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Promathia Reborn Main Cast: Kamunt = Promathia's reincarnation. Anti-Kamunt wants to kill him to save the world before the wrong people get a hold of Kamunt's power. "Anti-Kamunt" = Kamunt's female counterpart who holds ranking in the Tenshodo and has access to extremely potent white magic. She's not afraid to do what she needs to get done, but she's a lot nicer on the inside. Keeho Horaho (KEE-ho HORE-uh-hoe [slightly roll the r in Horaho) = An elusive male Mithra who was Kamunt's best friend as a young child. He is supposedly dead. "Slow Jamz" = A not-so-special Hume traveler who knows an incredibly special secret about Kamunt's past that could change the future. Rususu = A Black Mage-for-hire who was recently hired by Anti-Kamunt to take someone out: Kamunt. ??? = A sexy female Elvaan who has even stronger Promathian powers than Kamunt. No real name per se... Characters I don't Own: Sweetpee Demonberserker Raptor Jonius Zenafiend, a.k.a. "The No-Life King"? Balik Taralyn Shadow I used to have a huge storyline for this back on my old LSs forums, but it got deleted when we lost many of our members in one night. I've finally figured out a way to get this started back up! I will most likely continue this story on our new LS forums.