Lebros Cavern - Better than One  

Submitted by:Exodus
Realm:Aht Urhgan
Start Area: Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Start NPC:Famad (L - 10)
Max Party:6
Related Areas:Halvung Staging Point
Related Mobs:Black Shuck
Nocuous Inferno
Rank:First Lieutenant
Min Level:70
Max Level:75
Reward:1500 Assault Points
Items Granted:??? Shield
Hi-Ether Tank
Hi-Potion +3
This Quest is Repeatable
This Quest requires Aht Urhgan
Last Updated: Thu Aug 20 05:58:37 2009
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Captain Rank is ours!
# May 05 2008 at 8:30 PM Rating: Good
625 posts
We went to this as:

(actually engaged)

(stayed in tunnel healing)

All the mages stayed in the tunnel healing. The idea was to have the BLU/NIN step up to the front just in case one of the front liners died (having only 2 front people GREATLY minimizes AoE damage --- also makes Ululation much more managable)
BRD/WHM (me) kited Elementals, WHM got one also and also had to kite. I died, but the RDM and BLU were able to keep healing the front liners while the WHM also had to kite. The Elementals Vanished and our WHM was able to return to the fray. I kept up Storm Fife Ballads and Marches.

Also with Double CHR Etudes, I was able to land Elegy relatively well. I did not use Troubador or Nightingale for its duration. We won with me being the only death; our RDM/DRK Chain stunned at 20% or so, and our SAM 2 Houred to finish it off. Very clean with this set up (we went 1/1 after moving our BLU to the back to not aggro Elementals).

37 NIN/37 WAR/37 DRK/37 THF/37 PLD
37 RNG/37 DNC/43 WHM/59 NPC

Bastok, ZM,CoP, ToAU complete
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Our winning setups
# Dec 12 2007 at 11:37 AM Rating: Good
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We have won this assault 2 times now. We've tried with a few different setups, but our winning setups were:




The first setup we had the RDM/NIN aggro all of the elementals and run them South back over the bridge and kite them until a.) he died or b.) they despawned. The BLM and WHM both cured the melee, while the DRK watched for Gates of Hades to stun it. The DRK died but was quick to get back up and stand back ready to stun while he was weakened. Our NIN also died and fought weakened for a while. Our Galka MNK/NIN was our saviour in both parties. He did good amounts of damage and tanked quite well.

In the second setup, the WHM/NIN ran in and casted barfira on melee to aggro all of the elementals that popped. He again ran to the South over the bridge to kite the elementals or die and reraise. The /NIN was not needed though, because in another attempt, I personally kited and lived as a WHM/BLM. I came very close to dying, at 22 hp, but got a Cure V off and outlived the elementals until they despawned.

Helpful hints:

-When you go in, have the tank run in first to get Drawn In while all mages run to the NE corner and stand in the entrance to that tunnel.
-Be sure to have a quick fingered stunner for Gates of Hades. As long as this AOE can be managed the fight will usually go pretty well.
- Have some sort of magic user aggro as many elementals as possible and run them South over the bridge to the start point. If they cannot get them all, just make sure they aggro the ones in the NE nearest the mages.
- I think we've had the elementals be summoned more than once in one fight only, but I could be mistaken. It was a while ago. Usually though, they only are spawned once.
- If you can afford them Remedies are nice to remove paralyna in the chance that the WHM or /WHM are stuck trying to remove their own.
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