EQ Update #10

Plenty of updates for the month of July. Here are just some of the updates.


  • Created a few missing ornamentation suit recipes.
  • Fixed the Ayr`Dal Heritage Crate quest and created missing achievements for it.
  • The top search bar on the site is wider and splits results in 2 columns. Also other search bars are wider.
  • Zone pages now list which expansion the zone is currently released with on progression servers. A continent section for zones will be added at some point in the future.
  • The character profile tool was fixed to include all the latest servers and removed some older servers that were merged.
  • A bunch of Original, Velious, and Luclin baking recipes were updated with an expansion tag and their components were tagged as well.
  • SwiftyMUSE updated the Hardcore Heritage Trakanon raid quest entry with mechanics such.
  • A bunch of Plane of Sky items were given an Original expansion tag and the quests in that zone got the same treatment.
  • Marketplace ornamentations that have recently been on sale had their screenshots uploaded and prices set.
  • Researched spells recipes for Original to Velious should all have an expansion tag on them now. Most components should be tagged as well for which expansion they came from.
  • SwiftyMUSE created recipes for the ToV Raid TS Tier 2 cleric armor. Also other ToV armor recipes were updated for which class they are for so they can be searched by class.
  • The Darkforge armor series for SK's in Original has been updated.
  • Narron Jenork's newbie armor quests have all been set to Planes of Power along with the quest items needed. Also recipes for the combines were tagged Planes of Power.
  • Created Infected Paw (LDoN) zone since it seems the revamped version of Splitpaw is released with LDoN on progression servers. Moved all the revamped npc's over to that zone and moved all the original splitpaw mobs over to the original Infected Paw zone.
  • Created Cazic-Thule 1.0 and moved all of the mobs for that zone in Mob Graveyard over to it and added some missing mobs. Also I renamed the current revamped version of Cazic-Thule to Cazic-Thule 2.0.
  • All Fabled NPC's should now have the correct expansion tag for which expansion they are released on progression servers. The Fabled items they drop should also be tagged with a Fabled tag as well.

Many more updates were done and aren't listed above. You can see them by clicking on Read More...

July Patch Incoming!

July Patch coming in the morning.



All EverQuest Live Servers will be brought offline on Wednesday, July 15, 2020 at 6:00 AM PT* for an update. Downtime is expected to last approximately 6 hours.

Patch notes for this update will be found in the Game Update Notes section of the forums once they are available.

*Convert to your local time


July 15, 2020




*** Highlights ***


- Made various improvements to world performance and stability related to loading characters, real estate data, and instances.

- Fixed several causes of zone and client crashes.

- Made a number of speculative fixes to address issues with overseer data not loading as expected.

- Added the ability for characters on Aradune to /servertransfer to Rizlona for free. See Progression Servers section for details.

- Norrath now embraces free-range eggs. See Tradeskills section for details.



*** Items ***


- Corrected an issue where some ornamentations would not display after zoning, or in player housing.

- The spell description on Black Fur Boots now correctly indicates that the Spirit of the Wolf buff affects the caster and not their target.

- Snow Griffin Saddle will no longer display as a bag when placed in a real estate.

- Unwritten Glyph and the glyphs sold by Alerynril the Loyal now include the level 115 rank of the glyph ability.

- 'Transforming Surprises' that dropped from Convorteum raids have been removed as they served absolutely no purpose other than to annoy completionists.

- Adjusted the price of the Hero's Forge Suit Consolidator on loyalty merchants down to 781 crowns.

- Painting: Tassel's Tavern when placed in housing should now correctly teleport you to the tavern in classic North Freeport.

- Adjusted the buffs offered by the following marketplace potions to prevent them from being overwritten by other buffs/debuffs: Double Faction Potion, Draught of the Craftsman, Locked Faction Potion, Bottle of Alacrity, the Avian, Buoyancy, the Cetacean, Clarity, Endless Air, Health, Replenishment, See Invisible, Speed, Spirits, Ultravision, and the Ursine.

- Fixed the missing ornamentation slot on Darkened Wind Saber.



*** Tradeskills ***


- Norrath now embraces free-range eggs. You'll find them on some baking merchants. These eggs work the same as snake eggs in many of the generic egg recipes.



*** Quests & Events ***


- Heroic adventures from Call of the Forsaken, The Darkened Sea, The Broken Mirror, and Empires of Kunark have been reverted to use the spell scaling data from when those expansions launched.

- Seeking the Sorcerer (Raid) - It will no longer be possible to avoid Bledrek's Discharge by standing behind things. You will need to move out of the area.

- Seeking the Sorcerer - Bledrek and Bled should no longer target the guardian golems with spells that are meant to cause the target to flee the room.

- Seeking the Sorcerer - The bosses will no longer be willing to chase people down the stairs.

- Tower of Frozen Shadow (Raid - Torment of Velious) - Once all the raids in the zone have been successfully completed, the mirrors will behave as they do in the group version of the zone.

- The Ice Moves - Fixed an issue that could cause the Notes of a Grand Armsman and Smelting for the Grand Master to not drop from the Grand Armsman.

- Crusader Vraket will no longer praise random summoned entities if he cannot find the player that made a kill worthy of mention, he will instead praise himself. After all, he is worthy!

- Cactiikii (Raid) - The atrocious cacti will now only spawn one add at a time instead of four.

- Kerafyrm the Awakened (Raid) - Kerafyrm can no longer be slain, which will ensure that the raid will complete successfully when he is reduced below 5% health.

- Disable the Recycler (Fortress Mechanotus Task) - Added safety logic to despawn the event if it has not been completed for 15 minutes, which should prevent it from getting into a bad state for days.

- Marton Sayer in Qeynos Hills will now reward adventurers with a version of the Gnoll Slayer that does not include Bane Damage before Shadows of Luclin is active.

- - Once Shadows of Luclin is active, the Gnoll Slayer can be converted into the version that provides Bane Damage: Gnolls.

- Made the following changes to the Gloomingdeep Tutorial:

- - Clicking OK at the conclusion of the tutorial will correctly whisk you away to The Mines of Gloomingdeep.

- - Made several formatting and text fixes.



*** Spells ***


- Corrected an issue where creatures slain by direct damage spells reported their death to everyone in the zone.

- Updated the description on some familiar spells that said they summon a minotaur.



*** NPCs ***


- Added a small chance for 'humanoids' in Torment of Velious to drop Raw Velium Ore, Velium Infused Pelt, Velium Infused Spider Silk, or Velium Infused Logs. The ore is in addition to the ore they already drop.

- Thach Jerden decided now was a good time to leave the Plane of Knowledge and embark on a journey of his own. Since he no longer wants your Hardcore Heritage items, we decided to update the Hardcore Heritage armor drops to simply be a right click on the dropped item.

- - We'll miss Thach in the Plane of Knowledge, but hopefully he can find that eagle he keeps talking about...

- Treants in classic zones have reverted to their classic appearance.

- The cages in Combine Dredge are now less feisty, and no longer fight back.



*** Overseer ***


- Corrected an issue where the Finish Now! button would not be disabled if you had claimed 10 Overseer quest rewards.

