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Formerly a resident of Windurst, the Mithra Melisandre was exiled from the city due to a classified government incident involving Tarutaru mages and Cardians. Seeking to escape from the Tarutaru and the Cardians as best she could, she settled in San d'Oria and started a new life there as an adventurer and Royal Spearman for the Temple Knights. Only recently has the Windurstian government pardoned Melisandre and allowed her back into the city. Feeling as if Windurst betrayed her, she hardly even visits there anymore--the city that was her home. Being there both angers her because of the horrible underworkings of the Star Sybil and saddens her because she now knows she's an outcast. Still, she is gradually recovering from her past experiences there, but to this day, she remains convinced that the Mithra footsoldiers are slowly being replaced by Cardians.