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Ahh... Windurrrst Woods. Home. I just love it here. I love the scents of the flowers, swimming in the crrreeks, oh, and the view from atop the trees. ;) I'd spend my days rrrelaxing in the cool breezes underneath my favorrrite tree, spent some days fishing at the porrrt until sunrise, or just explorrring the various ruins surrounding my home town. One day, while explorrring the ruins outside of Leviathan Gate, I started hearing something strrrange, something I couldn't explain. It sounded like low pitched, guttural rrrumblings, kinda like a Galka with indigestion, though very differrrent. Almost like some sort of language. Then I saw it... I've only heard of them in storrries from my momma when I was a child. It was a Goblin, and it scared the #$%! outta me. I ran home cryin' so fast... A couple days later, I was coming back frrrom a little fishing excursion with a few frrriends of mine, and to our horror, found the entire city being laid to waste by hoarrrds of Beastmen, including the Goblins I saw not a few days earliaerrr. We cried and hid for what seemed to be an eterrrnity, the whole while having to bear witness to the slaughter of our friends, family, everrryone we ever knew. Now, 20 years later, I have decided to finally set out on my quest for vengeance against the very beasts that destroyed everrrything I loved. Now, I get my vengeance. Julianna Mekalah Quickblade, BattleMage

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