Crystal War  

The three nations of Vana'diel were too busy quarreling with each other to notice the deadly threat growing atop the highest peak of Xarcabard.

It was in this frozen wasteland that the Shadow Lord rose to power. From his fortress of ice and bone, this mysterious, evil demon had only one goal -- to conquer Vana'diel and bring its peoples to their knees. The Shadow Lord recruited and united beastmen from all over Vana'diel. His army numbered in the hundreds of thousands.

The Shadow Lord had amassed an army of terrifying strength, but he refused to underestimate the Federation of Windurst, the Republic of Bastok or the Kingdom of San d'Oria. When he finally launched his offensive, the people of Vana'diel found themselves stunned by a combination of surprise attacks and head-on assaults. To help counter the offensive, the new city-state of the Grand Duchy of Jeuno was formed and its leader, Kam'lanaut, was made Archduke. The new leader assembled the elite Ducal Guard, and eventually forged an army from the five races called the Alliance of Altana. Still, thousands of lives were lost during the war's six most critical battles.

Ironically, it was not a massive army that eventually brought the downfall of the Shadow Lord.

As the Alliance of Altana clashed with the Shadow Lord's demons on the icy slopes of Xarcabard, an elite band of warriors led by Volker, the champion of Bastok, managed to infiltrate Castle Zvahl. Once inside, they fought their way through the catacombs and up to the highest tower, into the Shadow Lord's dark, obsidian throne room. Thus, the final battle of the Crystal War was on. The Shadow Lord's might was immeasurable, but his horrifying power could not pierce the brotherhood of the fearless warriors. Volker struck down the Shadow Lord, and his demons vanished into the fierce wind of Xarcabard.

The allied forces had won. The Crystal War was over.

The largest battles of the Crystal War, in chronological order:

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