- When the last copy of an Agent is removed, if that Agent is assigned to an offered quest, the assigned quest will have all Agents cleared.

- Corrected an issue where the number of reported Max Completed Quests could reset to its previous value after zoning.



*** Progression Servers ***


- Added the ability for characters on Aradune to /servertransfer to Rizlona for free. Note that the character needs to be of level 20 or above and your account and character must be at least 30 days old.

- Narron Jenork in Ak'Anon is now available in original EverQuest. He has nothing to say to anyone about anything, including Initiate Watchman armor, until Planes of Power unlocks.

- Iksar shaman Plane of Hate class armors are no longer available until Ruins of Kunark has unlocked.

- Beastlord Plane of Fear class armors are no longer available until Shadows of Luclin has unlocked.

- Berserker Plane of Fear class armors are no longer available until Gates of Discord has unlocked.

- Magus Burlshin will be able to help players on Selo, and possible future fast servers, gain a shard for use in the Shard Experiences task.



*** Miscellaneous ***


- Corrected an issue where /hidemodels hid your character after dying in the same zone.

- Added /hidemodels none as an option to more easily un-hide all players, pets, and mercenaries.



*** UI ***

- Removed the 'All Access Days Left:' label in the inventory window. This most accurate place to find this information is in the Membership Info section of your account at everquest.com.



- Changed -




- The EverQuest Team

Patch 6-17-2020

Take a look at the test patch notes to get a preview of what's coming in this patch.

Update: Item Collector is patched for the June 2020 game update. Spells are updated as well.




All EverQuest Live Servers will be brought offline on Wednesday, June 17th @ 6AM PDT* for an update. Downtime is expected to last approximately 6 hours.

Patch notes for this update will be found in the Game Update Notes section of the forums once they are available.

June 17, 2020

*** Highlights ***

- Three new pride hares, along with the three introduced last year, will be freely claimable from the Marketplace from June 24th to July 31st.

*** Items ***

- Fixed a problem with the teleport on Painting: Tassel's Tavern.
- Fixed the typo in the Fear-Infused Rachnid Heart. It is now a Fear-Infused Drachnid Heart, as Mayong intended.
- The Human Heritage ringmail, cloth, and leather suits will no longer indicate that they fit into chain and plate armor.
- Fixed some Froststone ornament icons that would look like necklaces after being applied to a weapon.
- Three new pride hares, along with the three introduced last year, will be freely claimable from the Marketplace from June 24th to July 31st.
- Mounts will no longer activate for Paladins or Shadowknights before Luclin.
- Adoptable Heritage Crate Familiars are no longer Heirloom, as the adoptable versions of the items are tradable and the adopted familiar versions of the items are not.

*** Quests & Events ***

- Derakor the Vindicator (Raid - Torment of Velious) - At the point where Derakor starts eating the undead around him, whenever a set of adds spawns he will always wait at least 30 seconds before he eats one. This should address issues with the Don't Eat the Dead achievement.
- Greater Spirit Shield (Achievement - The Broken Mirror) - Corrected a typo in the reward description of this achievement.
- Bugglegupp, Tergon's Spellbook, Toko's Head, Darkforge Helm - Fixed some broken dialogues and other bad behavior in these quests.
- Till Death Do Us Part - Increased the threshold before the raid will reset due to any NPCs being idle.
- Heart of Frozen Shadow - Made the following changes to this raid:
- - Increased the threshold before the raid will reset due to all NPCs being idle.
- - It's again equally likely that spawned specters will be restless or non-restless.
- The Tavern at the End of Norrath (Achievement) - Now correctly indicates that you need to have completed The Fall of Toskirakk in order to have access to Korafax, Home of the Riders.
- Hardcore Heritage, Sebilis Phase - Extended the duration of this event from 2 to 4 weeks.
- The Beast Below - Fixed several issues with the messaging of the mechanics in this raid event. The messages will no longer show # and ! symbols, they will no longer display if the target is invalid, the pop-up message sent directly to a target will now also appear in chat, and chat messages now use the event color / filter.
- Veil of Alaris - If you do not have the correct flags to request raids in the tier that your evolving Record book has advanced to, activating it again should correctly flag you to request access to any tier in which you have completed all raids.
- Convorteum Raids - The "Transforming Surprises" have been removed as they served absolutely no purpose other than to annoy completionists.

*** Spells ***

- Necromancer and Shadowknight - Changed Vampiric Curse and Bond of Death to use resource taps rather than a reflected recourse spell to return health to you.
- Necromancer - Changed the Dyn`Leth's Grasp line of Damage over Time spells to use resource taps rather than a reflected recourse spell to return health to you.
- Necromancer - The Dyn`Leth's Grasp line of Damage over Time spells no longer stacks with itself. Damage and mana costs have been increased.
- Necromancer - The Swift Lifedraw line of Damage over Time spells no longer stacks with itself or the Dyn`Leth's Grasp line. Its damage and mana cost now matches the Grasp line per tick. Reduced the recast time and removed the timer. It no longer deals different amounts of damage to raid targets. Converted all ranks to use a resource tap rather than a reflected recourse spell to return health to you. Moved the memorization category from Taps->Health to Taps->Duration Tap.
- Necromancer - The Dark Leech line of Damage Over Time spells no longer stacks with itself. Damage and mana costs have been increased.
- Necromancer - Lowered the recast time of Zevfeer's Theft of Vitae and Night Stalker to 1.5 seconds. Removed the linked spell timer from Night Stalker.

*** NPCs ***

- NPCs in Classic through Luclin will inflict 20% less damage while charmed.

*** Overseer ***

- Removed the membership requirements for collection, tradeskill, and ornament rewards.
- If you change filters while selecting an agent for an Overseer quest, it will now properly update the selected agent highlighting and count.
- If you are unable to start an Overseer quest, you will now receive a message in the chat window stating such.
- Addressed an issue that could cause the agent count when assigning agents to a quest.

*** Progression Servers ***

- It is no longer possible to unwrap the Sanctus Seru teleport or mount from the Human Heritage Crate until the Shadows of Luclin has unlocked on the server.
- Aradune unlock events will show on the in-game calendar.
- The Demiplane of Blood - It's now possible to launch this raid instance once Secrets of Faydwer has been unlocked for at least one month and the character requesting the raid is at least level 70.

*** Miscellaneous ***

- Corrected an issue where guild names would sometimes display as 'Unknown Guild'.
- The Hero's Forge Suit Consolidator is now available on the loyalty merchant.
- Hero's Forge - Fixed a clipping problem in the backs of the arms that affected some races.
- Fixed an issue that caused a few legacy zones to unintentionally be set as hotzones on non-Progression servers.
- Disabled the use of the keyring window and keyring-item hotkeys during monster missions.

*** UI ***

- Corrected an issue where the LDoN leaderboards failed to display all players in the list.
- Experience reward types will now display more detailed descriptions when previewed in the reward selection window.
- Added the command /rewards to open the reward window.
- Added a chat message when you try to open the reward window without having any pending rewards instead of opening and immediately closing the window.
- Added a confirmation box when attempting to loot an item with a lore-equipped group that matches an item you currently possess.
- Updated the message when failing a tradeskill combine to include the name of the item you were intending to make.

