WG7 - Purple, The New Black  

Realm:Crystal War
Start Area: La Vaule (S)
Start NPC:Reinforced Gateway - La Vaule (S) (F-9)
Related Mobs:Galarhigg
Mission:7 - 1
Min Level:1
Max Level:75
This Quest requires Wings of the Goddess
This Mission is Not Skippable
Previous Mission: WG6 - A Timeswept Butterfly
Next Mission: WG8 - In the Name of the Father
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Mission Orders

The Dark Kindred have begun a relentless assault of La Vaule. Assist Sir Haudrale and the Knigfhts of the Madder Falcon in evacuating the helpless villagers to safety.


From Jugner Forest (S), head to La Vaule (S). Touch the gate to zone in and watch the cutscene. Once the cutscene is over, you will be in La Vaule (S).

Head to (F-9) and examine the Gate there for a cutscene. Examine it again to enter the burning circle battle. Defeat Galarhigg.


The mob in this fight is a dragon and isn't that difficult. A group consisting of a MNK, BLU, SAM, and WHM was able to defeat it in about a minute once engaged. The mob is also duoable (WHM and DRK/WHM). Galarhigg is susceptible to nearly all debuffs, even from a WHM with decent enfeebling gear.

Bring some Holy Waters if a person with Cursna isn't available. Galarhigg will also paralyze, poison, and petrify. It is possible to be solo Galarhigg.

To read the transcripts and see videos for this quest, see the Purple, The New Black Spoilers page.

Mission Series

This mission is part of the Wings of the Goddess mission series. Check the Wings of the Goddess Mission and Quest Progression page for details. Other missions in the series include:

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# Apr 05 2009 at 11:29 AM Rating: Good
4,229 posts
Just soloed this on WHM/NIN although it took two tries and was fairly difficult, I'd say you need good equipment to do it (I used Perdu/KC, Blessed+1, etc). Petro Eyes is really the killer obviously, it's what caused my first loss. He used it while I was spell-locked and couldn't turn around. It lasted so long that there was nothing I could do. Second time he did the exact same thing but fortunately I resisted. I did note that Flash was pretty useless, his accuracy is through the roof. Paralyze worked GREAT though, and Slow is essential too because he attacks very quickly.

Note that buffs wipe upon entering. Also, Voidsong doesn't just wipe your buffs but also his debuffs. So reapply Para/Slow/Dia immediately after getting your own Haste back up.

Lastly, I noticed that on both fights he opened with several WS back-to-back even if there was no opportunity for him to gain any TP. I'm thinking this guy is a Samurai with auto-Sekkanoki or something. I saw him use a 2hr animation several times throughout the fight but didn't see any message in chat log indicating which it was. He also has zanshin (or it could just be double attack).
# Jan 06 2009 at 7:57 PM Rating: Decent
I tried to solo this as a 75 Nin/Dnc but I died @1%... Everything was going OK, I mean there was some stressful parts... but GADDAMIT I almost had it. Down to his last sliver he did Petro Eye and I wasnt expecting it. ; ;
SMN Solo
# Jan 06 2009 at 3:37 PM Rating: Decent
49 posts
Was in the area as 75 SMN/WHM and thought I'd see how tough this might be to solo, knowing nothing about it (Had I been expecting draw-in i wouldn't even have tried). It wasn't too much of a problem though. Don't know if it was just luck, Blink and SS or what; the 1 merit in spell interruption might have even been the factor, but even with draw-in and and being smacked on I was able to recast avatars, alternating between Garuda and Fenrir for DMG vs. Perp Cost. Only a couple of times spell interruption nearly cost me. On one pass Had to pop a spirit for quick casting sake and an elemental siphon. Other than that, a Vile elixir, the elixir I got from an earlier quest and an Astral Flow later I managed to solo him.
One other thing that helped was the fact that he was usually mid breath attack when he'd draw-in, and by the time he was actually swinging on me my next avatar would be half-way cast...usually enough to get the spell off. Hope this helps anyone else willing to try.
# Nov 24 2008 at 7:58 PM Rating: Good
Just duo'd as me: 75DRG/SAM, and my friend Einhander: 75BLU/WHM. Very easy fight to just run in and melee it to the ground.
Didn't use meds, and used 2 hr right at the end (wasn't needed though). Time was 7 min 40 seconds, and half of that was waiting on buffs and /ja timers.
How to Beat
# Aug 30 2008 at 2:34 AM Rating: Decent
K after the last long nice Cs you need to head to Reinforced Gateway in La Vaule(S) at (F-9). Also look out for Imps they got True sight have Sneak and Invis would be a great Idea these check Easy to IT to a 75. K after the Cs u will have to fight a Dragon in a uncaped BCNM 6 people can enter at once i did it as 70 Rdm/Blm with a lvl 75 Nin/War and Drk/Thf 75. This Dragon has a nasty paralze and some elmental breath and can curse u. Once he is defeated watch the sick Cs and on to the next mission.

Edited, Aug 31st 2008 4:02am by Jbravo
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