ASA8 - Shantotto in Chains  

Submitted by:Nightsindreams / Alobont
Realm:A Shantotto Ascension
Start Area: Lower Jeuno
Related Mobs:Blest Bones
Fired Urn
Holey Horror
Lode Golem
Skeleton Scuffler
Steely Weapon
Mission:8 - 1
Min Level:1
Max Level:75
Title Obtained:
This Quest requires A Shantotto Ascention
This Mission is Not Skippable
Previous Mission: ASA7 - Sugar-coated Subterfuge
Next Mission: ASA9 - Fountain of Trouble
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Mission Orders

You have learned that the original Doctor Shantotto is being held captive somewhere in Ro'Maeve. Realizing that only Shantotto can stand against Shantotto, Professor Yoran-Oran has proposed a rescue mission.


Head to Ro'Maeve.

Click on the Ensorcelled Door at (B-10), to get a message (there is no cutscene here). To open the door, six Temporary Key Items must be gotten, three of which drop from NMs in Ro'maeve and three drop from NMs in Zi'tah.

For all of the Temporary Key Items dropped, you only need to be in the party and zone where the mob is being fought. Engaging the mob is not necessary to get the drop. If the mob is not killed within five minutes of being engaged, the mob will depop. After depop or kill, the mob repops in approximately two minutes.

None of these NM mobs will aggro or link, so the mobs surrounding can be safely cleared (if needed) before engaging the NM. Enfeebs, such as Dia/Bio/etc can be landed on all of these mobs, regardless of what particular type of damage that each may take.

Please note that the Ro'maeve mobs are slightly harder than the Zi'tah ones, and have a slightly lower drop rate of the Temporary Key Item then the Zi'tah ones.


1) Steely Weapon is at (H-11), directly in front of the entrance to Ro'Meave. Is a Weapon type mob, uses standard weapon-type mob moves, and can only be damaged by ranged weapons. It has around ~3.5k HP, and is surrounded by DC (to 75) Weapon-type mobs that can be killed first. Was soloable by a SAM/RNG at 75, spamming Sidewinder, and a SMN healing backup. Went 1/3 for drop. Dropped Temporary Key Item: Luminous Yellow Fragment.

2) Fired Urn is at (K-9), and is a pot-type mob. There are Weapons and dolls surrounding, but can be fought safely at the base of the stairs right nearby it (only possibly one weapon and doll will aggro from magic use there). Can only be damaged by slash-type weapons, and has normal pot-type attacks. Has around ~3.5k HP, and is duoable by a SAM/RNG and a SMN for healing backup. Went 1/2 for drop. Dropped Temporary Key Item: Luminous Purple Fragment.

3) 3) Lode Golem is at (E-9), and is a doll-type mob, with other doll mobs surrounding it (but can be pulled without aggroing the other dolls without trouble). It has ~3.5k HP, and uses normal doll-type moves. Can only be damaged by -direct- magic damage, and is easily soloable by a BLM at 75. Went 1/3 for drop. Dropped Temporary Key Item: Luminous Blue Fragment.




There are three mobs out in Zi'tah, which only appear at nighttime (around 20:00 on the game clock).

Can land enfeebs on all of these, such as Bio/Dia.

1) Skeleton Scuffler is at (F-8)/(F-9). It is a skeleton will only take damage from blunt-type attacks. It has around ~2k HP, and when killed has a very high chance of dropping Temporary Key Item: Luminous Red Fragment. Easily soloable by SMN (using Titan) at 75.

2) Blest Bones is at (E-7). It is a skeleton as well that will only take magic damage (can even be damaged by spells such as Cure, does not require black magic spells to be damaged), and can cast around ~60 magic spells. It has around ~2k HP, and when killed has a very high chance of dropping Temporary Key Item: Luminous Beige Fragment. Easily soloable by a Black Mage at 75.

3) Holey Horror is at (H-8). It is a Ghost that will only take piercing damage, can cast ancient magic as well as Ice Spikes and -ga spells, and has around ~2k HP. Dropped Temporary Key Item: Luminous Green Fragment. Easily soloable by a naked PUP with a dagger at 75.


Once all six Temporary Key Items are obtained, head back to the Ensorelled Door at (B-10) in Ro'Maeve, and click on the door for another cutscene and to automatically start the next mission.

To read the transcripts for this quest, see the Shantotto in Chains Spoilers page.

Mission Series

This mission is part of the A Shantotto Ascension mission series.

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