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The following are transcripts for the quest The Jester Who'd Be King.

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This cutscene can be watched in-game by talking to Bozack at (J-10) in Windurst Woods. Select "Windurst Missions" and then the cutscene "The Jester Who'd Be King(pt.1)".

Apururu : You have my thanks.
I'm sure you've heard from the guards how terrible-werribly important this mission is to me.
Apururu : As you know, my brother, Minister Ajido-Marujido, has now spent a considerable amountaru of time in the Dark Dungeon.
Apururu : My brother is a very resilient person.
However, the Dark Dungeon is a chamber that drains magical power. To spend this much time in there...
Apururu : I beg of you!
Please help me save him! I know this goes against all the rules, but I have to help my brother!

Help out?

  • Leave it to me!
  • It's too risky.

Apururu : ...Thank you.
... Apururu : I've been researching a way to save my brother.
Apururu : The chambers that lie beneath the central tower are sealed with the power of the stars and the moon. This means that the doors to those chambers can only be opened with an item imbued with that same power. Apururu : The rings carry-warried by the ministers are such items. Every time a minister is appointed, a ring is made and presented to the new minister by Heavens Tower. Apururu : After learning this, I took the Manustery Ring and set off for the Dark Dungeon...

Shantotto : Give it up, Apururu.
That seal is beyond you.
Apururu : Professor Shantotto...
Shantotto : I heard you were sneaking around, asking people about the Dark Dungeon.
Why don't you just stand at the top of Heavens Tower and yell, "I'm going to break my brother out of jail. Arrest me, someone!" Shantotto: How imprudent.
And you were always such a bright student.
Apururu : I won'taru just stand by and let my brother waste away in there! But I can't... the door won't...
Shantotto : I understand how you feel. I don't want to lose him either. Especially after all the trouble I've gone through to raise a tough-as-nails, wicked-wand-weilding, savage-spell-slinging wizard to take over as Orastery minister...
Shantotto : Listen up and I'll explain about the door deep below the tower.
Shantotto : This door, as you've discovered, can be opened by the power of the stars and the moon. Everything in Horutoto Ruins is governed by this power.
Shantotto : However, the magic sealing these doors was weakened when several of the towers were severely damaged during the Great War.
Shantotto : And so up until now, these doors could have been opened with a single minister's ring--no need for a charm created by Heavens Tower, like before.
Apururu : ...!
Shantotto : Haven't you figured it out? What does that head of yours contain? You would have realized it by now if you were using that melon you call a brain.
Shantotto : If you recall, Ajido-Marujido restored the power of the ruins, my dear dumpling.
Now, you are no longer able to open the doors by using just a single ring.
Shantotto : Ohoho, such stupidity!
Apururu : ......
Shantotto : ...Ah, forgive my amusement. I didn't come just to laugh at you. I have a brilliant idea to help your brother through.
Apururu : Really, Professor Shantotto?
Please tell me what I have to do.
Shantotto : Ohoho!
You must gather the rings of the five ministers. Yes, yes. It is a chore.
But, using their combined power, you should be able to dispel the seal on the door.
Shantotto : Bring the five rings to my house in Windurst Walls.
We can only get started when we have them all.
Apururu : Thank you so much, Professor. I will never forget this.
Shantotto : You'd better not. Ah, and there's one more thing you'd better not forget.
Don't think of going after the rings yourself. It would be something you'd regret.
Shantotto : Leave it to an adventurer who's capable.
Do you know ? S/he's very useful and usable.
Shantotto : It almost boggles the mind how eager s/he is to stick her nose into some dangerous squeeze.
There's no reason not to take advantage of 's natural tendencies.

Apururu : This is why I need your help.
Here... This is my Manustery Ring.
Apururu : I know it's a lot to ask, but... please save my brother. I beg of you. Obtained key item: Manustery Ring.

