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I am Trifacto: The greatest thing I've done in this game has been being the leader of the Griblins. No piece of gear I've gotten, Mission I've completed, NM I've destroyed, can ever compare to watching my friends improve and become some of the best team players in the game. We do the impossible, we do it regularly, and we do it together. We are Griblins. ----------------------------- Thf: 75/Rng: 64/Bst: 72/Nin: 41/Mnk: 49/Rdm: 27/Sam: 37/Bard: 30/Whm: 37/War: 75/Pld: 13/Smn: 10/Blm: 25/Drk: 5/Drg: 3 ----------------------------- Zilart: Final Battle CoP: Complete! Rank: Bastok 10