Quests Involving Promyvion - Holla

Name Min Level Starting Area Starting NPC Reward Title Granted Type
Shadows of the Departed1Ru'Lude Gardens Esha'ntarl Promyvion - Dem Sliver, Promyvion - Holla Sliver, Promyvion - Mea Sliver, Note Written by Esha'ntarl  General  
Simulant (R)0Spire of Holla Venessa (H - 10) Vivid Vision, Punctilious Vision, Bitter Cluster, Fleeting Cluster, Endearing Vision, Startling Cluster, Profane Cluster, Audacious Vision, Malevolent Cluster, Radiant Cluster, Somber Cluster, Vernal Vision, Burning Cluster, 3000 Experience  ENM  
Tactics Pearl (Quest) (R)1Ru'Lude Gardens Adventuring Fellow Tactics Pearl  Fellowship Quest