, obscene, villainous, sick, sadistic, baby-seal-clubbers of the Yucatan peninsula(local 237)founding-chapter-members to take some stress off your duties? Cause after all, healer goes down~

*** It's all Laquisha's fault!***
# Aug 09 2007 at 11:59 AM Rating: Decent
sorry, double post

Edited, Aug 9th 2007 5:57pm by Zirellryk
# Aug 18 2006 at 8:29 AM Rating: Decent
I can say that all of you who got good skill up were very lucky. I just spent about 200K+ on 8 stacks of ingredients (thats 96 synths), and was starting at level 72. Out of 96 synths, I got a total of .6 skill up! Not even CLOSE to a full level, .6!!! This has been the biggest waste of gil I have known while leveling cooking. I HIGHLY suggest picking another recipe... it may not seem like the ingredients are expensive at first, but having 9 ingrediants (countign crystal) in yrou inv, and entering those 9 EVERY time you want to synth, and then NEVER gettign skill up is just HORRIBLE. On top of that, these dont stack, and sell VERY slowly! And are WORTHLESS to sell to an NPC (abotu 120gil!). Be warned, dont make the same mistake I did and waste a fortune on this garbage recipe!
Good for levelling, apparently...
# May 07 2006 at 2:27 PM Rating: Decent
65 posts
Synth'd a stack and a half of these today (@ lvl 72.1 on Lightsday)with advanced support and facing west these were my results:

17 Successful synths
1 critical failure (Lost almost everything, luckily I saved my distilled water!)

And now for the best part....

A STACK AND A HALF OF INGREDIENTS LEVELED ME FROM 72.1 TO 73.1. That made my day. Also, these sell pretty well on Lakshmi for anywhere from 9,000 to 10,000 a piece and aren't too expensive to make...
Guild Points
# Apr 06 2006 at 10:31 AM Rating: Good
175 for a NQ so 18.7 will cap you. HQ is worth a GIANT 525 points though.

Edited, Thu Apr 6 10:29:31 2006
not so good?
# Jul 31 2005 at 7:09 AM Rating: Decent
434 posts
lots of ppl have said that this gives great skillups

I just did a stack of crystals, 6lvls (71) below cap, fire day, adv support, facing NW.... made 5..... 0.1 skillup.

not that great. Any pointers as to where im going wrong?

Edited, Sun Jul 31 08:15:50 2005
RE: not so good?
# Apr 01 2006 at 11:39 AM Rating: Decent
Moon phase can also play a part in synthing. I personally try to keep my skilluping around New Moon phase.

I read an FAQ that said crafting about 5 lvls undercap is great for skillups, more than 5 is too low and will result in breaks without skillups and progressively less than 5 results in lower chances til you hit cap.

Good Luck :)

Edited, Sat Apr 1 10:35:29 2006
RE: not so good?
# Dec 28 2005 at 10:20 PM Rating: Decent
307 posts
When using fire crystals, for maximum Skill Ups/H.q's try facing west, the direction of the Water Star. Also might want to try synthing on Watersday.

For a map of the Stars/Elemental Directions in game goto the Cooking Guild and look for the building with telescope's on it (I can't remember the name). On the roof is a Taru with a map but EAST AND WEST ARE SWITCHED ON IT.

Hope this helps ^^
RE: not so good?
# Aug 09 2005 at 10:04 PM Rating: Decent
If you're getting .1 skillup from that little crafting at that level, you're doing pretty well. You didn't forget what the skillup rate was on most stuff for the last 20 levels, right?
RE: not so good?
# Jan 13 2006 at 7:45 PM Rating: Default
dunno what youre talking about..i get 0.3 skillups (or more) a stack when i lvl (83 atm)
not that bad to make
# Jun 17 2005 at 8:26 AM Rating: Decent
618 posts
I just dinged 70 when i was making the rabar meatballs for GP... waterdays was coming up so i desided to skill up with fire... looked at 3 meals in AH (curry,meatball,navarin) for sales and time to sell. Navarin seemed to be the best choice. I bought 2 stacks of each ingredient (had 18 onions leftover on mule) and made 12 navarin before i needed to empty my inv. In LS i told them what it does poped the 2k (3k windy AH) price on it and sold all em right there 1 member bought 5, another says I will take whats left (7). I made 24k cleaning out space and cost to make was a little under 2k so i made some money, not a lot, but at least i got more room to craft. I got 5 breaks and desided to quit after I sold em all. Gonna start fresh another day and make more (got great skill up on waterday, but once it was windsday got none ;_;)

Edited, Wed Jun 29 10:09:39 2005
# Jun 14 2005 at 12:33 PM Rating: Decent
29 posts
for some reason my LS mates are telling me this food boosts a ton of acc, though I didnt see anyone mention that. What's the deal? These guys seem really sure that it does boost ACC.
guild points
# May 21 2005 at 2:29 PM Rating: Decent
53 posts
guildmaster only gives up 175 guild points for these things...
you can get a total of 4280 on the day from them
that means you need 19 of them...
at 4k a pop, thats 22gil per GP... not very worth it, unless you just happen to have the ingredients lying around on a mule like i did

