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Name: Psylight Race: F Hume Server: Lakshmi Job: 75 DRK, 75 PLD, 75 RDM WoC: Scythe Likes: Skillchains, particularly "Fusion" and "Fragmentation" because they're very pretty. Also like good communication in parties, even between Jap and Eng players. Carbuncle! So cute! ^_^ Dislikes: Cowardly players who disband or zone at the slightest hint of trouble. Converting and getting instantly smacked down by a powerful AoE attack. That sucks. Missing the airship by 3 feet. Aspirations: RNG's next on the cards to 75. It's expensive, but the perks are that I can fell my foes without ever having to smell 'em. Advice: I act kinda crazy sometimes, bear with it, I'm actually a really onto-it party member. Roar!