A Lady's Heart Spoilers  

The following are transcripts for the quest A Lady's Heart.


Valah Molkot : What's this...
Valah Molkot : ...
Valah Molkot looks very happy!
Valah Molkot : This is it! The colorrr! The shape! The frrragrance! Purrrrrr...
Valah Molkot : I have to admit it. You rrreally know how to impress a girl.
Valah Molkot checks the area before approaching you.
Valah Molkot : (Um...I just, I just wanted to say...)
Valah Molkot : (You can always come back to visit...if you ever have any extra flowerrrs...)
Valah Molkot : (Oh yeah, and I'll teach you some of the back alleys...so you can get here easily...)
Valah Molkot : (You just go down...)
Valah Molkot : Thank you!

You have learned your way through the back alleys of Bastok! Now you can exit to any area from your residence.

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Final Fantasy XI

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