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ssraistlin-lvl 50 nightelf druid on frostwolf tailoring,enchanting,fishing ------- raist-lvl 25 tauren shaman on dunemaul skinning,leatherworking ------- sh├Ądow-lvl 23 troll mage on dunemaul tailoring,mining ------- tyraist-lvl 25 NE hunter on frostwolf skinning, leatherworking _____ mess with the best, die like the rest _____ dont argue with fools, they will bring you down to their level, then beat you with experience _____ "Getting ganked and camped is part of being on a PvP server. If for some reason you thought PvP meant two people of equal skill and ability fighting out of mutual respect while flower petals fall from some unknown source in the sky and beautiful music plays while all the npcs frolic with glee and everyone dances a happy dance while cookies are being had by all well....i pity your parents _____ "I'm a little ninja short and stout, I grab all the loot and hearthstone out. All the people on ventrillo scream and shout, I'm the warrior in full devout!"