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Agerbon's a simple half hume/half mithran Dark knight from realms not known on the maps of any nation, coming into san'dora as a young child he grew up to be a warrior at heat, but sorrow and pain filled his soul like a well of coins that wishes that never came true. He choose the long path of the dark knights scythe for a reaon, to unleash his anger built inside, everyday uncovering his routes he seeks why he was created hugnering teh tear of flesh, he fell in deep love with a mithran girl in the name of Cirnelle but long pass she died leaving more pain to his chest....he builds himself more and more to hate and want to murder every last breathing thing alive. While wondering aimlessly threw a cave he discovers a fom of Artfact armor. he places it on feeling ungrueling hate, soon having all the armor, he seeks out a well known armor smith, and has a Haubergeon produced for him. Giving him super natural power he seeks to raise his level of hate even more.