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Ayaleia is a young Mithra, finding all about the outside world. She was abandoned to be a ‘stray’ by her parents at birth, and she survived on her own outside the Mithra tribes by stealing things off goblins and occasionally other Mithra. Eventually chased out of the plains, she headed to Windurst, and finally was accepted into some sort of society. It was there she was recruited by the TSWiders (linkshell), whom came to take her to San D’Oria. She is just about settling into her new life, inspired that people took some time to come and find her and make her their friend. Her past has made her an excellent thief, although word must have spread around the mobs, as they always seem to be picking on her! She is also training to be a White Mage. She figures having taken from society for so long, it’s now time to give something back. She has a bit of a problem forming parties due to her solitary nature. Aya is quite shy, and isn’t very self-assured, but is quite a happy character, and finds a certain human cute... one flower, and she’s fallen for him. She has a bit of a problem with nudity too, like remembering it’s not generally accepted in society. Allegiance: San D'Oria Main Job: Thief Sub Job: None Level: 18 Rank: 2