*** Previously Updated ***

- Agnarr: Added three worg mounts to the marketplace.
- Fixed the jumbled up achievement objectives for Human Heritage Crate: Human Art Collector.
- Fixed an error in the Call of the Forsaken reward script that caused it to fail to give currency or keys.
- Beyond the Barrier - It should now be possible for a character to receive the subtask Exploring Crystallos, even if the character had already completed that task.

- The EverQuest Team

Producer's Letter and Bonus XP Starting Today!

Here is the latest Producers Letter from Darkpaw Games.




Hail Adventurers,

(TL;DR version at the bottom.)

I'm writing to you today to apologize for all the issues that we've been experiencing with EQ these past few months. We've been moving at a breakneck speed to grow into our newly formed Darkpaw studio and ensure that Norrath is around for many more years to come. Unfortunately, in our haste our "raid wiped." We've failed ourselves and we've sadly failed you, our dear friends, but we've reviewed our parses and we have new strats.

The following are not excuses. As some of you have noticed, we're trying to be more transparent and in doing that, I’d like to acknowledge and provide you information on some issues that we have encountered in the past few months so we can move forward together on the path to great things.

First off, I'd like to address the unexpected down times in the last week of May on the day that Aradune and Rizlona launched. Soon after these servers were unlocked, there was a major outage that affected all of our servers, our forums, and numerous other systems in our infrastructure. In accommodating our growing population and addressing current bug issues, we have been incorporating some new hardware. Unfortunately, the transition with the new hardware did not go as smoothly as planned, which brought on many unforeseen difficulties that we have overcome and a few we are still battling. This took out most of our ability to diagnose the core issue and also took out our ability to use our regular channels to communicate the outage. Once the issue was found and resolved, we focused our efforts to bring up the game servers at the time cost of fully bringing up our diagnostic tools. By not having these internal tools up, we failed to see another growing issue that later caused the second cascading crash that took out all of our worlds for the second time that day. We have taken measures to ensure the initial issue will not happen again. As for the second issue, we have taken steps to prevent it from happening; however, we are still combing through and trying to identify the ultimate underlying causes.

As for the extended downtime on the days of the server merges, you can read about the issues that we encountered at https://forums.daybreakgames.com/eq...er-downtime-tuesday-may-19th-10-00-am.266229/

You may ask why we needed to do this at the time we did. Simply put, it was to buy us more time to address some bottleneck issues that have caused crashes for all of the servers. For some of the issues that we encountered with the merge, we have already addressed them. For the remaining issues, we will be converting systems to newer infrastructure and identifying and addressing bottlenecks. Specifically addressing the temporary loss of shared bank items and platinum, we have restored all missing items and plat that were lost due to the merge process. You can find the items in your /item overflow window and the platinum will either be in your shared bank or parceled to your first character (alphabetically) on the account.

Let me address the remaining unplanned outages that have affected all or sometimes a few worlds at a time. Know that we share in your disappointment and appreciate any patience you give us during these times. In the past few months, there was a laundry list of underlying causes and rest assured that we have either implemented the definitive solutions or are in the process of developing those solutions. To give you some more details on a few causes and their resolutions, on May 21, we encountered both the The Rathe and Tunare worlds had crashed. Upon investigation we discovered that character sizes had gotten too large and when we tried to load characters above a certain size, worlds would crash. Our normal warning systems for this unfortunately did not trigger and to resolve this, we increased the capacity of character sizes and performed the emergency update later that day to temporarily address the issue. We are currently in the process of converting this to a more dynamic solution that can handle an order of magnitude larger character sizes.

In March and April, we experienced a number of crashes across different worlds. These were caused by a few different issues: 1) our client hotfixing technology, 2) in-game raid invites, and 3) infrastructure hardware failures. With the client hotfixing, we had identified the very edge case scenario that caused world crashes and deployed a permanent fix in the April update.

For the in-game raid invite issues, we had been tracking this issue for more than a year and had completely re-tooled our diagnostic systems and re-wrote large chunks of this system to find the cause of this issue. Unfortunately, in this case, the final diagnostics code that we added did worsen stability but finally clued us in on the smoking gun that showed us the exact situation that had been causing this crash for so long. The fix for this issue was server hotfixed as needed in late April with the fix deployed to the rest of the servers in the May update.

In the matter of our infrastructure hardware failures, we are currently in the midst of refreshing a number of our systems and are working with our partners to build out more regular maintenance plans so that issues like these are minimized in the future. Earlier this year we had completed a number of hardware migrations ranging from as large as total data center moves to as small as replacing memory on a number of our systems. These conversions and moves are critical to the future health of our infrastructure.

Regarding our overall quality levels, this has been a regular battle that we've had to fight many times over. Thank you to the players that have so graciously volunteered their time to assist us over the years on our test server, in betas, and in reporting issues on our forums and in /bug. Recently, as our staff has converted to working from home, many of us are now voluntarily working a notably increased number of hours to make sure our schedules don't slip. We needed to convert people to full-time work from home setup to keep people safe. With the increased stress and the fact that we were not set up to handle everyone remotely working full time, our quality levels have been hurt. These are strange times and we are human. Frankly put, we've been making silly mistakes that we wouldn't have been making a matter of months ago. Not to fret, as I am confident in my team who have been very agile in doing everything they can to fix problems as they arise.

Going forward, we need time to work on the solutions that I've touched on above. I'm asking you to continue to have patience with us and to continue to work with us in these trying times. We're going to complete and release some projects that we feel are almost done and pause for a bit to catch our breath and analyze the pain points from a holistic view. I've asked the team to double down on our current efforts in stability, performance, and quality. As a result, some of you may notice a lack of new things in game for a bit while we focus on these issues. This doesn't mean that our normally scheduled annual plans at the end of the year are at risk. Just that there will be a pause for a bit. In the meantime, please accept our apology and a 25% XP bonus on all servers which we'll be activating in-game starting June 9 at 12 p.m. PT and ending June 17 at the time of the monthly update. We have a great legacy to uphold and I trust that with your help we can make it out of these challenging times and can all share in the raid loot together.

Never give up!
Jenn Chan


I apologize for the unprecedented issues that we've been experiencing. We’ve fixed some of them. We need more time to work on fixing the rest. Please be patient. Things will get better. We're giving you a 25% XP bonus. Never give up!

Server Downtime: Tuesday, May 19th @ 10:00 AM PT


All EverQuest Live Servers will be brought offline on Tuesday, May 19, 2020 at 10:00 AM PT* for an update. Downtime is expected to last approximately 24 hours.

This additional downtime will combine both the downtime needed for the live patch and server merges.

Patch notes for this update will be found in the Game Update Notes section of the forums once they are available.

May 20, 2020




*** Highlights ***


- Consolidated fire, poison, and disease-based Necromancer Damage Over Time spells. See the Spells section below for details.

- Look to the Marketplace this month for the Human Heritage Crate.

- Made multiple changes to mercenaries. See the Mercenaries section for details.




