Quests Starting in Veridical Conflux #9

Name Min Level Starting Area Starting NPC Reward Title Granted Type
Veridical Conflux #9 - Amphipteres (R)70Veridical Conflux #9 Devious Die, Coin of Advancement, Coin of Birth, Coin of Decay, Coin of Glory, Coin of Ruin, Scroll of Absorb-Attri, Scroll of Thunder V, Scroll of Comet, Scroll of Blizzaja, Scroll: Fire V, Scroll of Gain-STR, Scroll: Horde Lullaby II, Scroll of Kakka: Ichi, Waylayer's Scarf, Dualism Collar, Mirador Trousers, Oretania's Cape,   Torchbearer of the 9th Walk General