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The following are transcripts and video for the mission ZM9 - Ro'Maeve.

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Tenshodo Headquarters

Aldo: Oh, it's you. I see that you made it out of there alive.

Aldo: Me? I'm fine, but Verena's been unconscious since we returned. Come with me.

Aldo: From what I see, her mind's been poisoned. I never knew that Eald'narche had that kind of power...

Aldo: Now that you mention it, I hardly know anything about him.

Aldo: I guess I never really thought that I needed to know. If I got what I wanted, I was happy.

Verena: Al...do...

Aldo: Verena! Do you know who I am, Verena?

Verena: Aldo? Yes, I'm alright...

Aldo: So, do you...do you remember what happened in the Stellar Fulcrum?

Verena: Not really... It was all like watching a play...

Aldo: I see...

Verena: I was controlled by the...the Shadow Lord's sheer will...

Aldo: You don't have to say any more. It's all over now. And I thank the heavens that you're back here safe with me.

Verena: Aldo...

Aldo: I appreciate you traveling here, PLAYER. However, I don't know if I can carry on this game with Eald'narche anymore.


This cutscene can be viewed in-game by talking to Colleraie at (H-9) in Norg. Select the cutscene "Ro'Maeve".

Gilgamesh : Arrrg, I heard from Lion about what happened at Delkfutt's Tower.
Gilgamesh : Our ancient friend called that island floatin' over Qufim "Tu'Lia"...the Gate of the Gods.
Lion : Eald'narche also said that only those who have been blessed by the light and whose power has been accepted by the crystal can pass through the gate.
Gilgamesh : What does that boy think he's doing, playing some kind of game with Vana'diel as his prize?
Lion : Kamui. Have you ever heard the name Ro'Maeve? Ealdnarche mentioned it before he left Delkfutt's Tower.
Kamui : Ro'maeve? Hmmm...
Kamui : On the northern tip of Mindartia is a wild, untamed region called the Sanctuary of Zi'Tah. In this area there remains a set of ancient ruins.
Kamui : I remember those ruins being referred to as Ro'Maeve.
Kamui : However, those ruins, also known as the Temple of Desolation, have long been feared by many.
Gilgamesh : Arrrg, a frightenin' place that Zi'Tah be. Ya never know what's gonna creep up behind yer back.
Gilgamesh : PLAYERNAME, take care when traveling up there, unless ya want to be swimmin' in Davy Jones' locker.
Lion : Okay, I'll be careful.
Gilgamesh : Hold on there, missy. You're not going with PLAYERNAME this time. I need ya t'travel t'Jeuno and keep an eye on them beastmen.
Lion : But...but!
Gilgamesh : Don't talk back t'me. You know what ya have t'do, now go do it! I'll stay here and watch after me hideout.
Lion : ...

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