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The following are transcripts for the quest Pieuje's Decision - WHM AF3.

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Entering Fei'Yin with the Bell

Pieuje: You are late. Is something wrong? You look as if you are confused by my being here.

Pieuje: If you must know, I could not allow my brother to be involved in this.

Pieuje: I am not inclined to inform Narcheral, but the white mages from the cathedral have been deployed into the surrounding area. Any further assembly of monsters has been prevented.

Pieuje: All that remains is to quell the rage of the marquis.

Pieuje: Jeronne, inform the adventurer what he needs to know. I am going to check on our backup.

Jeronne: He is such a kind man. I was ordered to keep my opinions to myself... but I know that this decision was made with Prince Trion in mind.

Jeronne: The Prince looks fine, but the truth is that his wounds are not healing well.

Jeronne: However, if Prince Trion learned of the situation that unfolded in Tavnazia, he would more than likely wish to lead the forces onto the battlefield himself.

Jeronne: The reason Prince Pieuje is keeping this operation a secret is solely for the well-being of Prince Trion.

Jeronne: I apologize. I have been rambling... Let me inform you on our latest report. It seems as if the Tavnazia bell possessed by dark stalkers is the signal for assembly.

Jeronne: Now, the barrier is prohibiting the assembly. Now is the perfect time to purify the marquis' soul. Use the Tavnazia bell and find a place suitable for calling him forth.

Jeronne: The details of this operation are strictly to have adventurers proceed in advance. When the soul has been purified, take back the proof of your success to Narcheral and we will continue from there.

Jeronne: May the Goddess protect you in Her mercy...

Jeronne: Again, I apologize for the length of my speech, but there is one more thing. Narcheral is not rushing the situation. He and I were raised in different monasteries.

Jeronne: And those two monasteries have been destroyed by the Orcs. We both have the same wish in our hearts... But we do not want to lose anything more.

Upon defeating Altedour I Tavnazia

Altedour I Tavnazia: It is finally... over... Ahh...

I can... I can see... Tavnazia...

The land of wind... and light...

My... My home...!

Giving Narcheral the Mask

Narcheral: Why, I heard an adventurer smote Marquis Altedour, but to think it was you!

Narcheral: Prince Pieuje disappoints me for his failure to act. I would have suggested that he claim credit for the defeat of the marquis.

Narcheral: I saw in him a more luminous mind. I suppose royalty will never know how secure one's position is in society.

Narcheral: Oh, please disregard my musings. You have done us a great service, and for that you should be rewarded.

Kainase obtains a Healer's Briault!

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