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Mianu was born 20 years before the Crystal War in Bastok. On her 18th birthday, she signed up for the Republic army. As a legionair, she was not a very good warrior. But her instructors noticed she had a nack for sneaking around. Mianu became part of a special covert ops team of thieves asigned to cause discord throught the ranks of the beastmen without being seen. Over the next 2 years before the Crystal War, Mianu and her group caused great discord throught Beadueax, Davoi, and Castle Oztroja, but none of the beastmen had ever seen them. On the night of the attack on the Tavnazavian Archipeligo, mianu and her squad were on guard duty. That night, all of her teamates, her FRIENDS, died in the beastmen attack. Mianu has never forgiven herself, and has vowed revenge upon the beastment that plauge Vana'Diel. With rage and regret building inside her, she knows one day it will escape and she may hurt the ones she loves the most