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Use of Plastron
# Feb 07 2008 at 9:34 AM Rating: Decent
While I normally wear my Plastron around towns all the time, it's simply because it looks badass. When I actually go into battle though, I wear Hauberk most of the time as opposed to Plastron. I have the body, legs and feet (I used Alkeyoneus Bracelet's for hands) but I only macro these in for WS's during xp pt's. Otherwise I go with Hauberk and use Dusk gear for hands and feet for the haste. Sometimes add Turban and swift belts for even more. Simply put I have two entire sets of armor (minus some of the ascessories) one for tping in and one for the sole purpose of Weapon skilling in.
Use of Plastron
# Oct 12 2008 at 10:06 PM Rating: Decent
Sehjiro wrote:
Simply put I have two entire sets of armor (minus some of the ascessories) one for tping in and one for the sole purpose of Weapon skilling in.

uh...I would hope @75 you would have a set you TP in and a set you WS in. I have at the Least 2 sets for every job. My sam has different sets for different SUBS even. so thats like 5 sets for my sam :/ if you TP and WS in same gear you fail. btw plastron is Sweet, but imo for WS its adaberk > heca > plastron for drk :/
# Nov 20 2007 at 10:27 AM Rating: Decent
Has anyone used this in a Rune chopper build?
# Oct 18 2007 at 9:54 PM Rating: Excellent
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Updated icon and added guild and guild level.
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Goldsmithing & Leathercraft level?
# Jan 22 2007 at 4:28 AM Rating: Decent
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Which Goldsmithing & Leathercraft level you need?
Is it not specified...
WOW goes for $16 mill on some servers????
# Jan 11 2007 at 1:57 PM Rating: Decent
Don't mean to brag, but from what I hear, I got real lucky, I purchased my Plastron for only $3 mill on Cerberus server. Its the best piece of armor I have had yet. Refresh is always NICE. Of course I carry two sets of armor. (learned the hard way)

75DRK / 58WAR / 37NIN / 37THF / 37SAM / 37WHM / 30BST
4/6 Ores Obtained!!!
# Oct 28 2006 at 9:47 AM Rating: Decent
I'm getting closer....

Holy crap I can't wait until I have a regenerative Mana Pool. Being a Galka DRK only sucks for that reason alone. As soon as I get another chance to scrape together another couple million gil, it's on like Konkey Dong. I'll be crafting this myself(capped Smithing + all subs) and signing. I'm gonna wait until the perfect moonphase and day to make this, I want highest chances of HQ.

Plastron vs Adaman hauberk
# Oct 11 2006 at 3:11 AM Rating: Decent
Plastron vs adaman hauberk , it's ( +1 atk + Refresh +10 evasion ) vs (+2 STR +11 DEX +15 acc -14% dmg taken) so, i'd say the refresh is pretty awsome considering the new rumors about the new neck refresh piece, it could give you (2 mp/tic) , and the accuracy in the hauberk is the best . i choose plastron because i need the MP for the best spell ever (Absorb-TP). and i can't rest between fights .
maybe before TOAU adaman hauberk was in the lead , but after DRK got absorb-TP, Adaman hauberk fell to the 2nd place.

