Amphibian Assault  

Start Area: Sacrificial Chamber
Start NPC:Shami (H - 8)
Max Party:6
Related Mobs:Hyohh the Conchblower
Pevv the Riverleaper
Qull the Fallstropper
Rauu the Whaleswooner
Sahagin's Wyvern
Max Level:60
Items Required:Moon Orb
Items Granted:Aquamarine
Dark Ore
Divine Torque
Earth Ore
Elemental Torque
Enhancing Torque
Evasion Torque
Gold Ingot
Guarding Torque
Scroll of Absorb-STR
Scroll of Erase
Scroll of Phalanx
Shield Torque
String Torque
Summoning Torque
Water Ore
This Quest is Repeatable
This Quest requires Zilart
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Battle Notes

To begin, trade 60 Beastmen Seals to Shami at (H-8) in Port Jeuno in order to obtain the Rare/Ex item Moon Orb. Upon receiving the orb, make your way to the Sacrificial Chamber zone located in the Den of Rancor dungeon.

Be advised that only six players can enter the battlefield, that their levels will be capped at level 60, and that there is a 30 minute time limit that starts the moment the orb trader enters the battlefield.

Once inside the battlefield, there will be four Sahagin type mobs.

Apart from the usual Sahagin tp moves (as well as magic spells and songs for Rauu and Hyohh, respectively), each Sahagin is capable of performing the two-hour ability for their respective job.

  • Note: Although Pevv the Riverleaper is a Dragoon, he does not possess the Spirit Surge two-hour ability, instead using Call Wyvern.

In order to spawn the armoury crate, all mobs in the battlefield must be defeated within the allotted time.


A typical setup of a tank (preferably a Paladin), two melee, a White Mage, a Black Mage, and some form of refresher (be it a Red Mage, a Bard, or a Corsair) is recommended.

  • The Sahagin are vulnerable to Sleep and Lullaby, and should be slept as soon as possible when they are awake (excluding the one currently being engaged by the tank and melee).

After entering the battlefield, have the White Mage buff the party up, then have the Black Mage run in and, at maximum casting range (as to avoid accidental aggro), use Elemental Seal Sleepga to put all four Sahagin to sleep. Once they are all put to sleep, have the Paladin pull Qull the Fallstropper and begin fighting it. When Qull the Fallstropper uses Hundred Fists, have the Paladin use Sentinel to negate the majority of its damage, and continue pressing the damage until it is defeated.

  • If you have a Ninja tank instead of a Paladin, sleep Qull the Fallstropper as soon as it uses Hundred Fists after having the melee disengage. Make sure that there are no DoT's on Qull, otherwise they will wake it up soon after.

Once Qull the Fallstropper is killed, pull Pevv the Riverleaper and begin fighting it. Once it uses Call Wyvern, sleep its wyvern and proceed to finish killing Pevv first before turning your attention to its pet. After the wyvern is killed, attack Hyohh the Conchblower, making certain to dispel any songs it gives itself as well as Erase any that land on your party. It is also advised to keep the mages out of AoE range in order to avoid being slept with Horde Lullaby so that they can quickly wake anyone that is hit by it.

Finally, after Hyohh is defeated, pull Rauu the Whaleswooner and defeat it, taking note that it will use Benediction at some time during the course of the fight.

  • While the order of the first three Sahagin doesn't matter, it is strongly advised to fight Rauu the Whaleswooner last, as its Benediction ability, if it hits the other Sahagin, will wake them up.

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# Nov 22 2007 at 10:29 AM Rating: Decent
looks too hard but i didnt do it yet :3
# Aug 19 2008 at 3:42 PM Rating: Decent
"Have You ever killed a mice, how can you kill a man,dont think u r the Hero in the world ever"

I am sorry, but "Have you ever killed a mice" .... mice is plural...
thats like saying... "have you ever killed a people?"

sahagin bcnm 60
# Jun 30 2005 at 9:49 PM Rating: Default
25 posts
I did this last weekend with a group from my LS. Drops were pretty good getting each member approx 1mil in drops (Asura economy). Pt setup was Pld, Whm, Blm, Mnk, Mnk, Mnk. I think any reasonable setup would work though. All of our group were lvl 75 and had decent equipment so all skills and abilities were capped.

