Quests for Adoulin

Name Min Level Starting Area Starting NPC Reward Title Granted Type
A Certain Substitute Patrolman1Western Adoulin Rising Solstice (D - 9)    General  
A Curse from the Past1Eastern Adoulin Ploh Trishbahk (K - 9)    Mission  
A Good Pair of Crocs1Eastern Adoulin Felmsy (G - 5)    General  
A Pioneer's Best (Imaginary) Friend1Western Adoulin Merleg (H - 11) F.A.I.L. Badge,    General  
A Shot in the Dark1Eastern Adoulin Pudith (F - 6)    General  
A Thirst for the Ages1Eastern Adoulin Roskin (H - 8)    General  
Adoulin Calling1Eastern Adoulin    Mission  
Aiming for Ygnas1Eastern Adoulin Ploh Trishbahk (K - 9)    Mission  
Always More, Quote the Raven1Western Adoulin Westerly Breeze (I - 5)  Friend to Gluttons  General  
An Aimless Journey1Cirdas Caverns    Mission  
An Extraordinary Gentleman1Western Adoulin Levil (E - 8)    Mission  
Arciela Appears Again1Eastern Adoulin    Mission  
Arciela's Promise1Rala Waterways    Mission  
August's Heirloom1Eastern Adoulin Ploh Trishbahk (K - 9)    Mission  
Beauty and the Beast1Ceizak Battlegrounds Pristine Hair Ribbon,    Mission  
Behind the Sluices1Rala Waterways    Mission  
Breaking the Ice1Kamihr Drifts Traiffeaux (K - 10) Fragmenting, Pair of fuzzy earmuffs,    General  
Budding Prospects1Western Adoulin Levil (E - 8)    Mission  
Cafe...teria1Eastern Adoulin Yocile (G - 8)    General  
Calamity in the Kitchen1Eastern Adoulin Ploh Trishbahk (K - 9) Box of Adoulinian Tomatoes,    Mission  
Children of the Rune1Eastern Adoulin Octavien (I - 8) Sowilo Claymore,    Job Related  
Clear Skies1Eastern Adoulin    Mission  
Coastal Chaos1Mog Garden Green Thumb Moogle Herb Seeds,    General  
Courtesy Crustacean1Mog Garden Green Thumb Moogle Flask of Grow-M-Good,  Sardineophyte General  
Dances with Luopans30Western Adoulin Sylvie (I - 5) Matre Bell, Plate of Indi-Poison,    Job Related  
Dark Clouds Ahead1Western Adoulin Levil (E - 8)    Mission  
Destiny's Device99Eastern Adoulin Octavien (I - 8) Runeist Coat,    Artifact  
Did You Feel That1Marjami Ravine Udip Ferawoh (M - 7) Restrainment resilience,    General  
Do Not Go Into the Light1Western Adoulin Alianne    General  
Don't Ever Leaf Me1Eastern Adoulin Audibert (F - 9)    General  
Drifting Northwest1Kamihr Drifts    Mission  
Elementary, My Dear Sylvie66Western Adoulin Sylvie (I - 5) Level Cap Raised to 75   Geomancipator Limit Break  
Endeavoring to Awaken66Eastern Adoulin Octavien (I - 8) Level Cap Raised to 75 Trialed-and-True Runeist  Limit Break  
Evil Entities1Ceizak Battlegrounds Elmric (K - 9)    Mission  
Exotic Delicacies1Western Adoulin Flapano (I - 8) Plate of Flapano's Paella,    General  
F.A.I.L.ure Is Not an Option1Western Adoulin Clautaire (I - 12)    General  
Fertile Ground1Rala Waterways Chalvava (F - 11)    General  
Flotsam Finding1Mog Garden Green Thumb Moogle Garden Worm, Grove Worm, Sardine Sphere, Vial of Stone Serum, Ponze of Sardine Chum,  Mog Garden Seedling General  
Flowers for Svenja1Western Adoulin Alianne    General  
For Whom Do We Toil?1Western Adoulin Levil (E - 8) Note detailing seditious plans,    Mission  
For Whom the Bell Tolls99Western Adoulin Sylvie (I - 5) Dowser's Wand, Filiae Bell, Silver Luopan,    Artifact  
Forging New Bonds99Eastern Adoulin Octavien (I - 8) Beorc Sword,    Artifact  
Friction and Fissures1Western Adoulin Levil (E - 8)    Mission  
Full Fields1Mog Garden Green Thumb Moogle GPS crystal,    General  
Glimmer of Portent1Kamihr Drifts    Mission  
Granddaddy Dearest (R)1Western Adoulin Alienor (E - 8)    General  
Green Groves1Mog Garden Green Thumb Moogle    General  
Heartwings and the Kindhearted1Ceizak Battlegrounds    Mission  
Honor and Audacity1Eastern Adoulin    Mission  
Hunger Strikes1Western Adoulin Westerly Breeze (I - 5)    General  
Hypnotic Hospitality1Mog Garden Green Thumb Moogle Hoe,   Quartet Captivator General  
Hypocritical Oath1Western Adoulin    General  
In Search of Arciela1Western Adoulin Levil (E - 8)    Mission  
In the Presence of Royalty1Yorcia Weald Rosulatia's pome,    Mission  
