Spell details for Burn  

Jobs/Level:Black Mage, lvl 24
MP cost:25
Scroll:Scroll of Burn
Reuse:10 Seconds
Cast time:2.5 seconds
Target Type:Single
Description:Deals Fire damage that lowers an enemy's intelligence and gradually reduces its HP.

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# Jul 23 2006 at 2:51 PM Rating: Decent
its lvl 24, the best place to get this is Port Windurst, i got it for <3k, saweet deal, with high fame of course
DoT 101
# Sep 28 2005 at 4:34 PM Rating: Decent
According to the Spring 2004 Strategy Guide, the Prime Element table on page 30, shows the "Rock, Paper, Scissors" effect of the elements in Final Fantasy.

I think this chart clears up the whole "Damage Over Time" (DoT) spell controversy.
Also my experience in watching the Battle Spam in parties seems to show the same flow of elements.

These Spells are as follows;
DIA (DEF down effect)
BIO (ATK down effect)
BURN (INT down effect)
FROST (AGI down effect)
CHOKE (VIT down effect)
RASP (DEX down effect)
SHOCK (MND down effect)
DROWN (STR down eefect)

Charts reads as follows;

Light Cancels Dark
Dark Cancels Light

Fire Cancels Ice
Ice Cancels Wind
Wind Cancels Earth
Earth Cancels Thunder
Thunder Cancels Water
Water Cancels Fire

so if we replace the Element in the chart with a DoT spell;

DIA Cancels BIO
BIO Cancels DIA


According to the chart the only 2 spells that can cancel each other are DIA (Light) & BIO (Dark)
All others follow the "Rock, Paper, Scissors" Rule (Frost Cannot cancel Burn, Choke Cannot cancel Frost, etc.) (although some believe Dia & Bio are based on which ever spell is the higher level stronger one cancels the other & there is validity to that claim)

So I hope this helps clear up some things. Please don't rebutt this post with more hearsay & unconfirmed theories. I got this all out of the game rules, if you think its wrong or not entirely correct, test it for yourself. All I know is that when a fellow BLM casts BURN, my FROST "Has no effect" which according to chart, follows the game's logic.

Happy Nuking.
DoT 101
# Aug 09 2006 at 8:40 AM Rating: Decent

I just started playing BLM recently for fun so I am a little new at the understanding of all the stuff still.

So going off of your chart would shock, burn and choke all stack? Along with bio? It seems they do I dont get any messages saying it has no effect or anything like that.

Thanks for the useful post! ^^

Oh and in case anybody didn't know you can also purchase this in Selbina from one of the NPCs by the fishermans guild building for cheap.
RE: DoT 102
# Sep 29 2005 at 7:34 AM Rating: Decent
I always here people say bio and dia cancel each other, yet if you have ever made a yagudo train in giddeus and have enough mages on your tail you will find that BIO and DIA as well as POISON all stack, at least on us player characters. Just wanted to point out that this "rule" either only works one way or is total heresay thus should avoid being repeated unless facts are obtained to back up your claim.
In all the times I have casted both dia and bio I never recieved the spell has no effect (does get resisted on higher level mobs). please explain your validity because I know from experience that bio and dia do stack at least on us player characters, and you can prove this yourself if you train yagudos for necklaces (and probably any other beast mage typs classes).
Also isn't poison a DOT spell? Where does it fit into your chart(water?)?
Burn and Shock
# Jul 01 2005 at 4:22 PM Rating: Default
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Here's how I see the two spells:
Shock lowers mob's MND = magic resistance (so your nukes will hit for full more often)
Burn lowers mob's INT = damage taken from magic (so your nukes will have the ability to hit for more than usual)

A highly simplified sample of nuke damage results you can get from using the debuffs:

Cast #) No debuff - Shock - Burn - Explanation
1) 500 - 500 - 550 - Nuke wasn't resisted and hit for full potential damage of 500; Burn caused base damage to increase
2) 250 - 500 - 275 - 50% resist; Shock caused nuke to hit for full; Burn caused nuke to hit for more, but it was still resisted
3) 250 - 375 - 275 - 50% resist; Shock lowered 50% resist to 25% resist; Burn caused nuke to hit for more, but it was still resisted
4) 375 - 500 - 412 - 25% resist; Shock caused nuke to hit for full; Burn caused nuke to hit for more, but it was still resisted

Note that this is a highly simplified explanation. Nukes can resist for other random percentages (though I most often notice exact 50% resists). And, of course, it is also possible for neither Shock nor Burn to activate on any given cast.

(In my example I gave Burn about a 10% boost to base damage - I actually have no idea how much it increases damage percentage-wise.)
Burn vs Shock
# Jan 06 2005 at 2:36 AM Rating: Decent
I'm confused does casting burn or shock allow your spells not to be resisted as much or do more dmg? When i'm casting burn it seems like my spells arnt being resisted nearly as much. but whn i cast shock i dont notice anything. but i read the posts on the shock forum and everyone says that shock is the spell that allow your spells not to be resisted. i'm really confused...
# May 07 2004 at 10:51 AM Rating: Decent
hey just bought burn yesterday at the magic store in sandy. it's a little expensive but i highly recomend it. especially because in the 2nd kazahm jungle you'll find your spells get resisted alot more. with burn i was back to my full dammage potential. my int is + 10 and i'm still getting resisted so i can't imagine that burn can't help blm's of all lvs.
# Mar 21 2004 at 8:42 PM Rating: Decent
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where do you get this spell?
# Dec 23 2003 at 6:07 PM Rating: Default
well is it worth the money? its costly!
RE: useful?
# Dec 23 2004 at 4:33 PM Rating: Decent
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uhh...monsters resist magic without it, party dies....use burn, monsters take damge from BLM, party lives...is it worth it??? ask a KO`d party from mob who resisted BLM magic.....

BLM casts magic to do damge....cant do damage, worthless BLM...buy the spell
wrong lvl
# Dec 07 2003 at 1:30 AM Rating: Default
This is like a BLM lvl 23 or 24 spell, i could be wrong but I KNOW it is not lvl 25 spell
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