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Gigant is a little teenage Taru-waru with a Gigantic name. He is currently dating Kittyclaws, a very pretty little mithran teenager, (though she may have had her account cancelled...meh.) His aspirations include wedding Kittyclaws, becoming a great BLM like his best Taru-friend, Biggysmalls, and becoming a great WHM as well. He is more than willing to help anyone on his server (Sylph) within his power, so if you need a level one PL'd to 10 or something around that area, just send a /tell! ...just please don't ask him to go help you retrieve Coffer Keys...or help you out with a Dynamis...his highest is only level 18. Thanks for reading his biography, and he sends his warmestaru regards! Varg currently needs no biography, as he is only a mule/NM hunter/money-maker for Gigant. If you'd like to knowthe origin of his name, it roughly means outcasted-wolf, and it is also the name of the man behind the one-man band, Burzum.