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Hey, if anyone would like to form a static party for sundays only please apply here. This will give you the time to raise your main whilst working on that second job you've always wanted to try. To apply you must have a job, with a leveled subjob, at Lv.10 and less than 100EXP into that level. I am willing to only level the following jobs in the static party. And the job I level will be decided depending on the need for that job. WAR,MNK,NIN,SAM,DRK,DRG,BST,RNG,BRD. Again, please post your Lv.10 job that you wish to apply with. If more than 5 other willing participants apply, those who enter will be decided at a later date. Or if you wish create a static party of your own. Feel free to send me an in game /tell, but still apply on this thread. Thanks to all who apply! (*^_^) Edit: I am in the EST time zone and seek other EST players. It is not necessary but is advantageous. I can party untill 7:30pm EST then I have to work. This is sundays only. Edit: The static party would start when all the member slots are filled. Could all current members please add eachother to your own friends list. Edit: We are currently now seeking a tank and a healer, PLD and WHM not necesary. Current members: Tetrin - Tarutaru - SAM/THF Ruo - Tarutaru - RDM/? ? ? Snakeyes - Elvaan - DRK/? ? ? Gniksiger - Galka - MNK/? ? ?