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The gods of darkness granted mortals the ability to channel their hate and anger against those who oppose them. Few mortals realize their true potential and follow the dark paths, few of them ever achieve greatness. Growing up on the Bastokian streets, Gutts was subjected to intense racism perpetuated by the human rulers. Upon reaching manhood he set out on his great adventure only to find the seeds of hate, violence, and prejudice sown across the landscape of Vanadiel. Throughout his travels as a monk he fought against the anger inside himself that fueled the dark powers. Then in the jungles around kazham his anger climaxed as he watched travellers ruthlessly murder the mushroom people, native to those lands. Returning to Bastok he followed the rumors from ancient times of dark powers and previous dark knights until he found Volker, a veteren dark knight, in Palborough Mines. Volker gave him the dark sword that slowly drained the strength of his enemies and enriched his inner darkness. Now he is well on the way to achieving greatness as a dark knight and slowly destroying the world's hate and prejudice by focusing his own.