*** Items ***


- Corrected an issue that prevented weapon ornaments that are intended to fit into 1-handed blunt and hand-to-hand weapons from fitting into hand-to-hand weapons.

- Look to the Marketplace this month for the Human Heritage Crate. Each crate contains a random item. Trade these Human Heritage items to your friends or collect them all yourself!

- Updated the spells on Godshard and Velium Enhanced Athame to the proper rank.

- You can again see the achievements for Thaell Ew Hero's Forge armor sets.



*** Tradeskills ***


- Fixed an issue where Ability: Enchant Celestial Platinum (x10) and Ability: Enchant Refined Velium (x10) allowed players to click the items before the appropriate expansion was unlocked.

- Removed the tradeskill flag from Shattered Crystal, Emerald Colored Mephit Scales, Fiery Granite, Solidified Magma, Tormentor's Hoof, Alabaster Beak, Ivory Stormrider Canine, Stormwatchers Stone, Putrid Ooze, Large Shard of Stone, Foul Smelling Liquid, Enforcer Stone, Grallok Quartz, and Living Coal.

- Added the Planing Tool to the failure returns for Alliance Longbow.



*** Quests & Events ***


- Dynamic zone lockouts should no longer double if you're offline when the lockout is given.

- The banshee essences needed for Deafening Quietus will no longer drop from Orfur, Priest of Zek in the Great Divide (ToV).

- Seeking the Sorcerer (Mission) - Fixed an issue that would cause Bled Enraged to remain up if the event reset.

- Several missions will now allow placement of and teleportation to campfires that did not before. There should be very few that do not.

- Basepop in the Torment of Velious raid instances will now summon.

- The Handmaiden - Fixed an issue that could cause the fanatics to fail to defend the statue.

- Beyond the Barrier and Exploring Crystallos - Made the following changes to these linked quests:

- - Completing Exploring Crystallos and then dropping Beyond the Barrier will no longer prevent the completion of Beyond the Barrier.

- - If you are on the step to Explore Crystallos, hailing Laiyken should now always give you the Exploring Crystallos task and/or the Master Crystal Base, if you do not have them.

- - It is no longer necessary to hail Laiyken twice, once to update the task and again to receive items and the sub-task. One hail should suffice.

- - If you hail Laiyken but are missing necessary items, he will now tell you what you are missing.

- When leaving the Seeking the Sorcerer and Restless Assault instances, characters will exit near where they entered.

- Raid bosses in the Secrets of Faydwer can no longer be affected by knock back effects.

- Added a Fragment of Legendary Alaran History as a reward for some Shard's Landing and Heart of Fear quests and missions.

- Plane of Hate and Plane of Fear Revisited - NPC stats at max level should closely match their values when this content originally released.

- Heart of Frozen Shadow - Made the following changes to this raid:

- - Removed the per-type kill limitation. Now killing a restless ice NPC will always reduce the Heart of Frozen Shadow's health.

- - Killing a restless ice drolvarg will deal 3% damage to the Heart of Frozen Shadow's health, up from 2%.

- - Reduced the health of the restless ice skeletons and restless ice drolvargs. Increased the health of the restless ice specters.

- - Reduced the melee damage done by the non-restless ice skeletons and non-restless ice drolvargs.

- - Drolvargs and skeletons are rogues instead of warriors now and therefore will no longer shield each other.

- - Non-restless ice drolvargs and non-restless ice skeletons will no longer take damage from damage shields.

- - Non-restless NPCs will now depop much more quickly. Note that the drolvargs and skeletons must be aggro to have a chance to depop.

- - Initial spawns are guaranteed not to be in the same room. Further spawns will rotate between different types of NPCs and on alternating east and west sides of the floor.

- - Drolvargs and skeletons will no longer spawn two at a time.

- - The check to see if more NPCs should spawn will occur more frequently.

- - It's no longer possible for two drolvargs / skeletons to spawn on the same spot.

- - It's more likely that spawned specters will be restless.



*** Spells ***


- Fixed an issue where auras would override mount spells when zoning.

- Altered Whispering Midnight Protecting Magic, Blazing Euphoria Protecting Magic, Whispering Midnight Protecting Fire, Blazing Euphoria Protecting Fire, Rallos Zek Acolyte's Protecting Ice, and Rallos Zek Devotee's Protecting Ice so they no longer block lifetap spells.

- Necromancer - The Dread Pyre line of spells no longer stacks with itself. Increased the mana cost and damage dealt.

- Necromancer - Pyre of Mori and later Damage over Time spells in that line will no longer stack with themselves. Increased the mana cost and damage dealt by those spells.

- Necromancer - The Tenak's Flashblaze line of spells now deals the same amount of damage as the Pyre of Mori spells of the same level, with the same mana efficiency. This line can no longer stack with itself or with the Pyre of Mori line. This line no longer deals different damage to different targets. Increased the resist modifier so that this line now lands more reliably. Removed the recast timer on the spell line.

- Necromancer - Searing Shadow and later spells in its line no longer stack with each other. Increased the damage dealt and the mana cost. All ranks of this spell line now add a specific damage amount to incoming lifetap spells rather than a percentage. 

- Necromancer - The Pallid Haze line of Damage Over Time spells no longer stacks with itself, starting with Chaos Venom at level 70. Increased damage, mana costs, and resist modifiers for these spells.

- Necromancer - The Corath Venom line of Damage Over Time spells no longer stacks with itself. Increased damage and mana costs as a result.

- Necromancer - The Swift Venom line of Damage Over Time spells no longer stacks with itself or with the Corath Venom line of spells. It now deals the same amount of damage every tick that the equivalent Corath Venom spell would do. It no longer deals different amounts of damage to raid targets. Increased the resist modifier to make the line land more reliably. Removed the recast timer from this spell line.

- Necromancer - The Eranon's Decay line of spells no longer scales with your level and instead reaches full potency the first level they are available. Reduced the duration by two ticks. Increased the damage and mana cost but removed the ability for the spell line to stack with itself.

- Necromancer - The Swift Sickness line of spells now deals the same amount of damage per tick as the Eranon's Decay spell of the same level range, with the same mana efficiency. Increased the resist modifiers so spells will now land more reliably. The spell line will no longer deal different damage to different targets. The spell line will no longer stack with itself and will be overwritten by the equivalent Eranon's Decay spell. Removed the recast time from this spell line.

- Necromancer - The Grip of Mori line of spells will no longer stack with itself above level 67. Damage and mana cost have been increased.

- Necromancer - Changed Ilsaria's Swift Decay and Mourgis' Swift Decay so that they now trigger spells from the Grip line in addition to the Decay line. Changed the names to Livianus' Grip of Decay and Mourgis' Grip of Decay.

- Changed the weight reduction property of Minandra's Scent Marker spell to no longer reduce your weight. You actually did gain weight but we were too nice to tell you. This was wrong and we will be more honest with you in the future. 



*** AA ***


- Berserker, Monk, Paladin - Corrected an issue with Agony of Absolution, Blessing of Purification, and Purification that prevented them from curing the correct number of debuffs.



*** NPCs ***


- Altered the following Torment of Velious NPC abilities:

- - Foot Stomp - Lowered damage from 155k to 105k.