^_^ that's my humble openion , and everyone got hes .
# Sep 17 2006 at 12:04 PM Rating: Decent
me want
# Sep 17 2006 at 12:03 PM Rating: Decent
i want, how much do u think cost to get?
Good WS armor.
# Jul 04 2006 at 11:31 PM Rating: Decent
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Ok first of all: I in no way condone a drk wearing this full time. By the time you can wear/afford this(~16M on pandy if you buy the ores and get it crafted atm) you should be smart enough to have a TP and WS setup. If you're wearing this full time you will get destroyed by AOEs and any hate you pull, in other words you will eat dirt a lot unless you have a godly tank. The NQ is the third best realistic piece of armor for a WS. Number 2 is adaman hauberk, you have to have a LS capable of killing nidhogg and get claim and drop and win the lot. Not too easily attained. Number one is hecatomb harness. Again you have to have a LS that can take down kirin. Not too big a deal anymore its fairly routine, but still winning the lot can be hard. This is the best piece of str gear for the slot that doesn't require you to have a good endgame LS. For people who are coming up on drk as their first job with a craft lvld to profitability, this is a godsend. Having a good piece of str gear for the slot will help get into a good LS to get one of the two better pieces. I'm going to work on getting one asa i finish up getting the ores for Black cuisses and getting them crafted. Nothing like coming into a LS with 125+ Str for wses right off the bat if you have the money for the best stuff. Just buy your ores(2.5M a piece right now on pandy plus 900k for the orichalcum ingot) and find a crafter willing to do all the required synths(for a cost of course) and pray for a HQ. Much cheaper than buying it for the ridiculous prices i've seen it in bazaars. 40-50M for this is way too much when its craftable for 16. Summary: get it if you're looking for some non rare/ex kick for ur wses but keep a hauberk on until you're ready for a WS, then macro this in.

Edit: miscalculated the cost, coulda sworn that said kunwu ore and kunwu sheet not Kunwu iron and kunwu sheet at 12:30 this morning.

Edited, Jul 5th 2006 at 12:44pm EDT by moopert
why can't....?
# Feb 13 2006 at 7:47 PM Rating: Good
Webster dictionary's definition for "Plastron":

Main Entry: plas·tron
Pronunciation: 'plas-tr&n
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle French, from Old Italian piastronomere, augmentative of piastra thin metal plate -- more at PIASTRE
1 a : a metal breastplate formerly worn under the hauberk b : a quilted pad worn in fencing practice to protect the chest, waist, and the side on which the weapon is held
2 : the ventral part of the shell of a tortoise or turtle consisting typically of nine symmetrically placed bones overlaid by horny plates
3 a : a trimming like a bib for a woman's dress b : ****** 1a
4 : a thin film of air held by water-repellent hairs of some aquatic insects

Notice the first definition? so why can't I wear a Plastron & a Hauberk at the same time? ^^
I beleive the stats would be:

STR+13 DEX+5 Attack+26 Accuracy+10
Damage taken+14% and "Refresh"

hahaha! That would be one sick peice of armor.

Edited, Mon Feb 13 19:50:27 2006
RE: why can't....?
# Feb 26 2006 at 1:52 PM Rating: Decent
Trying to find one.
# Jan 21 2006 at 5:22 PM Rating: Decent
Guys names Kahrn in Pandemonium, looking to buy one of these please try and contact me if you are looking to sell or can make one of these asap. TY price can be negotiated later. thanks.

Edited, Tue Jan 24 23:24:20 2006
So so
# Jan 17 2006 at 3:31 PM Rating: Decent
Plastron is ok if you ENM to get it. the refresh is nice (1MPper tic)looks cool too.
O.O wwooooooOOOOT!!!!
# Dec 27 2005 at 3:01 PM Rating: Decent
oooo....Now I got something else to try and get, and I thought the Demon's Harness was a pain >.<
# Dec 20 2005 at 10:25 PM Rating: Good
I got 4/5 of these pieces ( hands,head,legs,body ) These rock for dmg, but if you got a crappy PLD your in for a long night of red hp and raises ><
# Dec 06 2005 at 4:55 PM Rating: Decent
from what i understand alot of lvl 70+ drks go with str+ instead of so much dex and acc because everything goes VT. so this armor is actualy better then haub in a way because it adds alot of str and attk but it adds refresh.

i still like haub because its awesome but this adds refresh and str and attk also so their kind of even.
# Dec 06 2005 at 4:53 PM Rating: Good
Can someone make this or any of the armor pieces?
# Sep 09 2005 at 2:12 PM Rating: Decent
Message me on Seraph if you can make this.
I can provide materials which will take me forever to find if someone doesn't have it for sale. I will pay more if you provide me the armor made. Name your price.

Anyone know if the benefits of Enhance of Absorbs spells is worth the costs?

Yay free refresh all day and all night unlike Vampire Cloak.

