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Well, I started out on Alexander Server as Fleabass. Everyone thought I was a fish. I guess there's not as many Red Hot Chili Peppers fans out there as I thought. Then my friend said he was gonna move to Ifrit cuz one of his friends was on that server, so I made Pazrayna, named after Paz from A Perfect Circle and Rayna from Coal Chamber. We were San d'orian cuz his friend's "clan" was san d'orian... the "clan" his friend apparently never started back up... I'm not sure what a "clan" is... maybe a linkshell... hmm... So because he made fun of Fleabass's name I stayed on Ifrit cuz Pazrayna is such a cool name. And he went back to Alexander cuz he had trouble lvlin blm in Sandy lol. etc. Then I got invited to a linkshell called FallenPandas. Then people left fallenpandas to join sheepkillersanon (ska), then people left ska to join MercNet. All of which went the way of the Pandas. By then i was lvling bst and joined a BST ls called Charmed that never really had more than 5 members, but it was cool like that.