- - Leap - Lowered damage from 125k to 95k.

- - Pounce - Lowered damage from 155k to 115k and removed the stun.

- - Knee Crack - Lowered damage from 115k to 90k.

- - Ragged Swipe - Lowered damage from 95k per tick to 75k per tick.

- - Ragged Slash - Lowered damage from 155k per tick to 95k per tick and removed the snare.

- - Creeping Pus - Removed the snare.

- - Crawling Pus - Lowered damage from 115k per tick to 95k per tick and removed the snare.

- - Foot Stomp - Lowered the damage from 125k per tick to 105k per tick and removed the snare.

- - Gore - Lowered the damage from 125k per tick to 105k per tick and removed the gravitate.

- - Spider's Bite - Lowered the damage from 145k hit points per tick to 105k hit points per tick and lowered the 1,515 mana damage per tick to 1,015 per tick.

- - Restless Ice Infection - Lowered damage from 71k per tick to 51k per tick.



*** Mercenaries ***


- Significantly increased the damage of level 111+ Tank mercenaries. This will have the side effect of increasing their aggro.

- Altered the Melee DPS mercenary as follows:

- - Decreased the melee damage from level 111 to 115.

- - Added a new higher effectiveness de-aggro spell at level 106 and 113.

- - Added a new higher damage poison proc at level 114.

- Improved the spell selection for healer mercenaries at high levels.



*** Collections ***


- The Messy Miners Collection items can again be found as ground spawns in the Ry'Gorr Mines.



*** Overseer ***


- A new Recruitment quest is now delivered to the offered quest list every rotation.

- Uncommon and Rare Iconic Recruitment quests have had their duration reduced from 48 hours to 24 and 36 hours, respectively.

- Iconic Recruitment quests now have higher-level versions, which grant more agents than their lower-level equivalents.

- Common Non-Iconic Recruitment quests now have level 2-5 versions, which grant more agents than their level 1 equivalents.

- Recruitment Quest Party slots no longer require specific agent rarities, meaning any agent with the correct Job at the correct rank or better can contribute to the quest's success chance.

- - Common Non-Iconic Recruitment quests now require only 12 hours to complete, instead of 24 or 48 hours.

- - Common Non-Iconic Recruitment quests have updated start and completion descriptions.

- Rare and Elite Recovery quests are now available at level 1 in the Recovery category and require fewer agents and lower job ranks.

- - Recovery Quest Party slots no longer require specific agent rarities, meaning any agent with the correct Job at the correct rank or better can contribute to the quest's success chance.

- - Recovery quests have updated quest text.

- Added a cap on quest completions per rotation. You may now complete up to 10 quests every 12 hours. This does not include Conversion quests.

- To make Non-Iconic Agents more viable at higher quest levels, their Job Ranks have been increased by 1.

- - Increased the Job Ranks of Common Agents from 1 to 2.

- - Increased the Job Ranks of Uncommon Non-Iconic Agents from 2 to 3.

- Fixed the success chance display to be consistent between offered quests and active quests.

- Improved the usability of the Available Agents section of the Offered Quests tab on smaller window resolutions.

- Fixed active quests to be consistent when switching zones or logging in to a different character.

- Changed the highlight text color on the lists of quests and agents so that there isn't yellow text on a yellow background.

- Added chat messages when a quest is started (including the agents assigned to it), completed, or abandoned.

- The Chapterhouse of the Fallen Collection Item now includes Ankle Bone in the Dem Bones set.



*** Progression Servers ***


- Fixed an issue that caused the script that multiplies raid currency and key rewards to reward less than was intended.

- Updated Mount Buff Azia so that characters can receive it once Lost Dungeons of Norrath has unlocked. Similarly, updated Mount Buff Beza so that characters can receive it once Secrets of Faydwer has unlocked.



*** Miscellaneous ***


- Fixed an issue where members of fellowships could not see items in the Real Estate Plot Item Window when marked as members of the Owner's Club.

- Added the /usurp command. This command allows a senior officer to take leadership of their guild if the guild does not currently have a guild leader, or if the guild leader has been offline for more than a year.

- Corrected an issue where corpses would expire after 3 hours even if the owner's account was offline.

- LaunchPad will now automatically run if you failed to login to a server due to your client being out of date.

- When a guild leader deletes their character, the next highest rank, most recently online player will be automatically promoted to be the new leader.

- Sealed a hole in the world in Argin-Hiz.



*** UI ***


- The search in the Marketplace window will now also search through the description of items instead of just the names.

- Fixed an issue where calling /loadskin would reset the data in your Overseer window until you camped.


- Changed -




- The EverQuest Team

Patch 4-15-2020

April 15, 2020



*** Highlights ***


- Shadowknight - Your Damage over Time spells at or above level 71 have been adjusted so that they no longer stack with themselves, but now do more damage and cost more mana.

- NPCs (except for mercenaries) now display all 97 of their buffs and debuffs in the target window



*** Items ***


- Hidden augments will no longer block tradeskill combines or reward set claims. This fixes two issues: First, the Burning Lands evolving items with purity have hidden augments for the power source, and these would block the upgrade rewards. Second, some classes had hidden augments in the Underfoot Prayer shawl, preventing the combine to upgrade.

- All standard collectible items have been flagged Attunable.

- Increased the effectiveness and reduced the recast time of Fancy Feast and Mom's Love.

- Reduced the price of Crystallized Luck on the loyalty merchants.

- Fixed an issue where Torment of Velious necklaces didn't grant the AAs or the phantom buff.

- Fixed the lore text on several items that had "&CHAR(34)&" instead of a double quote.

- Removed the Tradeskill flag from Restless Giant Skull.

- Created Tempus Faycite Shard: Heron Stance and placed it with other melee augments on Peret Mykland in Eastern Wastes (Torment of Velious).

- Fixed the spell description on Guardian's Bravery on Gladiator's Plate Chestguard of War.



*** Tradeskills ***


- When using a Draught of the Craftsman or other effect that increases your salvage chance to 100% or greater, you can no longer receive an 'unexpected product' upon failure; however it is still possible to receive an 'alternate product' upon failure.

- Removed the Quest flag from the Torment of Velious tradeskill books.

- Added the Tradeskill flag to: Fermented Restless Bone Marrow, Marrow Hardened Etching Tool, Powdered Velium and Platinum, Velium and Platinum Filter, Filtered Velium and Platinum, Velium and Platinum with Wood Primer, Dried Velium and Platinum, Desiccated Velium and Platinum, Purified Velium-Platinum Bar, and Anointed Purified Velium-Platinum Bar.

- Altered Talem Tucter's text so that he tells players to speak with Loremaster Solstrin to continue the shawl quest line.



*** Quests And Events ***


- Servant of the Sleeper - Reduced the aggro range of a velium sentry. The awareness range is unchanged, so its reaction to ranged damage is as before.

- Servant of the Sleeper - Added a sound effect when this raid sets up.

- End the Return - Fixed an issue where an incorrect Z bounding volume was being checked, preventing task completion.

