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Born in Aht Urhgan, Hala Basinah (now known as Miel) trained from kittenhood to be an alchemist. A tragic alchemy accident at about age 18 left her with no memory, and in Windurst...somehow. The Tarutaru women who found her called her "honey," a name she decided to adopt, as it was the first name she had been given in her new life. She was temporarily taken under Semih Lafinah's wing as she began her life as a Windurstian citizen. She tried her hand at fishing and weaving, but quickly became bored of spending her days, hot and lazy, within Windurst's walls. She longed to live the life of an adventurer. Soon, a Tarutaru monk, who had been a thief until he found enlightenment (in the form of a vision of gold in the pages of a book), inspired her to take up the path of the monk and seek further enlightenment with him. Together they meditated, practiced martial arts, and did good deeds for the townspeople. While training with her monk friend in the Valkurm Dunes, she met a dashing Elvaan bard and, at his invitation, followed him to San d'Oria, which became her new hometown. She made friends with his linkshell, The Cooperative Network of Associated Ninja Catgirls. The San d'Orians, overall a very unwelcoming lot, gave her the new name "Miel"; a more proper name, they said. Feeling horribly guilty at the way she had left Windurst and her friends there, she abandoned the way of the monk and became a thief, lurking alone in the strange, dark woods. It was cold, and she missed the smell of the ocean. When things became unbearable, she broke off her engagement to the bard, and he vanished without a trace along with a Hume woman who had been pursuing him. Later, after her heart had healed, she found true love with her best friend and linkshell leader, a spazzy Mithra white mage. After some time traveling the Middle Lands together, she and her friends decided to make a trip to Aht Urhgan. There, she reconnected with some people who had known her before the accident, and they filled her in on her past. However, the nature of the mysterious accident that had taken her memory remained elusive. She turned her attention again to alchemy, feeling called to continue what she had started as a child, and possibly to uncover the secrets of the accident. While exploring Aradjiah, she also met the corsair captain Qultada--who became her hero--and upon meeting him she realized that her destiny lay with the thrill of rolling dice and rolling waves. She joined up with Naja Salaheem's mercenaries and slowly ingratiated herself with the Aht Urhgan government. Until recently, she used her status to spy for the Seagull Phratrie. After befriending the Empress, however, she decided to become a liaison between the two groups. This has, so far, proved slightly successful...but mostly very annoying. She has since patched things up with the San d'Orians (the important ones anyway), made new friends and lost old ones, and saved the world many times. She is getting rather fed up with it, actually. Everyone she meets is so much more powerful than she could ever dream of being, why do they always ask her to do all the hard work for them? But she loves the stories that come from it all, so in general she is happy with her life. She enjoys dancing, gambling, exploring, pretty clothes, and a good cup of San d'Orian tea. She has a pet Wamoura named Radiant Cyclone, a baby Wyvern named Delphyne, and a battle airship, the Storm King, from which she pillages, terrorizes, and throws tea parties. Her most prized possessions are her Joyeuse, her tricorne, her Rajas ring, her Castor's ring inscribed with the name of her love, the trusty keg of "grape juice" (ahem) in her Mog House...and her chipped, battered old Windurstian ring.