Edited, Sat May 21 15:32:35 2005
# May 07 2005 at 11:40 PM Rating: Decent
This is the best food to ever skill up on and gain money back. Its the best skill ups money can buy after testing out around 5 other foods at this level.
The ingredients are relatively easy to get, not like Coral Fungus for Dhalmel Pies and skills up a faster, unlike Rarab Meatballs.
I tried it at lvl 73, almost 9/10 synthesis were .1 skill up while rarab meatballs were around .3 for a stack on icesday.
Sells for 3-4k in the AH relatively fast.
Cost for each approximate:
fire crystal 400
black peppers 300
distill water 10
giant sheep meat 100
mithran tomato 70
olive oil 100
popoto 100
rock salt 30
wild onion 650
~1600-2000 ingredients, 3000-4000g AH
1000-2400 Profits per navarin.
Fast Skill ups but...
# May 04 2005 at 10:57 AM Rating: Decent
49 posts
I hit lvl 72 cooking and started looking over the list of items to make. So I picked this recipe. Not the best choice to skill up cuz of the amount of ingridents, the price of wild onions on my server (12k stack for onions!!!) and they don't stack. However, I made 13 of these and got .1 ups on 10 of them (I was wearing my chef's hat). This is the fastest level I ever got since I hit 50. The next problem is that the guild does not buy them back and vendors only give me 177 gil for each if I want to sell. I am gonna switch to chocomilk.
# Apr 25 2005 at 8:57 AM Rating: Decent
35 posts
The states above are before the updates.
These are the stats I found.

Navarin (3 hours)

* HP +20
* Strength +3
* Vitality +1
* Agility +1
* Intelligence -1
* Evasion +5
* Attack +27% (Cap: 30@111 Base Attack)
* Ranged Attack +27%

And the HQ
Tender Navarin (4 hours)


* HP +25
* Strength +4
* Vitality +2
* Agility +2
* Evasion +6
* Attack +27% (Cap: 35@129 Base Attack)
* Ranged Attack +27%

Source: http://ffxi.cannotlinkto/itemdb/3724

Edited, Tue Apr 26 15:48:12 2005
even better
# Apr 16 2005 at 3:23 PM Rating: Decent
it gave me exactly +31 attack, my base was 250... now i suck at math but i think 10% of 250 is 25.. so its actually a little better than shown above.. i think..
Ninja Food
# Jan 06 2005 at 9:48 AM Rating: Decent
675 posts
Apparently it's great food for Ninjas. Started cooking it a week ago on Remora and it wasn't available anywhere. Gave it to everyone in my LS and now the AH in Jeuno has a steady supply.

Could be coincidence of course. ^^

Edited, Thu Jan 6 09:54:42 2005
navarin !!!
# Dec 27 2004 at 4:18 AM Rating: Decent
For those of you who dont know this food is SICK for rangers.... ure ranged attacks do nearly twice as much as they with a mithkabob! dont believe me? try it out!
RE: navarin !!!
# May 11 2005 at 12:55 AM Rating: Decent
it doesnt do TWICE the damage but it does to more in CN i was doing 75-80 on crawlers @ lvl 36 w/o food, 80-90 with mithkabobs, and 95-110 with Navarin, not to mention to added HP and evasion for when you steal hate, now i'm lvl 50 RNG and only NOW am i not seeing the vast improvemnet in my RATT, i'm going to switch to curry then Hedghog pie
RE: navarin !!!
# Dec 29 2004 at 9:05 PM Rating: Default
180 posts

Navarin is one of the weaker RNG foods out there, because it has a rather low +RATK cap - the only time you won't hit it is at low levels.

It'll NEVER let you deal twice as much damage as Mithkabobs.
# Dec 09 2004 at 11:08 PM Rating: Default
101 posts
With the last update on 12/09/04 this food now lasts 3 hours. The HQ tender Navarin should last 5 hours. Insane O_o Navarin sells for 1500 on Cerberus, for a 3 hour food thats not bad at all :d
# Oct 23 2004 at 12:39 PM Rating: Decent
54 posts
HQ = 525
N = 175
# Aug 11 2004 at 1:15 PM Rating: Decent
59 posts
Anyone knows how much this costs in caitsith? or an estimate in any other server.

Thios is good food for Ninja specially the Evasion +5 and the attack + 10% it helps you hit harder and keep hate on you.

This food lasts an hour

BTW it doesnt stack
+1 version
# Mar 17 2004 at 1:45 AM Rating: Decent
2,389 posts
Tender Navarin is the +1 version.

I ate it when I made it, here's what it seemed to do: str + 4, hp + 25, agi + 2

Don't know what the attack or evasion effects were, I didn't fight with it.

Edited, Wed Mar 17 02:09:33 2004
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