- Raid events from Veil of Alaris and later will now grant more currency after they have been open for 3, 6, and 9 months on live servers. On Progression Servers these events will grant more currency as soon as the expansion unlocks, and add additional bonuses after each of the next two expansions unlock or at 3 month intervals, whichever is faster.

- A Formal Dinner Party - Capped the scaling of the mission to level 110.

- Seeking the Sorcerer (Mission) - The mission is now restricted to a maximum of six characters.

- The Handmaiden - Changed the requirements for staying on the pedestal. If the ritualist character (the one with the skull and baton) falls through the pedestal, they will no longer trigger a failure.

- Tudor's Ale - Liviu now has a helper named Nicoli, who can help create the ale for this quest.

- Fixed some script errors in several old quests and events.

- Tower of Frozen Shadow progression - Handing in an item correctly for the yearning NPC puzzle on the 3rd floor now indicates how many steps you've completed and how many are left to go.

- Tower of Frozen Shadow progression - The mirror on the 8th floor will now teleport the user to the entrance of the 7th floor. No key is required to use the 8th floor mirror.

- Made the following changes to the Tower of Frozen Shadow raids:

- - Heart of Frozen Shadow - The Heart of Frozen Shadow will now gain health when the wrong type of monster is slain.

- - Heart of Frozen Shadow - The limitation on killing type of monsters (10 specters and 25 drolvargs / skeletons) to reduce the Heart of Frozen Shadow's health is now being enforced correctly.

- - Heart of Frozen Shadow - The amount of cold status decay that occurs during the middle phases of the fight are now variable, rather than static.

- - Till Death Do Us Part - Relaxed the bounding volume requirements in the pool of blood slightly for the Bad Blood achievement.

- - Till Death Do Us Part and Tserrina Syl`Tor - Fixed some logic bugs that affected how frequently the NPCs would cast their spells.



*** Spells ***


- Necromancer - Corrected a bug in the spell description for Incite Ally.

- Shadowknight - Your Damage over Time spells at or above level 71 have been adjusted so that they no longer stack with themselves, but now do more damage and cost more mana.

- Shadowknight - The Bond of Inruku line starting at level 66 has been modified to use resource taps rather than a separate recourse spell to return health to you. Lower level spells were not changed.



*** AA ***


- Bard - Corrected an issue where rank 3 of Shauri's Sonorous Clouding would not consistently trigger Shauri's Deathly Clouding for all group members.



*** NPCs ***


- Rares will now spawn properly in Mearatas pick zones.

- A minotaur miner will no longer spawn under the world in Dragonscale Hills.

- It is no longer valuable to kill the living giants in Kael (Torment of Velious).

- Zrelik and Horasug have traded spots.

- Algot will no longer cast Algot's Impalement on himself.

- The swarm pets summoned by Sporali in Hills of Shade no longer proc deadly spells.

- The vicarum vitai halflings in Arx Mentis will no longer spawn as tall as giants.



*** Mercenaries ***


- When purchasing a mercenary the list of available mercenaries will include the mercenary type in addition to the mercenary tier. Additionally, the list is now sorted by type, then tier, and then if it requires a membership level.

- Level 111+ 'player race' mercenaries should now equip weapons.



*** Overseer ***


- Collectible items granted by the Overseer Collection Item Dispenser are now attuned to the user (made No Trade) when claimed.

- Reduced the prices on the Overseer merchant for all items except for the Common Agent Catalyst and Crystallized Luck, which had their prices increased.

- Restricted the lesser coin reward that comes with some of the Overseer Collection Item Dispensers so they are also hidden on Free accounts to avoid confusion.

- The percentage chance Overseer Collection Item Dispensers are now fragments. Click on one, if you have at least four fragments, to make a single normal (100% chance) Overseer Collection Item Dispenser.

- - If you have one of the old percent chance dispensers, they will have a name change and you can right-click them to convert them to fragments.

- Fixed errors in collections offered by the Overseer Collection Item Dispenser.

- - Crypt of Decay collectibles are no longer offered in The Darkened Sea, as Crypt of decay collectibles are already in the Broken Mirror set.

- - Added Velketor's Labyrinth to the Torment of Velious set and moved the collections that were in the incorrect zone.

- - Added the Dispenser to all sets so that if you get a set that you cannot claim, you have a fallback.

- Added player requested ornaments to the Overseer merchant in Plane of Knowledge.

- Overseer Quests no longer have duplicate Traits.

- Overseer Quests no longer have Negative Traits that conflict with or match Bonus Traits

- Overseer Quests no longer have Negative Traits with bad icons.

- Overseer Quest rewards for all Tutorial and Conversion quests are now auto-claimed when the quests are completed.

- When receiving, converting, or retiring Overseer Agents, the full Agent name will now be displayed in the chat instead of the Agent's shortened name.

- Corrected an issue where random Agent rewards excluded a single Agent from the qualifying list.

- Corrected an issue where Overseer Recovery quests were not being offered.

- Corrected an issue where Overseer Quests rotated multiple times within a few minutes.

- Fixed an issue where an incapacitated Overseer Agent would sometimes show the incorrect time remaining. This also fixes Agent Slots on offered quests displaying the wrong incapacitation duration.

- Altered the display of mercenary experience granted by the Overseer system. It was displaying more than it was giving, but it was giving the correct amount.

- Corrected an issue that prevented Conversion quests from being reassigned after completion.



*** Miscellaneous ***


- Added a message explaining what happens when players try to accept a raid invite while the raid is locked.

- Fixed an issue where if an account had certain characters in their name, the account could not log in.

- Buyers may now only have one active buy line per item. When activating buyer mode in the bazaar, duplicate buy lines will be disabled and only the buy line that offers the highest amount of platinum and the highest quantity of items will remain active.

- Renamed the /hideafk command to /hidemodels.

- Added options to hide all players, pets, or mercenaries, even if they are not AFK. Group and raid marked targets will not be hidden.

- Made the following changes to /inspectbuffs:

- - Added caster name and spell duration in hours, minutes, and seconds.

- - Added an /inspectbuffs mine option which only displays buffs or debuffs cast by you.

- You will now see a warning when entering the channel server at server select if your displayed chat name matches your account name that encourages you to use the #rename command.

- - The displayed chat name for newly created accounts will now default to a randomly generated username rather than your account name.

- The following internal storage changes were made.

- - Made improvements to how zone names of other fellowship members are stored.

- - Improved how character names are stored.

- - Made changes to how player housing stores items.



*** UI ***


- The Link All option when looting now separates items with a vertical bar instead of a comma.

- Fixed an issue where if the guild's MOTD author changed their name, the message would still display the old name.

- Corrected an issue where NPC feign death failures were displaying extra characters in the name.

- Corrected an issue where damage from NPC auras was displaying extra characters in the caster's name.

- Corrected an issue where healing from wards was not being displayed.

- Buffs that absorb incoming damage from your mana or endurance pool will now message the amount of endurance or mana drained in addition to the amount of damage absorbed.

- NPCs (except for mercenaries) now display all 97 of their buffs and debuffs in the target window.



- Changed -





*** Previously Updated ***


- Potions that change the user into a male Elddar will no longer turn the character into a Doug.