Basic strategy go in Elemental Seal Sleepga II all the sahagin. Each melee vokes their predetermined sahagin while they are asleep and pull the whm sahagin away from the others. Kill the whm, not really very hard just annoying because of benediction. Blm keeps the other 3 asleep not worry about helping the others unless a backup cure is needed. Next pull the Bard sahagin, very easy nothing to really worry about. 3rd pull the Dragoon, when the wyvern popped we just slept it and it usually slept until the drg was dead, this is usually where we had the most trouble. The drg is noticably tougher than the whm or brd. Kill wyvern, low hp not really a problem. Before engaging the mnk everyone would take a minute to recover some mp, just keep the mnk slept. Engage the mnk but DONT CAST ANY DOT spells on him. When the Mnk 2 hours disengage and sleep it. Wait about 40 seconds and finish it off. We only had 1 death in 6 runs and that was a mnk that pulled too much hate and took a nasty tp ability off the drg.

Drops were always 2 Torques of some type, 1-2 Plat beastcoins, 1-3 scrolls jewels or crafting materials. Seemed to be 6 items dropped everytime.

I was really hoping for better drops given how hard it is to get to the bcnm. Overall I would say the drops are about the same as the ant bcnm. Given the choice I would probably do the ant bcnm over this one in the future.
Enfeebling Torque
# Mar 24 2005 at 1:00 AM Rating: Decent
184 posts
Yes, me and some friends did a run on this today and it DOES drop enfeebling torque. We had good drops on every one and to cap it off, our last orb dropped: Enfeebling Torque, Evasion Torque and Scroll: Erase totalling over 2,000,000g. Each of us walked away from the run with around 1,200,000g. ^^
Enfeebling Torque
# Mar 24 2005 at 12:59 AM Rating: Default
184 posts
Bah, double...damn you Alla!

Edited, Thu Mar 24 01:00:33 2005
Enfeebling Torque Drop?
# Mar 17 2005 at 10:07 AM Rating: Decent
4,049 posts
I have heard from someone reputable that the Enfeebling Torque does drop from this BCNM. It is not listed as a drop here or on ffxi.somepage, however.

Can anyone confirm that the Enfeebling Torque does drop from this BCNM?
# Mar 09 2005 at 3:01 AM Rating: Decent
224 posts
How many people can do this BCNM, and what is the best job set up to take with me as a blm?
Stuff :3!
# Feb 07 2005 at 9:51 PM Rating: Good
461 posts
One thing to add, is that after the MNK 2hr is over, just have one of your melee run back out of the BCNM so that you don't have to relight your lanterns, this saves a -bunch- of time.

I don't remember names, but if you're familiar with sahagin it's -really- obvious :P

From left to right, that's their jobs.

We pulled WHM first, then BRD, then DRG, then DRG Wyvren and saved the TP from him for the MNK. Renkei on the MNK would start his 2hr, then we had a BLM stun while the RDM slept him. After 30 seconds engage, have the other melee run out, and win. This BCNM is a complete joke.
Stuff :3!
# Feb 07 2005 at 9:51 PM Rating: Good
461 posts
Double post /blush ; ;v

Edited, Mon Feb 7 21:51:55 2005
# Dec 25 2004 at 1:53 PM Rating: Decent
20 posts
They're missing the WHM sahagin; can't remember his name off the top of my head. Anyway, I had a static for this BCNM and we had a pretty good strategy. We did this quite a while ago, so the only jobs I can remember that we had were me (PLD), BRD, and THF. When we went in, our BRD would go in first and horde all the sahagins. We would bring the BRD up first and kill him away from his friends. Then we went after the whm. We tried to keep him far away in case his 2h woke up his friends.

About midway through killing the WHM, things would get kinda hectic. The other two would wake up and our BRD would be frantically trying to get them back to sleep, and I'd be trying to get hate from the other two, that are now double-teaming the BRD. After the WHM is dead, we go after the DRG. We pound on the DRG until he calls his wyvern. Then we immediately disengage, sleep the DRG, then quickly kill the wyvern. Once we're done dispatching the wyvern and the DRG, we keep the MNK slept while we rest.

When we're all full, we take on the MNK. When he uses his 2h, I just kite him until he's done and that's that. Of all the BCNM60's, I'd venture to say that this is the easiest. The only problem is it's a bit of a hassle to get through the Temple of Uggalepih, then through Den of Rancor just to get to this arena.
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