The Optistery

Tosuka-Porika : Hrmm!
What!? There's no reason for me to feel guilty!
I have absolutaruly no intention of defying the will of the Star Sibyl!
Tosuka-Porika : ...? What was that?
You want me to lend you my Optistery Ring again?
Tosuka-Porika : Hrmm, I know what you're up to!
You want to go back to the Animastery, don't you!?
Tosuka-Porika : There's no more reason for you to go there. In factaru, you really shouldn't. How would you talk yourself out of trouble-wouble if you happened to run into the Star Sibyl again?
Tosuka-Porika : ...Hrmm! What's that!?
That's not the reason? You mean to break Ajido-Marujido out of the Dark Dungeon using my Optisery Ring!?
Tosuka-Porika : ...Hmmm...
The Dark Dungeon, huh? They say that the Dark Dungeon drains a person's magical power, eventually killing them...
Tosuka-Porika : I doubtaru the Star Sibyl really intends to rob-wob Ajido-Marujido of his life. But she may be angry enought to rob him of his life as a mage.
Tosuka-Porika : Hrmm!?
There was once a similar tragedy...I seem to recall...
Now...who was that...?
Tosuka-Porika : ...In any case, I have not the slightest-wightest interest in doing anything that would benefitaru Ajido-Marujido. If you're looking for help from me, you've come to the wrong place. Now, get out of here!
Tosuka-Porika : ...!?
Hrm? Just a momentaru...?
Tosuka-Porika : It can't be... Hrmm...
That power I feel coming from you...
Tosuka-Porika : The magic has returned to the blank tome! It's a miracle...! This will mean the salvation of Windurst!
Tosuka-Porika : ...What!?
You intend to have Ajido-Marujido read the book!?
Don'taru be a fool! If you want someone to read it, then give it to me. I can...!
Tosuka-Porika : Great Goddess!
I cannot... This is beyond my strength...
I may be able to open it if I had Diza Star of the Star Sibyl...
Tosuka-Porika : ......
Tosuka-Porika : Hrmm...
A wily wizard of Ajido-Marujido's power should be able to withstand this magic...
Tosuka-Porika : ...I admit defeataru!
Tosuka-Porika : But if I help you get this book to Ajido-Marujido, you mustaru tell me what knowledge its pages contain.
Tosuka-Porika : I mustaru know the dangerous truth learned by Minister Karaha-Baruha.
Tosuka-Porika : Here, take my Optistery Ring.
Return it to me as soon as your task is complete!
Obtained key item: Optistery Ring.


Sedal-Godjal : ...Ah, justaru the person I wanted to see.
There's something I wanted to ask you...
Sedal-Godjal : How did you use that malevolent magic doll to track me down?
Sedal-Godjal : The Aurastery ring!?
So this ring is what broughtaru about my discovery.
Well, I can't just throw it away...
Sedal-Godjal : Hmmm, what to do?
Sedal-Godjal : Here, I'll give it to you for safekeeping. Please hold on to it until I return to the Aurastery.
Obtained key item: Aurastery ring.


Rukususu : I never expected to see you here again...
You adventurers certainly get around.
Rukususu : ...And now what of zee Book of zee Gods? What has become of it since zee ancient restored its magic?
Rukususu : ...I see.
Zee Star Sybil has yet to forgive Ajido-Marujido...
Rukususu : If she is really zat furious...
...It's possible zee Star Sybil intends to quash all traces of Ajido-Marujido's natural-born magical ability.
Rukususu : Zee Dark Dungeon has zat kind of power. In my student days, I saw with my own eyes one who had met with such a fate.
Rukususu : .....
And how is poor Apururu holding up?
She mustaru be worrying herself sick.
Rukususu : And zat is zee course of action she has decided on?
...Such a brave girl.
Rukususu : Well zen. You must take my Rhinostery ring and return to Windurst. Please help our dear Apururu.
Rukususu : Take zee book of zee Gods to Ajido-Marujido. He is not one to shrink back in zee face of zee truth. Obtained key item: Rhinostery ring.


Apururu : Of course! I had totarully forgotten.
When my brother was arrested, his Orastery ring was confiscated by Heavens Tower...
Apururu : There's no way Semih Lafihna will just hand it over for no good reason. Maybe if you try talking with Kupipi...