I've had friends say they've seen a Taru DRK wear this in Jeuno on Seraph and they say it's badass.
# Sep 07 2005 at 10:56 AM Rating: Decent
Not sure about you guys but I carry two sets of gear, one for TP and one for SATA. If anything this would be a great alternate set to have to SATA and absorb casting. Two bad the materials are few and far between, I want to craft a signed set.
In advace.
# Aug 08 2005 at 9:10 AM Rating: Decent
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Do many DRKs choose this over the Hauberk? (lvl 69 I believe?)

Just a question as I wanna know in advance what to save up for. ^^ (62DRK/31WAR)

Edited, Mon Aug 8 10:12:03 2005
RE: In advace.
# Aug 10 2005 at 4:38 PM Rating: Decent
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The Plastron set is still quite new, I doubt many Dark Knights have yet had much opportunity to consider Plastron as compared to the alternatives of the level range.

Of course, I could be mistaken.
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Full Set of "Black" Armor
# Aug 07 2005 at 10:36 PM Rating: Good
139 posts
Full Set of "Black" Armor

STR +19
ATK +55
DEF 119
ACC +5
Damage Taken +50%
Enhances Effect of 'Absorb' spells (x4)
Adds Refresh Effect

Plastron: http://ffxi.cannotlinkto/itemdb/6741
Black Cuisses: http://ffxi.cannotlinkto/itemdb/6799
Black Gadlings: http://ffxi.cannotlinkto/itemdb/6733
Black Sallet: http://ffxi.cannotlinkto/itemdb/6731
Black Sollerets: http://ffxi.cannotlinkto/itemdb/6791

- Black Cuisses -
Smithing (92) Leathercraft (?)
Crystal: Fire
Ingredients: Darksteel Sheet, Tiger Leather x2, Kunwu Sheet

- Black Gadlings -
Smithing (95)
Crystal: Fire
Ingredients: Darksteel Sheet, Kunwu Sheet, Tiger Gloves

- Black Sallet -
Smithing (96) Goldsmithing (?)
Crystal: Fire
Ingredients: Copper Ingot, Darksteel Sheet, Orichalcum Ingot, Sheep Leather, Kunwu Sheet

- Black Sollerets -
Smithing (94)
Crystal: Fire
Ingredients: Darksteel Sheet x2, Kunwu Sheet, Tiger Ledelsens

- Plastron -
Smithing (97) Goldsmithing (?) Leathercraft (?)
Crystal: Fire
Ingredients: Darksteel Sheet x2, Darksteel Chain, Orichalcum Ingot, Tiger Leather x2, Kunwu Iron, Kunwu Sheet

- What you need to make a full set -
Fire Crystal (x5)
Kunwu Sheet (x5)
Kunwu Iron (x1)
Orichalcum Ingot (x2)
Darksteel Sheet (x7)
Darksteel Chain (x1)
Tiger Leather (x4)
Tiger Ledelsens (x1)
Tiger Gloves (x1)
Sheep Leather (x1)
Copper Ingot (x1)
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# Aug 06 2005 at 5:52 PM Rating: Good
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any1 got any pics of this item or the whole set? O.O"
Plastron Set statistics
# Aug 06 2005 at 1:48 PM Rating: Decent
340 posts
Compiled stats of:
Black Sallet + Black Gadlings + Plastron + Black Cuisses + Black Sollerets

Set: Plastron
Damage taken +50%
Enhances effect of "Absorb" spells x 4
Adds "Refresh" effect
"Don't take life too seriously, you can't get out of it alive." -Bugs Bunny