- Travit Conwil gives reduced experience and will no longer drop global loot.

- Fixed an issue with Overseer Conversion Quests accepting lower tier Agents than expected.



- The EverQuest Team

#EverQuestTogether & [email protected]

Starting yesterday at 12pm PDT, all TLP servers were unlocked except for Lockjaw and Fippy, for those who are free to play. They will stay unlocked until May 8th.

There is also a 10% off sale on Bottle of Adventure I, Bottle of Adventure II, and Bottle of Adventure III.  Also a sale on the biggest bags that's available for the type of server you play on. This sale will continue until April 24th.

Darkpaw Games has also reset the Everquest Celebration Pack and Everquest Celebration Bundle so if you haven't purchased them or want to purchase them again, now is your chance! If you would like to take a look at how to purchase these, go to https://www.everquest.com/packs



Allakhazam has been helping out with the [email protected] project again by running the client to help research the coronavirus. If you would like to help out and want more information on what this project is doing for coronavirus, visit https://foldingathome.org/covid19/ and join our Allakhazam group by putting in 85020 for the team number during the set up for the program.

The Allakhazam group has been crunching data for the [email protected] project for quite some time now. You can check out our numbers at https://stats.foldingathome.org/team/85020

Patch 3-18-2020



March 18, 2020

*** Items ***

- A mysterious presence will only sell McKenzie's Brew's when Veil of Alaris is unlocked.
- You may now only gain one Collection Dispener items from the Overseer system. Also, there are some rewards that only offer a chance at gaining a collection item. The chance is in the name. The rewards that only give a chance offer an amount of Overseer Tetradrachm to make up for the fact that it's only a chance to gain a collection item.
- Overseer Tetradrachms are no longer trade-able. They are still heirloom.
- Overseer rewards of Tradeskill items and Collectibles unlock one expansion behind. I.E. The Burning Lands collectibles are available when Torment of Velious unlocks, the Torment of Velious crafting supplies are unavailable until the next expansion unlocks.
- Increased the price on most items sold for Overseer Tetradrachm.
- You must be a gold member to choose the collection dispensers, ornament dispensers, or tradeskill items from the overseer rewards. Overseer rewards and other rewards are available to all membership levels.
- Added all races and classes to the Common Agent Catalyst.

*** Quests And Events ***

- Updated the calendar event text and alert text to more correctly describe this year's anniversary events.
- Tower of Frozen Shadow raid events - Made the following changes:
- - Heart of Frozen Shadow - Fixed a bug that caused the 'It's a No Slow from Me, Dog' achievement to always be granted. For real this time.
- - Heart of Frozen Shadow - Fixed a bug that caused many spells to fail to land on drolvarg NPCs and displayed a message that you had failed an achievement when spells did land on them.
- - Tserrina Syl`Tor - Fixed a bug that prevented one of Tserrina's mechanics from working in her final phase. For real this time.
- - Tserrina Syl`Tor - Moved the key from Tserrina to the reward chest.
- Fixed issues with Discuit's dialogues that allowed players to skip parts of his quest.
- Due to an error in the expected and announced launch day of Torment of Velious tier 3 raids, we have decided to open them in mid-April to allow everyone to be ready.

*** Miscellaneous ***
- Corrected an issue preventing some players from receiving the tutorial Overseer Agent if they had received any Agents prior to opening the Overseer window for the first time.
- Modified the success and fail chances of Overseer quests to succeed more often.
- Fixed a timing issue that could cause dates measured across Daylight Savings Time changes to be off by one.

*** UI ***
- Modified the default width of the Overseer window so that you can select agents on smaller screens.

- Changed -

- The EverQuest Team

Anniversary News!

It's that time of the year folks. Happy 21st birthday EQ!



Hail Norrathians,

It's hard for us to fathom that it's been 21 years since this grand adventure began The myriad lands and challenges you’ve all completed have brought us an incredible sense of awe time and time again. We couldn't be happier to share another year with all of you and can't wait to see what the next year brings.
We've got some great things in store for the anniversary, some of you’re already experiencing, such as our new Overseer feature and the Veteran AA rewards. We still have a few things we'd like to discuss below as we enter our 21st year, including our annual 50% bonus experience event, which will be from March 16, 2020 12 AM PDT to April 1, 2020 at 1 AM PDT.

New TLP server news?

Yeah, we got that. We are incredibly excited to announce the names and general rule set info for the TWO new TLP servers we will be launching in the coming months. Please put your hands, paws, and claws together for Aradune and Rizlona! Aradune is a new concept for our Truebox server rule set. It's going to have similarities to Mangler's rule set in terms of XP, era locking, and a lot more. Rizlona will also share the Mangler rule set and be our first boxing progression server in a long time. More specific rule sets and how they will function differently than the current TLPs will be shared in the coming weeks!

Heroic Level 85 Character Boost

Ready to try out a new class, want to make a home on a different live server? We're giving all All Access Members a free Heroic Level 85 Character Boost to celebrate our birthday. Start a new life in a new home, or just try something new on your current one. You'll be able to claim the bauble from March 16 through May 10!

Server Merges

To prepare you and your characters for the universal shift, we wanted to let you know what servers are on the list. We don't want anyone getting the matter in their bodies all mixed up, that can get messy.
Lockjaw -> Ragefire
Trakanon -> Vox
Fippy -> Vox
Brekt -> FV

Player Designed Anniversary Quests!

We love the ideas we've gotten from players over the years. The development team worked to implement two player-designed quests that were submitted at Fan Faires over the years. This year for the anniversary quests, prepare to dive into some relationship woes and a culinary conundrum! You can find the following quests and their quest givers below!
Quest: Fancy Feast
Quest Giver: Maitreya the Maitre D’
Starting Zone: Plane of Knowledge

Quest: I Guess this is Growing Up
Quest Giver: Emissary of Erollisi Marr
Starting Zone: Plane of Knowledge

Thank You

A huge thanks to both players that submitted the quests and to all of you for passionately sharing your ideas and love for the game with us! You've been a huge part of our lives and adventures, and we hope we've been part of yours as well.
Cheers to turning 21, and here’s to seeing you in-game!

- The EverQuest Team



Patch 3-11-2020



March 11, 2020

*** Highlights ***

- Become the Overseer! Gain the loyalty of iconic Agents and protect Norrath from the ever-present ripples of Discord. See below for more information.
- All Access members who log in to EverQuest during our 21st Anniversary Celebration (between March 16th and May 10th) will receive a claimable Heroic Character! This character can only be redeemed once per account.
- In celebration of EverQuest's 21st anniversary we have made Veteran Reward abilities available to all players! See below for more details.

*** Items ***

- You can no longer combine items using tradeskills when any ingredient contains one or more augments.
- - Note: Worn visible armor items may have hidden power source augments in them. Unequip your power source before you retrieve the worn item in order to remove the hidden augments.
- Evolving items with the Claim Reward button cannot be claimed until all augments are removed from the item in addition to any other requirements that are present.
- Added AC to the guild tribute Aura of Preservation 14.
- The Claim the Item spells attached to various Iksar, Half Elf, and Dark Elf Heritage Crate items no longer have a spell description that suggests that you will receive a familiar.
- Corrected an issue that prevented high damage 2-handed weapons from dealing their intended damage.