Heavens Tower

Kupipi : What is it, what is it?
You seem a~ll worked up about something.
Kupipi : I don't respond to veiled threats.
If you have something you want to ask me, just come out and say it.
Kupipi : ...A~bsolutely not.
Kupipi : The Orastery ring is extre~mely valuable and can't just be handed over to any old adventurer on demand.
Tell me exa~ctly what you want to use it for.

Why do you want the ring?

  • For a jai~lbreak!
  • As a favor for Minister Apu~ruru.
  • As a favor for the O~rastery.

Kupipi : For Minister Apururu...?
There's something deci~dedly suspicious going on here.
Kupipi : ...But maybe I've been a li~ttle hasty. You and I have known each other for a while now, and I assume you have a goo~d reason for wanting the ring.
Kupipi : So I'll give you a li~ttle hint. The Orastery ring is being carried by Semih Lafihna.
Kupipi : At the moment, she's off at the northwest tower of the Horutoto Ruins, dealing with the roguey-wougey Cardians.
Kupipi : ...She's been gone such a lo~ng time, though, and I'm starting to worry.

Outer Horutoto Ruins

Ace of Batons : This tower is the territory of the Cardians.
No intruders will be permitted.
Ace of Swords : All intruders will be sent to oblivion!
Semih-Lafihna : This is not a game, you overgrrrown puppets!
Semih-Lafihna : Your usefulness has ended! Without your master, you have no more rrreason to exist! Embrrrace the eternal slumber that awaits you!
Ace of Batons : Things have changed.
We have chosen our king.
Ace of Swords : Our king has arisen and we rally to his standard. We join with our king to build our future!
Semih-Lafihna : You have chosen a king!?
Minister Zonpa-Zippa of the Manustery still lives!?
Ace of Swords: Zonpa-Zippa!
He is no king.
He is nothing more than a foolish jester, tainted with the guilt of his crimes.
Ace of Batons : Our king is noble and powerful, a dazzling presence...
Ace of Batons : ...Who goes there!? Seize him/her!
Semih-Lafihna : You! Why are you...!
Ace of Swords : Now we have two intruders to punish. Let us deal with these interlopers before others arrive to complicate things.
Ace of Batons : Yes, let us punish them. Let us punish them now.
Joker: ...Hold.
Ace of Swords : Your majesty!
Ace of Batons : Your majesty!
Joker : What do you intend to do to these people?
Ace of Swords : They are intruders who have trespassed in the royal chambers. They will be punished.
Joker : ...I forbid it.
This person, ...
S/He is the star born from the wish of the Star Sibyl.
If she is lost to us, we lose ourselves an ally.
Joker : still has an important role to play.
S/He will make me whole again...
Ace of Swords : Your majesty, if this person is to be spared, what is to become of the Mithra?
Joker : The Mithra also has her roles to play. The first of which is to hand over the ring she carries to .
Semih-Lafihna : What!?
Semih-Lafihna : Goddess currrse you!
But it seems I have little choice...
Joker : You have another role you must perform. You must protect the Star Sibyl. Until the moment comes when the stars converge, you must defend the Star Sibyl from the bearer of darkness.
Semih-Lafihna : !!!
You know of the bearer of darkness!?
Joker : When all the stars come together, all will be revealed.
But whether that moment comes depends solely on your ability and talent. You must create that moment.
Joker : .
At this time, you are our brightest guiding star.
Illumine our land and our sky with your brilliance.
Obtained key item: Orastery Ring


This cutscene can be viewed in-game by talking to Bozack (The Jester Who Would Be King Pt. 2).

Apururu : What's that!?
The Cardians have chosen a king!?
What on Vana'diel are they thinking!?
Apururu : I understand when Cardians no longer follow the orders of their masters. This happens when the concept of "master" ceases to have meaning to them.
Apururu : But after this has happened, they shouldn't be taking on a new master. For that to happen...
Apururu : ......
No. It's not possible!
Apururu : ......But putting that aside for a moment, please take the rings to Professor Shantotto in Windurst Walls.
Apururu : I mustaru apologize, I was a little-bitty distracted by what you told me..