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Wow Good Post!
# Jul 31 2005 at 2:03 AM Rating: Decent
wow Zigfield i like how you gae all the info on this aromr i am an up coming drk.. curently working on sam right now though but i have heard ppl complaining about this armor on Lakshmi and i agree more with you if you have the other gear this would be great! Good post and good info. thanks Zigfield
# Jul 30 2005 at 7:29 PM Rating: Decent
At my first look at this item, I almost creamed my pants. It seemed so wonderful, and in many respects it is. However, when you look at it closer, it is compareable to Hauberk and Armada armor.
First off, the ATK+16 is wonderful (Armada gives this also) but there is no ACC - however to counter this you can equip less ATK up stuff (like the Royal Gaurds Collar) and replace it with more ACC up (like replacing it with Peacock Charm).
The STR up is wonderful as well. This brings up your Damage cap and allows for maximum damage. However, yet again, its lacking the DEX up side of the Hauberk and Armada. And, yet again, you can counter this buy getting more ACC and DEX up items and less STR up. Also, the Armada gives you more Str and Dex up (+11 each)
The refresh, well no bad side there accept RDMs are less needed..hehe. From what I hear, like the vermillion, it will stack with normal Ballads and refreshs. Do not quote me on this because i dont not know 100% if this is true or not. But If it is, then its an even better bonus. (Drk is normally last on refresh list so this is wonderful to us).
Finally...the down side to this armor: Damage Taken +14%. This is kinda like the Sniper's DEF down and the Haub's EVA down (Armada has EVA down of -11 and -10 for non HQ). However, DRKs shouldnt be getting hit anyway. With SATA and a good SATA buddy (DRG is wonderful for this because of loss of hate) this shoulnt bother us at all. Yes we cannot solo easily (never could) so when those rare soloing times do pop up, the Vampire's Cloak will be more handy (I think there are one or two other items that give Refresh too, not sure if they are for DRK or not though).
Over all, this is a wonderul item but just like all great things, there are down sides and faults with them.
Hope this post helps.

Edit: Did a few changes to stats (its ATK+16 not ATK+18 ><) and forgot to mention that Aramada is the HQ of Adaman (?) the one for DRKs too. Its practically the same thing just +1 more of everything.

Edited, Sun Jul 31 03:37:56 2005
# Oct 17 2006 at 3:59 PM Rating: Decent
I have to agree this is the best armor barnone! yes the Acc is an problem that can be easly taken care of. Just a pair of Woodsman rings,P.Charm with the Assualt Earring and your good to go. Your real enemy is AoE spells really not the Mob attacking you. If you have a really damn good Tank (PLD) then your good
to wreak havoc on those that dont see it coming. But like its said Drk is the master of dealing damage above all melee's. A Dragoon can help with the hate controll while your free to Rape pileage and plunder the haplees mobs:)
I'm on Titan and i know but three lvl 73 Drk's with this and they love over
hauby ans adamnt and day the cost for on my server 2-5mil depending on the which peice you want and i have buddies to make mine free:)^^ so thats my 10cents the 2cents was free. But you know do what you feel you want to and dont let others stray you to do what they want you to do!!
RE: Good/Bad
# Jul 31 2005 at 5:08 PM Rating: Default
ok who would want to wear this (65 drk)
Haubergeon down rite is way better this this, seeing this sucker is gonna be highly priced for no reasonm other then it looks pretty

Auction House: Armor - Body
Slot: Body
Def: 40 STR: 8 (samurai Jse ripoff)
Adds "Refresh" Effect
Attack: 16 (big whoop +6 attack)
Damage Taken: 14% (death)
Jobs: Dark Knight (godly dmgers)
Races: ALL (woot...)
Level to Use: 71 (duh huh)
RE: Good/Bad
# Aug 01 2005 at 2:26 PM Rating: Good
60 posts
seeing this sucker is gonna be highly priced for no reason other then it looks pretty

wow.... Maybe JSE is high in price because the materials is hard to get? But i guess you beat Ouryu all the time.... no problem there....
RE: Good/Bad
# Jul 31 2005 at 4:06 PM Rating: Default

There are very few DRKs to ever come into posession of an Armada, let alone a Peacock Charm

I think any DRK would equip a Hauberk AND a Peacock Charm rather than this; as they miss more than any other job in the game.

The Damage Taken+14% isn't a huge amount but it can mean life or death more than any other piece of armor. Snipers Rings are only def-10, not damage taken +14%, so you have to be much more careful.
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