Southern San d'Oria (S)  

Type: City
Region: The Ronfaure Front
Min Level: 1
Max Level: 75
This Area requires Wings of the Goddess
Connected Areas:East Ronfaure (S)
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The Proud Nation

The stone ramparts stand tall, with powerful crossbows on the castle walls ready to impale any incoming threats.

Even during the tumultuous times of the Crystal War, the Kingdom of San d'Oria stands as a symbol of power and strength. However, this pround nation of Elvaan has also suffered heavy losses, both in bodies and morale, most recently during a crushing loss to the beastmen in the rolling fields of La Theine Plateau. The townsfolk are still shaken by past troubled times -- the legendary Dragonking Ranperre died just 25 years prior. Nobody was prepared for a large-scale war.

Still, San d'Oria remains resilient. The Royal Knights and Temple Knights remain formidable, and the Iron Rams brigade of adventurers is providing valuable support in campaign operations. Even a San d'Orian chocobo, standing where the stables have yet to be built, is a burly specimen of its kind.

The war rages on, but hope is only a great sword away.

The Buzz Around Town

South San d'Oria(s)
South San d'Oria(s)

Noillurie (M-8, Squire Alley): "After years of training in the Far East, I return only to find my nation burning at the hands of the infernal beastman hordes. The heathens shall pay dearly... My work has only just begun."

Loillie (K-9, upper walkway east of Victory Square): "Do you know of the Multinational Expedition that was dispatched to the cursed lands of the north ten years ago? I've heard that it was an extremely dangerous mission, and the team was met with many misfortunes."

Elnonde (K-9, east of Victory Square): "Just recently I saw a mysterious cat-like figure donning a fire-red mantle pass right before my eyes on the battlefield. It moved with such speed and grace... Perhaps my eyes were playing tricks on me."

Sabiliont (I-11, chocobo stables): "That rich, black plumage. Those sturdy, sure legs. Not like those scrawny green and blue chocobos you see the other nations turning out, huh? San d'Orian chocobos are of the finest breeding. It goes without saying that our birds are far superior to those of Windurst and Bastok."

Yrvaulair S Cousseraux (I-10, chocobo stables): "Not once in the four hundred years since the dawn of the Royal Knights has the kingdom found itself in such peril. Let us take up our pikes and stand our ground to ensure another four centuries of propserity!"

Daigraffeaux (I-11, chocobo stables): "We lost many of our fellow knights in the battle at La Theine. To have suffered such a crushing defeat at the hands of the beastmen is... disconcerting."

Feldrautte I Rouhent (B-7, outside Count Caffaule's Manor): "The kingdom's defeat at Jugner still stings. To avenge the souls of those lost on that fateful day, we must join hands and take arms as one."

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