Shantotto's Manor

This cutscene can be viewed in-game by talking to Juvillie.

Shantotto : You said something!?
You've collected all five of the minister rings!?
Shantotto : ...Well, well, well.
I never believed you would actually get them all.
Com on then, let's have a look at them, don't stall.
Shantotto : ...You've done well.
But the fact that a ragtag adventurer such as you could bring together all five rings...
Something about that just chills my bones and makes me cringe.
Shantotto : This undertaking will most likely leave a mark on Windurst's history.
Shantotto : And now that we have all of the minister's in on the act, Apururu won't have to shoulder all the blame, will she?
Shantotto : ...Right, then.
Let's complete the final preparations.
Shantotto : Hocus-pocus circularum-focus!
Shantotto : Ohohoho!
Behold, the forbidden glove of perpetual twilight!
Now all that's left is for you to take this to Apururu.
Obtained key item: Glove of perpetual twilight.


This cutscene can be viewed in-game by talking to Bozack (The Jester Who Would Be King Pt. 3).

Apururu : You have completed preparations for opening the Dark Dungeon!? Wonderful! You have my mostaru heartfelt thanks!
Apururu : Now, to the Dark Dungeon we go!
...Oh, that won't do. Professor Shantotto said I shouldn't be seen traveling with you.
Apururu : We'll rendezvous by the door, please be careful .

Inner Horutoto Ruins

This cutscene can be viewed in-game by talking to Ramblix at the Goblin Footprint in the Inner Horutoto Ruins (The Jester Who Would Be King).

Ajido-Marujido opens the book.
Ajido-Marujido opens the book.

Apururu : I'm sorry I'm late.
Okay, here goes. , keep a look out!
Apururu : My dear brother!
Ajido-Marujido : Uh...? ...You...
Is this a dream?
Apururu : Ajido-Marujido, are you alrightaru!?
This is no dream! Please wake up!
Ajido-Marujido: Not a dream, huh...?
It feels like I've been trapped in a never-ending nightmare...
Ajido-Marujido: The bearer of darkness was here...
He said he was searching for something...
He seemed to be...in pain.
Apururu : The bearer of darkness?
What are you talking about?
Ajido-Marujido: What is that?
I sense a mysterious force nearby...
What is that you're carrying?
Ajido-Marujido: Are you kidding me?
Once of the ancients returned the magic to this tome?
Ajido-Marujido: That's just ludicrous...!
But still, this level of power... It's most definitely...
Apururu : That book... Could it be...!
Apururu : Ajido-Marujido, no!
Apururu : Ajido-Marujido!!!


This cutscene can be viewed in-game by talking to Bozack (The Jester Who Would Be King Pt. 4).

Apururu : .
...My brother has yet to open his eyes...
Apururu : Professor Shantotto came by to check on his condition, but there was nothing she could do...
If he doesn't regain consciousness...
Apururu : ......
But I must stay strong. Thank you, adventurer.
Apururu : I will never forget what you did to help my dear brother.
Apururu : Oh, and about the glove of perpetual twilight... Professor Shantotto still...
Apururu : Well, perhaps you should go and ask the professor. Obtained 80000 gil.


Shantotto : Ohohohoho!
It looks like my glove of perpetual twilight had the desired effect!
Shantotto : Ajido-Marujido's failure to regain consciousness is the only slight complication I was able to detect...
Shantotto : But you don't need to go and start worrying.
Why, it would take more than that to finish off a mage that had survived my tutelage and training!
Shantotto : ...Now, about the glove of perpetual twilight.
Shantotto : Due to a slight miscalculation on my part, the rings have become fused to the glove, I see.
But don't worry. With a few twists, I'll soon have them free.
Shantotto : I'll just hold on to the ministry rings for a little while longer.

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