It Sets My Heart Aflutter1Rala Waterways Saldinor    General  
Keep Your Bloomers On, Erisa1Eastern Adoulin Erisa    General  
Kumhau, the Flashfrost Naakual1Kamihr Drifts    Mission  
Legacies Lost and Found99Eastern Adoulin Octavien (I - 8) Runeist Trousers, Secrets of Runic Enhancement,    Artifact  
Lerene's Lament1Outer Ra'kaznar Lerene (N - 7) Lerene's Paten, Pulverizing,    General  
Life on the Frontier1Western Adoulin Brenton (E - 8) Dinner Jacket, Dinner Invitation,    Mission  
Looking for Leads1Eastern Adoulin Wegellion (F - 9)    Mission  
Meeting of the Minds1Western Adoulin Brenton (E - 8)    Mission  
Meg-alomaniac1Eastern Adoulin Sharuru (F - 8)   Waypoint Warrior General  
Mining Missive1Mog Garden Green Thumb Moogle    General  
No Laughing Matter1Western Adoulin Peladi Shalmohr (G - 10)  Apprentice Tarutaru Sauce Manager  General  
One Good Turn...1Eastern Adoulin Chelidoine (J - 9)    General  
Onward to Adoulin1Lower Jeuno    Mission  
Open the Floodgates1Eastern Adoulin Risen Hackles (G - 6)    General  
Order Up1Celennia Memorial Library Reja Ygridhi (F - 9)    General  
Pioneer Registration1Western Adoulin Brenton (E - 8) Map of Adoulin, Pioneer's Badge,    Mission  
Pond Probing1Mog Garden Green Thumb Moogle    General  
Predators and Prey1Eastern Adoulin Ploh Trishbahk (K - 9)    Mission  
Raptor Rapture1Western Adoulin Pagnelle (G - 10)    General  
Return of the Exorcist1Western Adoulin Levil (E - 8)    Mission  
Rumors from the West1Lower Jeuno Darcia (H - 7)    Mission  
Salvation1Kamihr Drifts    Mission  
Scaredy-Cats1Western Adoulin Eamonn (E - 8) Reive Unity,    General  
Shared Consciousness1Eastern Adoulin   Sunshine Cadet Mission  
Soul Siphon1Kamihr Drifts    Mission  
Stonewalled1Kamihr Drifts    Mission  
Summoned by Spirits1Celennia Memorial Library    Mission  
Talk About Wrinkly Skin1Morimar Basalt Fields Orsa-Porsa (K - 10) Calor resilience,    General  
The Bloodline of Zacariah99Western Adoulin Sylvie (I - 5) Geomancy Mitaines,    Artifact  
The Celennia Memorial Library1Celennia Memorial Library    Mission  
The Communion99Western Adoulin Sylvie (I - 5) Geomancy Pants,    Artifact  
The Disappearance of Nyline1Foret de Hennetiel    Mission  
The Geomagnetron1Lower Jeuno Darcia (H - 7) Adoulinian charter permit, Geomagnetron,    Mission  
The Heirloom1Eastern Adoulin    Mission  
The Key1Western Adoulin Levil (E - 8)    Mission  
The Leafkin Monarch1Eastern Adoulin    Mission  
The Light Shining in Your Eyes1Western Adoulin Levil (E - 8)    Mission  
The Longest Way Round...1Eastern Adoulin Vastran (F - 8)    General  
The Man in Black1Western Adoulin Masad (G - 10)    Mission  
The Merciless One1Eastern Adoulin    Mission  
The Old Man and the Harpoon1Western Adoulin Jorin (J - 4)    General  
The Order's Treasures1Celennia Memorial Library    Mission  
The Princess's Dilemma1Celennia Memorial Library    Mission  
The Purgation1Eastern Adoulin    Mission  
The Smallest of Favors1Western Adoulin    Mission  
The Starving1Western Adoulin Westerly Breeze (I - 5)    General  
The Twin World Trees1Yorcia Weald    Mission  
The Watergarden Coliseum1Rala Waterways Yeggha Dolashi (M - 6)    Mission  
The Whole Place Is Abuzz1Yahse Hunting Grounds Rumin-Flumin (H - 9) Toxin Resilience,    General  
Thorn in the Side1Eastern Adoulin Zaffeld (J - 8)    General  
To the Victor...1Western Adoulin    Mission  
Transporting1Western Adoulin Vaulois (H - 6)    General  
Trinket for the Tyrant1Mog Garden Green Thumb Moogle Flask of Grow-M-Good,  Novice Nurseryman General  
Vegetable Vegetable Revolution1Western Adoulin Rarab Tail,    General  
Velkkovert Operations1Eastern Adoulin Zaffeld (J - 8)    General  
Wayward Waypoints0Eastern Adoulin Sharuru (F - 8)    General  
Wes...Eastern Waypoints, Ho!1Eastern Adoulin Sharuru (F - 8)    General  
Western Waypoints, Ho!1Western Adoulin Alienor (E - 8)    General  
Wildcat with a Gold Pelt1Eastern Adoulin    Mission  
Yggdrasil1Eastern Adoulin    Mission