*** Tradeskills ***

- The Faded Velium War Hammer recipe will now give the correct product.
- Crystallized Precious Velium Ore now has a chance to drop in the chest in the missions Seeking the Sorcerer and Icebound Avatar.
- - Six months after the release of Torment of Velious there will be an additional chance to gain Crystallized Precious Velium Ore from those two missions, as well as the Griklor the Restless and Restless Assault missions.

*** Quests And Events ***

- Tower of Frozen Shadow raid events - Made the following changes:
- - Increased the health and melee damage of all raid NPCs.
- - Heart of Frozen Shadow - Fixed a bug that caused the 'It's a No Slow from Me, Dog' achievement to always be granted.
- - Till Death Do Us Part - Added a speculative fix to address reports that sometimes characters successfully spoke to the usher and were assigned a side yet they still received a dancer.
- - Tserrina Syl`Tor - Fixed a bug that prevented one of Tserrina's mechanics from working in her final phase.
- - Tserrina Syl`Tor - Reduced lag in this event.
- - Tserrina Syl`Tor - Tserrina's corpse will no longer move upon success of this raid event. This will hopefully prevent problems with looting the Key of Trauma.
- All Access members who log in to EverQuest during our 21st Anniversary Celebration (between March 16th and May 10th) will receive a claimable Heroic Character! This character can only be redeemed once per account.
- New 21st anniversary quests are available! Speak with the Mechanical Fortune Teller in the Plane of Knowledge and she will guide you.
- New anniversary items are available at the Special Celebratory Goods merchants in the Plane of Knowledge! These new goodies can be purchased with Commemorative Coins.

*** Spells ***

- Beastlord - Corrected the name of Griklor's Feralgia.
- Enchanter - Fixed a bug preventing Omica's Animation from taunting.
- Magician - Fixed a bug preventing Riotous Servant, Remote Riotous Servant, and Pyroxenite Bodyguard from taunting.
- Paladin - Concordant Blessing is now available at level 108 from Fairelwil Amsapi, Median Spellbound Lamps, and Median Spellbound Rings.
- Shadowknight - Fixed a bug preventing Minion of Drendar from taunting.
- Shaman - Fixed a bug preventing Grondo's Faithful from taunting.
- Wizard - Fixed a bug where Daveron's Pyroblade and earlier summoned swords were not immune to area damage effects.

*** AA ***

- Rogue - Adjusted all ranks of Etherium Strikes to remove stacking conflicts with the Blinding Speed line of disciplines.
- In celebration of EverQuest's 21st anniversary we have made Veteran Reward abilities available to all players!
- - The restrictions that limited the number of characters that can activate these abilities have been removed.
- - The requirement that your account must be active for 1 to 15+ years has been removed.
- - On progression servers, these abilities will continue to unlock starting with Dragons of Norrath up through Veil of Alaris.

*** NPCs ***

- Sporali in Hills of Shade will no longer cast Chattering Bones XXII.
- Restless Ice Infection now has a longer duration, instead of re-casting itself every six seconds.

*** Overseer ***

- Become the Overseer! Gain the loyalty of iconic Agents and protect Norrath from the ever-present ripples of Discord. Send your Agents on harrowing Overseer Quests, into moments spanning the entirety of Norrath's history, and restore balance where you can. Along the way, you'll gain fabulous rewards and grow in power. You may even draw the attention of Norrath's most famous heroes, and perhaps a few particularly nefarious villains. Do you have what it takes to gain the allegiance of Norrath's elite?
- Access the Overseer interface via the EQ Menu > Quests > Overseer option, or by entering the command /overseer.
- A mysterious presence in the Plane of Knowledge is interested in the coin gained through Overseer Quests.

*** Progression Servers ***

- Fixed the requirements on the door from Drachnid Hive to Dreadspire. Once Secrets of Faydwer has been unlocked for a month, level 70+ characters can access the zone without needing a key.

*** Miscellaneous ***

- Added the /shownpcnames command which toggles npc names on and off like the Option Window checkbox.
- In the guild bank, if you try to set an item to be withdrawable by Single Member and that character doesn't exist, the item will now be set to Public If Usable.
- - If the character gets deleted or transferred to another server, the permissions for that item will also get set to Public If Usable.
- Increased the experience bonus for having other players (not mercenaries) in your group.
- Increased the amount of AA experience you get in groups of 4 or more and raids of 13 or more.
- Fixed the spelling of the bartender's name on the map in Timorous Deep.
- Fast Camping can now be done within guild halls.
- The surname command now allows the use of a second capital letter and a single accent character.
- Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to shroud while on a mount.
- Made the following changes to dynamic zone event replay timers:
- - When zoning into a dynamic zone you will now be given an event replay timer for each event that has been completed since the zone was launched.
- - You will not be given replay timers for any event that was already completed when the zone was launched.
- - If you already have an existing replay timer for an event completed since instance launch, your timer will not be modified.
- - You will receive a warning containing the list of replay timers you will incur upon zoning into the DZ when you are invited to join the DZ.
- - You will not be able to loot items off of raid bosses or chests associated with the completion of an event if your replay timer was not received from this instance of the DZ.
- Changed the way Resurrection Sickness works. It no longer reduces stats. It will now increase the cast time of detrimental spells by 10% and decrease your attack speed by 10%. Both of these values will stack with other spells rather than preventing haste or spell haste effects.
- Changed the way the PvP version of Resurrection Sickness works. The cast time increase and attack speed decrease have the same values, but these effects will stack with other spells rather than preventing haste or spell haste effects.
- Changed the way Revival Sickness works. It no longer caps mana and endurance at 4000. Instead it caps at 25% and slowly decreases the cap by 1% every 5 levels starting at 50. For example, the cap at level 85 is 18% and the cap at level 115 is 12%.
- Improved how the guild message of the day is stored.
- Improved how fellowship member names are stored.
- Accessing Dreadspire, Meldrath's Mansion, and Crystallos should no longer refuse entry the first time until you wait or relog.
- Plane of Knowledge is now listed as a destination of type Priest of Discord from Dranik's Scar in the Zone Connection Guide. This will not always be the destination that the Priest of Discord will send you to, but it should be more correct than the guide not showing a way back to Norrath.

*** UI ***

- Corrected an issue that prevented weapon ornaments that can be placed in all slashing, blunt, or piercing weapons from displaying their slot restriction information in the item inspect window.
- If you zone with the Rewards window open, the rewards now display properly, and no longer require you to close and open the window to see the rewards you have pending.
- Fixed the neighborhood window to always display the name of the guild in the guild plot section.
- The Quest Journal quest selections will now persist through opening and closing the window and zoning.
- Rewards that have a stackable item as one of the reward choices will have a number indicating how many of that item you will receive if the amount is greater than 1.
- Fixed an issue with the Rewards Window where selected rewards could become deselected.
- You can no longer modify the compensation for items or toggle items on and off while barter buyer mode is on. In order to make modifications you will need to exit barter buyer mode.

- Changed -

- The EverQuest Team