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Soth was born in windhurst like most of the tarutaru, but unlike most he was not happy mearly slinging spells at his enemies. You see Soth was an evil little taru and wanted to get up close and personal, to see the blood of his enemies splash to the ground as his blade cut deep into them. The other taru shuned him and laughed at him, as did the other races of Vana'diel. Soth left windhurst very young and moved far away to San d'oria the land of the elvaan. He put aside his magical studies quickly and soon found a weapon to his liking. Hefting the zaghnal into the air for the first time, the noise was music to his ears as it whistled through the air. He knew the Scythe was to be his choice. Nothing cut through his enemies like it and soon he was well on his path as a warrior. Earning respect from others at last a Galka spoted Soth and lead him on his way to his true calling. Combining both his skills at black magic and his skills with the Scythe, Soth became a Dark Knight... The evil taru laughs wickedly now as he cuts his way across the world. One person at a time he will teach the other races never to laugh at a Tarutaru swinging a weapon again!