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Hello, my name is Jerry, I stole a fat latino boys account, his name was Ramiro Armenta. I posed as a female fooled him into giving me his information and changed his password. yes its all true so if you think its noobish, I honestly dont care if you only knew the stuff I found out about him after I did it youd applaud me... I'm gay and I love dik, so if you despise me for that, again I honestly dont care. I'm merely stating facts and coming clean. I've made friends and enemies on pandemonium the server I'm on. I stole it because I was sick of struggling on FF and thought "hey I'm smarter than the average bear, I bet i can dupe some fool into giving up his info..." and hey I was right. Dont hate because I'm smoother than most just thank me for getting another dumbass wetback off of FF..