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Character: Mack Server: Ramuh Adv. Jobs - SAM, DRK, NIN, DRG, BST Fav. Job - WAR is my #1 Jobs 75-War 75-Drk 75-Blm 75-Rng 75-Sam 75-Mnk 37-Thf 75-Nin 37-Drg New Story, Hot off the Press: I was leveling in the Qufim Isle with my Nin, soloing crabs, worms and the like while lfp. This taru runs by me, and doesn't say hello or anything. Just books on by. I wonder to myself, "Hmm, it's not late, so no wights are around.. what can he possibly be running fro-" and then I see it. A huge Gigas stomps by, looking a lil pissed off and ready to have some taru, when he is not terrorizing other parties. He slides to a stop in front of me, and digs his hands into the ground, grabbing this gigantic boulder, and chucks it at the Taru, who had atleast 1/5th of his hp left (from the bar it looked). The taru, like in dodgeball, takes it like a pro, and then falls and slides about 50 feet. I start laughing so hard in my seat, that I forgot that I was in aggro range. The giant came at me, and I tried to run, only to get Bound by two land worms, a Stonega, and a boulder to send me on my way to my homepoint.. Atleast I had a laugh. XD